Features of serving a table to breakfast

Features of serving a table to breakfast

Every morning most people start with a pleasant breakfast. This process has already become a tradition in almost every family. Especially nice to eat when the table looks attractive and elegant. In this article we will tell you how to serve the table to breakfast so that close people appreciate not only your culinary masterpieces, but also a stylish image of food intake.


The faithful table setting will allow you not only to have fun in breakfast, but also to reveal yourself, your creative abilities. There are several basic rules:

    • To begin with, you must lay on the table tablecloth. It must comply with the basic requirements – to be clean and well-stroke. By the way, its tonality should also be harmonized with the stylist concept of the room. The most common alternative types of tablecloths today applies Ranner. This is a sophisticated fabric strip, which is located in the middle, occupying a central third of the table.

    Ranner looks great on the dining tables in the shape of a square or models of a rectangular shape. You can put on the table and tissue wipes under the kitchenware with a specific ornament, which fills the stylistics.

    • As for the Central Stamp Serving Element, it can be a wide flat plate. It can be put on her omelette, bacon or something else. Also, a similar product can play the role of a subtletar who put a deep plate or a bowl, for example, with porridge. Well, if for breakfast you will use the dishes with pleasant patterns. So you can not only have a snack, but also to charge positive emotions.

    • Then decompose the remaining cutlery. The right of the plate should be a knife, the blade of which should “look” towards the plates. To the right of the knife usually there is a tablespoon, and more to the right – tea. It is worth noting that the spoons need to put down the convex side. The plug will be located on the left of the plate with a concave side up.

    • If you look at the diagonal to the right of the main plate, then there should be placed Coffee cup with saucer.

    • It is worth noting that Sugar should be put on a table in special sugar. Do not forget to apply special tweezers to make it easy to put sweet pieces in a cup. An excellent addition to breakfast can be jam or jam. On a special saucer can also be placed pieces of lemon.

    • Left from the central plate can be put in a smaller saucer. They can put sandwiches, baking or bread. Near each plate should be a separate knife, the blade of which should be placed on the left.

    • Attractive table add fragrant flowers. They can be put in the heart. This will help create an atmosphere of this holiday. It should also be noted that the central composition itself may consist not only of colors, but also from vegetables and fruits. If breakfast is associated with a thematic event, you can apply the appropriate decor.

    • Do not be afraid to experiment and use your imagination. Table setting will be successful if you put miniature compositions on it. For example, it can be a valley in eggshell or other cute objects. The sequence of compositions may be any.
    • Do not forget about comfort. Observe moderation in the decoration of the table, taking into account its size so as not to create interference for a calm breakfast.

    Tips for specialists

    For breakfast is successful, and everyone felt the tide of strength, cheerfulness and good mood, it’s worth a little try. Spend thorough preliminary training. Decide whether it will eat food for 2 persons or a noisy Sunday breakfast for big family and friends. From how many people will be located at the table, the number of applied devices will depend on.

    Remember that the tablecloth and the dishes must be combined in style and color scheme. If you use a crystal, it is better to choose a white lace tablecloth. But for products from the porcelain you can pick up a simpler fabric.

    Pay attention and napkins. It is important that they harmonize with the tablecloth. There should be a single scheme that will help to give a stylish view of your table and room.

    You can decorate the table with the help of one-photo artfully folded napkins. Assible and options with a pattern that will emphasize the subject of the celebration or will create a joyful mood. Do not only use one-photo and colored napkins at the same time. It will not look too sophisticated.

    If you cover the table mainly for children, you should pay great attention to the security. It is better to use plastic dishes, as the child may accidentally break the expensive service. Even if the baby does not go crawling, this incident can spoil you mood. Today in stores you can see various options for plastic dishes. At the same time, it can be decorated with stylish drawings and have colorful shades that will like to do any child.

    Table decoration

    Sketchy proper dispensing dishes – only half of the success of the perfect breakfast. Of course, mandatory items should be present on the table, but should not forget about the stylish decor. It is he will allow you to raise everything mood during meals.

    Live flowers are perfect for this. It can be violets, chamomile or something else. You can make compositions from various plant species, add vegetables or fruits there, as well as add different attractive elements.

    Positive mood for all day can create not only fragrant flower arrangements. On personal plates you can lay out pieces of vegetables and fruits of an interesting form.

    Will not be superfluous candlesticks and candles. They can not even use at breakfast, but the presence of such a beautiful decor will definitely raise the mood to all their homework, will create a warm romantic setting. Acrossments will assist stylish little baubles (bows, ribbons, figurines). Similar decorations will help emphasize your originality, and also give the room completed. Color range of accessories must reset the general concept of the table.

    As for the choice of shades, it depends only on your taste. You can use tender tonality. They will help tune in to a pleasant breakfast and a calm conversation. If you want to raise the mood and recharge yourself, then you can enter bright colors to a serving. In any case, the overall style concept of the room should be observed, so that all items harmonized with each other.

    Now you know how to customize the table to breakfast. Worth the patience, because not everything can work out the first time. However, this is not a reason to stop.

    Improve, implement your most bold and creative ideas, embody creative gusts, and your loved ones will be grateful.

    It will be fine if you will beautifully serve the table not only before the arrival of guests, but make it a daily pleasant habit. Delicious dishes and friendly atmosphere will contribute to cheerfulness, success and implementation of outlined plans. Let every day begins with a tasty and pleasant breakfast in a circle of people close to you.

    All features of the table setting are looking in the following video.

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