Basic Rules of Restaurant Etiquette

Basic Rules of Restaurant Etiquette

First date, called dinner, celebrating an important date in a close family circle – all this is a great reason to organize a feast in a memorable place. Any trip to the restaurant is a special event and is accompanied by the selection of the appropriate image in the wardrobe. Stylishly selected clothes, neat makeup and accessories will remain unpleasant if close, intending to divide an important meal, are not familiar with the basic rules of etiquette.


In the basics of restaurant service and etiquette, there are special distinctive features and, it would seem, minor little things, of which there is a general impression of the evening. Simple rules start to act long before the meeting, for example, has long been believed that the table in the restaurant should book a man, and also if possible, he must come to the meeting place a little earlier than the girl.

The first comes into the institution also a man, If the evening takes place in the company of guests, then by all the rules “leads” the one who was the initiator of the meeting, Also initially confirming his subsequent consent to pay.

This rule may partially lose its relevance, but still works with secular and business meetings of the leaders of companies and dinners when negotiating.

Visitors at the entrance to all the rules meet the administrator, also called the Metrotel, or the main waiter of the restaurant. The meeting suggests greeting and reconciliation. If there is a wardrobe, it is worth leave there top clothes, as well as purchases or, for example, a working portfolio. A man always helps a woman to undress offering a helping hand.

Landing occurs as follows: A man is always inferior to a woman more favorable landing site, for example, overlooking the window or on stage, if the evening suggests musical accompaniment. Moving away one of the chairs, thereby the lady sit down. Located for a booked table and having studied the menu presented, you need to place an order.

At this moment you need to call the waiter. Very ignorant is considered any way to attract attention through all sorts of sounds: tapping cutlery about the table or dishes, an attempt to calf. In such a situation, a simple gesture is a fairly gesture – cramming hands or nasive head, accompanied by direct contact with eyes with service personnel. The most correct option will be an appeal to any representative of the service personnel right by name, which is always written on the Bain’s form attached to the form.

The opportunity to first fulfill the order of dishes is always provided with a guest or a girl, the men go followed, as for the choice of alcoholic beverages, it is trusted by the male sex. In principle, initially the distribution of the menu is as follows: Main – Women’s Half, Bar Map – Male.

Try to order the same number of dishes as your companion.

How to behave at the table?

The rules of etiquette in the restaurant suggest the absence of unnecessary things on the table surface. Thus, it is considered very ignorant to lay out the phone, keys, wallet or any accessories of clothes. Especially rough mistake – put a bag on the table. It is not only ignorant with respect to your interlocutor or company, but also distracts the waiter and other institution personnel.

Lost at your table, remember the posture: With the right landing, the desire will disappear to put the elbows on the table or once again bend to it. Knees are best covered with a napkin cooked when serving a table. If you need to leave, then the napkin plays on your seat.

Waiting for the order is the time for a small conversation, but loud conversations violate the right atmosphere for food intake, so in restaurant establishments it is customary to communicate with partners quietly. Bright stories saturated with gesticulation, as well as loud risks of laughter are also an indicator of ignorance.

The company serving a waiter brings dishes as they are readily, but they follow only when each of your company has a dish or communal snacks.

The basic rules of behavior during meals are assumed 8 simple steps:

  • Do not blow on hot food, wait until the dish cools.
  • Observe the correct position at the table. Do not put on the border table, hold the posture, do not hide your hands under the table, and also do not lean too low above the plate.
  • Do not spin bones. Spit fruit, fish or other bones in the palm or napkin is considered impolite, try to get bones for a fork. A more neutral option seems to shift the bone into the napkin concave.

  • Do not eat with someone else’s plate, and even more so the table appliance. Romance scenes from films turns out to be a very ignorant violation of the behavior at the table
  • Do not speak with the mouth stuffed, try not to chavive and not to publish any other sounds that give any evaluation of cooked dishes.
  • Do not use personal devices, imposing some kind of common dish.
  • Correctly cut off one piece from the cooked dish, just eating it, cut off the next. Do not cut the cooked dish whole, constant picking in a plate looks ridiculous.
  • To avoid incidents and for greater confidence, try to wipe your hands as often as possible and wet your mouth with a napkin.

How to use devices?

The most common fear of anyone who falls on a dinner at a good restaurant for the first time is the inability to cope with the number of cutlery, and the fear look silly. In fact, everything is always logic in everything, and a served in advance can be read.

The first served snacks. A completely small diameter of the plate will tell you what the first spoon or a short-sized plug is better to use. Cutlery laid out in a strict order of feeding dishes.

The first and second dishes are fed, the devices also most often correspond to the diameter of the plate, and all subsequent are not particularly different. If today you do not eat the soup, then the dining-eyed deep spoon will remain in the same place, and at a certain time a change of dish waiter will take her.

Fish dishes are special: a special form of a knife resembling a blade (which is especially convenient when cutting and bone off) and a fork with shorter tampers.

Before applying the dessert, the devices are replaced again. The dessert plug has three teeth, and each of the devices differs in magnitude.

Dessert devices are also served for fruits, because we are considered to take the food with hands.

Little to figure out what device and what is and cut, it is also important to do it right. For example, a knife should always keep in your right hand. If you are not accustomed to eat with a knife, then make a habit of practicing this simple home skill in separate meals. A spoon is usually not filled with entirely so that in no case splash content.

The position of the instruments on the table – the ability to support the institution’s personnel dialogue. For example, if there was a need to reveal, but you intend to continue the developed dish, it is customary to put instruments in such a way that their ends come into contact, and if you are finished with a dish, the devices are put in parallel to each other.

There are also other little things capable of telling even whether you liked a certain dish. Crosable devices in such a way that the knife falls between the tongs of the fork, you can tell you that you did not like the dish in your taste or other characteristics, and to tell about the opposite and please the waiters and cooks, place the instruments perpendicular to the table side and send the edge to the right.

After receiving food, wipe the mouth and hands with a napkin, which can be placed on the dish, and place the cutlery in parallel with each other with the handles down, so you will show that the reception of food is over, and the waiter will be able to take the table or continue the service by submitting the following dish.

Rooming combinations can be an excellent compliment for service personnel or a signal to pay attention to.

Tips and recommendations

Often a controversial question arises after meals, if necessary, pay. Restaurant etiquette assumes that the account pays inviting or a man. The division of the account is appropriate if dinner or any other food intake was friendly. In restaurants it is customary to give a tip, a pleasant compliment for staff will be Ten percent added to the total amount of the account.

In fashionable establishments, as a rule, in addition to the waiter and the hall administrator, from the service personnel also have to interact with sommelier. Rarely a pleasant dinner costs without a bottle of good wine.

It is considered to be impolite to open wine on their own, trust also the serving a professional.

A real sommelier, acknowledged master of his case, is always ready to respond to any questions about alcoholic beverages and tell the story of the origin of one or another variety.

Many have accustomed to think that the special rules of etiquette apply to fashionable restaurant establishments, but it is far from. Any polite gentleman or lady will not allow themselves to behave outside the culture of public institutions. Even Sunday family breakfast in a cozy coffee shop or business lunch in a cafe requires compliance with the norms and knowledge of the basic foundations of etiquette.

After a long pleasant meal and paid account The initiator of the care of the restaurant, of course, also performs a man.

Knowledge of the basic rules of etiquette will help you relax as much as possible and nicely spend time for meals in a good company.

Girls are enough to know only fifteen rules of restaurant etiquette to make a pleasant impression on your man and those surrounding when visiting the establishment. You can find about them in the following video.

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