How beautifully fold napkins on the festive table?

How beautifully fold napkins on the festive table?

Many hostess, covering the table, do not forget about his serving, because it is an integral part of any successful feast. Beautiful and properly laid appliances, unusually wrapped napkins, vases with flowers and breadmen – all this creates a special feeling of the holiday and comfort, improves the appetite of the guests and raises them mood.

Features serving

It is very important to properly and harmoniously spread the napkins on the festive table, because they are its mandatory aesthetic part. To make this right, be sure to pay attention to the features of the serving and some other important moments:

  • Since the napkins are paper and fabric, with each of the species you need to work in your own way, given the features of each of the materials. However, both and others can be put in the form of a variety of figures.

  • It is very important to pick up napkins to the general style of the design of the table, their color and design must be harmonized with a common picture.
  • On one holiday table at the same time there must be fabric napkins, and paper. This is due to the fact that the tissue products are intended solely so that people do not stuff their clothes, they do not wipe their hands, as it is considered a bad tone. Paper options – disposable, guests can use at their discretion.

  • To beautifully lay the napkins and serve the table, choose tissue napkins with synthetic additives. On the festive table, they will not look back and take the form that you will give them.

Specialists are extremely recommended silk napkins, they do not absorb moisture, dumps faster than the rest and poorly take the desired form.

  • If there are plates on the table, the tissue napkins can be placed on them or put them between a fork and a knife. Many design options. If initially you do not intend the presence of plates on the table, then instead, be sure to put beautifully folded napkins.

  • Textile and paper products can be laid in special decorative wine glasses, glasses and clips.
  • For all the rules, it is forbidden to add napkins and make different figures with dirty or wet hands, otherwise you can completely spoil their appearance, and as a result, the holiday will not succeed.

  • After washing, fabric products are very important to starch. In the future, you will be easier to give them the right form. Ironing them best slightly wet.

Decorate the festive table with your own hands will not be any difficulty, especially if you observe all the basic recommendations.

How beautiful to fold with your own hands: Step-by-step master classes

Beautifully and originally adding napkins in the form of a variety of figures, animals and colors.

Very unusual and in this easy way is Laying paper napkin in the form of a Christmas tree. Such an option is perfect for a festive New Year or Christmas Table. To do this, you will need conventional paper napkins of standard size, color can be any, but the most colorful will look green or red options that the VMIG will create a festive atmosphere on the table.

Operating procedure:

  • Napkin should be placed down.
  • In order of priority, you should bend its lower corners in the direction up. To begin with, take the top layer of the napkins and get it up, but, without reaching the very end.
  • The next layer must also bend up, but do not reach the previous one.
  • Thus, all layers of napkins should be bent.
  • Now the workpiece must be turned over to its opposite direction. To form the same Christmas tree, you should symmetrically bend both parts of it like in the middle.
  • After you turn the face of the face face and break its top corner.
  • Next, each layer from the front side should beg under the previous.

Beautifully file such a decoration from ordinary paper, placing it in the middle of the plate. As an additional decorations of such a product, you can use cones.

The easiest and most original way can be Creating a fan of paper napkins of several colors. Make it under the power even inexperienced master who wish to beautifully decorate the table.

To create an original fan, you need to purchase paper napkins of different sizes and colors.

Operating procedure:

  • Pre-fold each of the napkins twice.
  • Put a little napkin.
  • Then from the selected edge it is necessary to start folding both napkins by the harmonica. Make the harmonica need exactly up to the middle.
  • Next, it is necessary to flip the blank on the opposite direction and put it so that the right of the harmonica to the right is, and the left is the free edge of the napkin.
  • Free edge should be adjusted down, and the tip, which remained below, you need to turn back and also bend. It is done to create a peculiar support support for our fan.
  • The final stage will be the dissection of the Were.

Such “fan” products are perfect for any festive table, whether it is a feast in honor of the birthday or Christmas dinner in a family circle.

It’s very easy to collect paper napkin in the shape of a candle. To do this, you best use big paper napkins. They can be monophonic and with small patterns:

  • Expand the napkin and put it face down. Bend it diagonally to get a triangle.
  • In place of bend, make a strip of no more than 2 centimeters.
  • Now you should twist the so-called tube that should turn out on the stand.
  • The remaining and protruding corner must be fed inside the resulting candle.

To arrange the resulting product even more original, you can even put a real candle in it. However, it is best to do this only if you used a paper napkin to create this figure, but tissue.

You can create a textile napkin in the form of an envelope or the so-called sachet under cutlery:

  • Fold your chosen napkin into a rectangular shape, be sure to face inside.
  • Approximately the third part of the top layer must be unscrewed down, so you get the so-called central fold.
  • Next, you should deploy the napkin to the other party. Both edges need to be folded so that they connect to the center.
  • Repeat the same again.
  • In the resulting pocket, fold the necessary cutlery.

Cutlery in the “Envelope” of burlap decorated with a bow and decorative lace look very original. However, most often such envelopes sew.

Alone to fold the napkins can also be as:

  • bunny+

  • Flower (the most simple rose is considered)+

  • Peacina+

  • Bantica+

  • Pineapple and Lotus (suitable for very festive tables).

Not at all uncommon, when the hostesses with skillful hands embody beautiful figures using the Origami technique. Decorating the table with the inventions – this is a whole art that will be appreciated by each guest.

Often, folding the napkins is not difficult, but so that it does not arise difficulties, it is best to use ready-made schemes that can be found on the Internet and in special magazines.

Tips and recommendations:

  • Creating a beautifully served table may require not only time, but also patience. If you have already chosen how to spread the napkins, do not forget to also place the dishes, cutlery, glasses and glasses. Table etiquette in this case plays a very important role. It can not be ignored, otherwise all efforts with napkins will be in vain.

  • Do not be afraid of experiments. Barely embody your most unusual ideas. Try to create your own figures with different types of textile and paper products. Use not only one-photon options, but also with different drawings and patterns.

  • If you want to please guests and show them how good you are a good mistress, Purchase only high-quality fabric napkins, which emphasize the entire library of your festive table. Products from cotton and satin are considered the most profitable and practical. They are not only pleasant to the touch, but also perfectly preserve the form. Linen napkins are quite capricious during washing, but also they are not less popular than all other types of tissues.

The textile or paper products you choose must be perfectly combined with a tablecloth, as well as other decorations on the table, for example, with flowers with flowers.

Successful examples and options

For business dinner, you can pick up beautiful decorative rings that will keep the shape of your chosen napkins. With the help of such rings you can add textile wipes with the most different ways.

Be sure to pay attention to the decorative gold-plated rings and other holders of unusual forms.

For example, an unusual bows from napkins can be made to a children’s holiday with the help of small and non-flurous rings, which will surely come to taste not only to kids, but also parents.

You can decorate the table to a female holiday with a gentle and light shade tablecloth with contrasting wipes in fecents. Their styling can be performed by any of the ways you like or invented.

Original and without much effort, you can decorate cutlery separately. To do this, you just need to tie them on the form of a scarf with any rag napkin. Make it very easy, but it is desirable that the cloth is as easier and air.

Options of pockets from napkins of various forms can be an addition to any festive table. This is a great solution if the anniversary is planned in a man. Such strict and at the same time, the originally folded napkins-pockets will not leave indifferent and guests, and households. Not uncommon when decorators in textile pockets with cutting devices add sprigs of living colors or any other decorative decorations.

Lay out napkins on the celebration of the young lady you can in the form of roses. At the same time, flowers can be placed both on a plate and next to it. Colors can be folded from paper napkins, and from textile. The second, over, it looks more impressive.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time to create unusual figures, simply place paper napkins in a beautiful closet, which will approach the shared table style.

On how easy it is to fold the napkins for the festive table, look in the following video.

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