How beautifully fold napkins in the napkin?

How beautifully fold napkins in the napkin?

Beautifully served table – the key to a good appetite of guests, their admiration and respect. A favorable first impression will be supported by a good mood during the whole dinner. Napkins seem insignificant detail against the background of the general splendor of serving, but if they are given wrong, they can spoil everything.

Unsuccessfully folded napkins “back out” from the vase will fall into salads, sauce, stain a snow-white tablecloth, damn guests, darken the evening. To this not happened, It is necessary to approach the filling of the cloth with all seriousness.

Evalnamed and textile napkins that can be collapsed in such a way that the flower or ring is placed in them as a surprise.

Features serving

The table setting occupies the minds of humanity for two and a half millennia, since they arranged their feast ancient Greeks and Romans. Their tables were decorated with flowers garlands, and food was served on expensive dishes. Modern hostess in anticipation of guests also uses the best dishes, tablecloths, napkins, applies small tricks that make dinner truly pleasant.

    There are certain rules for design:

    • The topic of the meeting should be reflected in the table serving. The official event involves a simple and strict decoration. Home holiday admits bright dishes, decorations and trivia, taken in the family. For friends, a warm atmosphere is created without lush frills and too expensive dishes, which can be broken by creating discomfort in communication. Table setting for a romantic evening soaked in tenderness, light tones. Candles and napkins in the form of flowers or birds – indispensable attributes of such meetings.
    • Picking up for serving dishes, tablecloths, appliances, napkins and decorations, their compatibility should be taken into account (color, design), then it turns out a harmoniously covered table.
    • Do not forget about the end of the furniture. The table is obliged to accommodate all guests, defining each personal space so that you do not have to push each other with your elbows.

    • No matter how many years old tablecloths, it should look like new. Even the most expensive dishes will be bizarre to look at the inaccurate canvase. You should not allow too long savings of the edges of the tablecloth, maximum – to the seats of chairs.
    • Table not decorated with flowers, loses festive look. Plants should be selected without smell so that they do not compete with the aroma of food.
    • Dishes and devices are chosen according to the menu. This can be a setting for a sweet table or a complete set for the first, second and third dishes. Basic rules: fork (teeth up) is on the left of the plate, the knife (blade inside) is located on the right.

    There may be additional devices, such as a fish fork or dessert spoon. Depending on the prepared drinks, wine glasses, glasses, wine glasses are set for each guest.

    • An important table serving the table is a napkin. Paper napkins are installed for general use, textiles are located next to a plate of each individual. They have a different purpose. The first help to keep hands and lips in purity during lunch, and the second take care of clothes: they cover their knees.

    Standard rules that should be followed during table serving help create a festive mood.

    Methods folding

    It would be boring to look at the table with casually stuffed into a glass of napkins and decomposed under plates of slices of fabric. The correctly served table is small, everything is important for him. It’s nice to see real origami in the closet, and the plates are flower from textiles. Everything can be done with your own hands, and there are many ways.

      Fan in a glass

      For a beautiful feeding of paper napkins, they can be placed in a glass: Collapse the harmonica, folded in half, the place of bending is fixed, and insert the fan in the glass container. Such an improvised cloth needs to be delivered to each guest.

        Asian fan

        Fabric cloth fold until a strip of four centimeters width. Along the length of the strip the napkin is the harmonica, fixed at the base and unfold with a beautiful fan. Guests will be pleasantly surprised if you make a table in such a property.

          South Cross

          A simple understandable form may come for a restrained dinner.

          Do not apply this method for a noisy festive feast.

          Step-by-step instruction: so that the figure gets the front face, the cloth should be postponed with an involve. Corners bend to the center. The resulting square to flip and pull the corners to the middle. Turn over and beat the edges. To send up a sharp end, it turns out a rhombus. Pull over the right corner so that it will come out, do it and with the rest of the corners. Neatly hands smooth the figure.

            Triple pocket

            Beautifully folded folded cutlery or flowers in pockets from textile napkins. Make them easy. A napkin from the fabric method of folding should be divided into four equal squares, fix the bending place iron and deploy again. Corner of the left lower square tighten to the center. The same actions should be done at the right upper angle, but not to deepen.

            Then you need to carefully fold the napkin in half vertically. At the top it will be exposed inside. In the same way, the bottom tip should be outward. Neatly folded fabric forms a square. Turning it over with the reverse side, you should add twice to the vertical rectangle. Pocket is ready, it remains only to fill it with content, turning on the fantasy.


            Figures Fish from paper napkins can be used on children’s holidays. To understand how to collect them, you should consider the process of stages. The napkin needs to be added twice to the diagonals, deploy. Determine the centers on the sidelines of the square, bring them together into the triangle. Alternately add each part over the axis, return the right edge first, then the opposite. Left angle to bring to the right diagonal, covered with the right edge of the triangle. Expand the triangle to the back. Fish will succeed.

              Charming bag

              Sleep tissue with a triangle. A wide part of the corner to the middle of the workpiece, accurate origami “boat”. Fold both ends “boat”, carefully fix in bends. Carefully straighten the bag, creating a round shape. You can put pleasant little things in it.

                If such bags arrange to each guest, putting notes in them with wishes, then this will revive the holiday, give a good mood.

                Christmas tree

                Napkins folded with a Christmas tree, perfectly support the winter topic not only for the new year. They can be decorating the table throughout the winter.

                The tree will turn out to be more natural if the fabric pick up green. So, you should add a napkin twice, each time heaving the layer up approximately two centimeters. Rotating the product, the corners should be wrapped. The resulting triangle must be gently turned over, and then form a Christmas tree, bending each layer and playing it into the previous one. The tree can be put on the plate, beautifully decorating on his taste.

                Tips and recommendations

                Napkins are important for the design of the table, being an integral element of hygiene. Equally, they can become an element of decor, as well as make the impression of the taste and upbringing of the hostess. Supporting a common setting style, the correct color is selected. If the complexity is tasteful, then you can choose white. They are universal, suitable for any holiday.

                Bright colors love children, red – lovers. So, red can make accents during a romantic evening. For the new year, green, blue and silver tones are suitable.

                Cloth napkins are better to choose linen, ironed and starch to crunch. They can be from the same fabric as a tablecloth, coincide with it in color or differ in a few shades.

                Napkins are not so simple, as it seems. There are behavioral norms, that is, the special rules of etiquette at the table:

                  • The textile napkin can be rolled into the tube, fixed with beautiful elements, is wrapped with an unusual figure – in a word, to present a work of art to which it is terribly touching. Etiquette says: if you got a napkin, it should be used – be sure to deploy and put on the destination.
                  • Deploy the canvas better after the owners, but not earlier than the dish.

                  • Napkin folded on his knees. Modern etiquette does not provide its location behind the gate.
                  • Canvas can be folded twice, if it is large, but not allowing you to hang from your knees.
                  • Getting up due to the table, leave the napkin to the left of the plate or on the chair.
                  • Paper napkins at the end of dinner are folded in a plate.

                  Inviting guests, the hostess serves the table, decorate the napkins, and guests should be able to use them correctly. Easy-free rules will help to organize a cultural and pleasant holiday.

                  Beautiful examples and laying options

                  Table setting may look exquisite, and if it works inspired, Even napkins will be a work of art:

                    • Lotus from the napkin inspires the tea party ceremony. So I want to bring it to Japanese perfection.
                    • Red heart is fully fulfilled. It would be appropriate to save such hearts for a romantic evening, use as an addition to the holiday table on Valentine’s Day.
                    • Napkins, folded in the form of colored bananas, will decorate the children’s table.

                    • Swans like children. In love, they will also fit, because these birds symbolize loyalty.
                    • The napkin is composed simply and understandable, nothing superfluous. The handle from an inverted cup served as a napkin.
                    • Gentle wedding option napkins – real decoration for an elevated moment.
                    • Blue paper tulip Founded by cutlery.

                    6 ways to beautifully fold napkins See next video.

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