Sounds of the decoration of the wedding table

Sounds of the decoration of the wedding table

From early childhood, every girl dreams of a fabulous prince who will be her spouse and love her all life. And when the prince appears, it is necessary to make the magic ending. Celebrate the wedding as in a fairy tale, create a festive mood, it is possible to give a solemnity event using different parts and subtleties, which we will talk about.




After the couple applies to the registry office, they are given time not only to think about the correctness of their choice, but also on the organization of a wedding celebration. Young choose wedding outfits, buy rings, make up a list of guests. Works have a lot, but it is nice little things.

You need to try to miss everything right to avoid surprises, because nothing should overshadow the mood on the day of the celebration.

It is necessary to determine where an important event will be held. You can choose a good cafe, but you can spend a holiday at home. Special attention is paid to the design of the table for newlyweds. Cashing this issue, it is worth following certain rules:

  • The table should be located in the center of the overall composition, because guests will watch the fiance and bride all evening, saying festive toasts. Think up the layout so that the youngs are clearly visible from different ends of the hall, usually places for them are chosen at the head of the table.
  • Catching up the design of the table for the bride and groom, should take into account the selected color palette. Decor is best done in bright colors. You can also decorate the table with original floral compositions, enable interesting dishes in the menu and make it beautifully.
  • Color design should emphasize the basic tone. It is desirable that it corresponds to the outfits of newlyweds.

  • Choose dishes and textiles that match the main theme and decor.
  • Special attention should be paid to the zone in front of the bride and groom and the wall behind the young.
  • On the wedding table should be present elements that are used in decor for guest tables. It is better to make decor’s items smaller in size, because the main role in this day belongs to the central table.
  • Illumination can also be an important decoration element. Use different lighting effects for greater dynamism.

Decorating the wedding table, give preference to the color palette that will correspond to a certain topic. The bride and groom choose a color for a celebration that serves as the basis. These shades are present in the design of the hall, outfits of newlyweds, flower and decorative compositions. Often and guests are offered to come in the dresses that correspond to the “wedding” color.

Try to create an atmosphere of solemnity, but do not get carried away in detail. Create a gentle and modest image. Do not attempt to copy options for other events, try to make your wedding unique.

How to send guests?

Most of the time guests are spent behind the wedding table. Such events usually come a large number of people of different ages, preferences, hobbies. In order for everyone to be fun and interesting, think in advance how to send guests. Their comfort and mood depends on.

Here are some tips to help connect guests with convenience:

  • Start up to make a plan seating from guests. Pay enough time to avoid annoying misunderstandings at the last moment.
  • Position the tables so that all guests can be clearly visible to the bride and groom throughout the evening.
  • Near the table, where newlyweds are located, leave places for close relatives, parents.
  • If older people are at the wedding, put them close to the young so that they can hear everything well. You should not leave for such guests a place near the musicians, the excess noise will interfere with them.
  • Try to alternate men and women, it will be more convenient to lead a conversation, especially if people are at all unfamiliar.

  • A good option will be placed on the tables of cards with the names of invited guests.
  • Site in one place of friends, colleagues at work, relatives.
  • Guests with young children are usually searched at one table. For older children you can put a separate table. The box with pencils and paper will allow the guys to make an interesting business while their parents are having fun.

Try not to have a children’s zone near the musicians. Also she should not interfere with the free movement of other guests. At the same time, parents should be able to constant visual contact with children.

Choosing a place for invited, followed by your personal preferences. You can print a shared plan and hang it at the entrance. So guests can quickly find their places.

Ideas design dishes

The main point when preparing for the wedding is the decoration of the festive table. On this day, you can please yourself the most sophisticated meal. Usually choose a large number of all kinds of dishes, given the tastes and preferences of newlyweds.

A variety of cold and hot dishes, unusual snacks should like and guests. The bride and groom should try to make a menu so that everyone is full and satisfied. Do not forget that older people will come to the wedding, and children. For such guests should choose special dishes. Note that someone of their guests can be a vegetarian, so a sufficient number of meat dishes should be present on the table.

Sweet is usually served at the end of the celebration. To this final moment you need to fit with special care. Usually a luxurious wedding cake is performed to order. Other delicacies are served in beautiful glasses or other exquisite dishes.

Fruits are also a necessary element on a festive table. Especially successful will their selection on shades corresponding to the “wedding” color. You can add bright tapes to fruit baskets, and you can beautifully decompose them on plates. At the same time, pieces of fruit can be cut into the form of hearts, stars and other figures.

Beautiful textiles are often used to decorate the wedding table. You can make a cloth not only the table, but also chairs, as well as other elements. Preferrate gentle transparent tissues of pastel colors, such as organza, chiffon, kapron. Separate interior details can be decorated. Permissible combination of various tissues.

On the table for newlyweds you can lay a lace tablecloth. Under the openwork or transparent canvas should be placed by a monochrome opaque fabric so that no legs seen at the table. Cooking can be decorated with air fatin.

Add a touch of mysteriousness to the atmosphere of the holiday, putting candles on tables of different colors, sizes and design on tables. You can use them as a decor, and you can be lit at a certain time, for example, when the wedding cake will be taken.

When decorating a festive table, the flowers can be preferred both alive and artificial colors. Flower compositions successfully complement the overall stylistry of the event. You can put a large beautiful bouquet with alive colors in the center of the main table. On guest tables you can place small bouquets of the same tone.

Methods serving

Competent table setting for wedding celebration – an important point. A beautiful tablecloth is placed on the table. You can choose both a classic white canvas and a fabric suitable for style and coloring to the subject of the event.

Please note that excess of bright colors can adversely affect the design. Use no more than three tones, harmoniously combined with each other. Under the tablecloth, it is customary to put a special substrate to absorb sound.

During the arrangement of dishes take into account certain rules. On the table put two plates for each guest. On a plate for main dishes put a plate of a smaller size designed for snacks. From above there are beautiful fabric napkins, often decorated with interesting decor.

Cutlery are placed in a certain way. On the left side of the plate – place for fork, on the right – a place for a spoon and knives. Also on the right side, the instruments are postponed in a certain order. The first to put the devices that enjoy the last. Next to the plate put a knife, which is used for the main dishes. Then there is a soup spoon. Last place occupies a knife for snacks.

Equally important to put glasses correctly. Fools, wine glasses for champagne, wine and glasses for vodka are used for solemn events. It is worth noting that between glasses for white and red wine there are differences. For white wine choose glasses a little smaller in volume. Glasses are set at a distance of one centimeter from each other, in front of the plates.

The composition of the colors will be the final stroke at the design of the room. Plants preferably selected under the decor of the wedding table. Bouquets should not be too cumbersome, otherwise they will interfere with the communication of guests.

Do not use colors with a strong smell, they can cause headache, as well as drown out from dishes aromas.

For volumetric compositions from colors, separately standing large pyro. On long tables it is better to arrange a composition of several shallow vases with plants. You can complement decoration with candles and fruits. Also you can put on the tables of graceful candelabra.

Serving the table with your own hands, you can show all the fantasy so that the result makes the newlyweds and guests an indelible impression. On how beautiful and successfully the table will be covered, the general mood of those present depends.

Often at weddings set bunting tables with snacks. Here are appropriate sandwiches with spitting, canapes, meat and fruit cutting. Such snacks can be done at home.

Try to feed the products in this form so that they are convenient to take them so that they do not crumble and do not drip. This will exclude the risk of pollution of outfits.

Tips and recommendations

Do not forget about balloons. Pick out the colors corresponding to the design, and place the balls behind the backs of the newlyweds in the form of an arch or other composition. You can also decompose balloons in front of the bride and groom on the floor.

Pay attention to the design of the walls for the newlyweds, After all, all the attention of guests will be drawn on them. You can use transparent fabrics, freely hanging down, and you can tie them with beautiful lace ribbons, stick with rhinestone pins, tie with bows. So you can make not only the place at the table of newlyweds, but the whole hall.

Decorating the room and decorating a wedding table, you can encounter some difficulties. That this does not happen, it is important to avoid some errors:

  • Do not use strongly smelling plants and aromatic candles+
  • The color gamut of the room should not “argue” with the outfit of newlyweds+
  • Do not use high decor for design table, because guests must see each other+
  • Do not decorate the room with flowers and fruits earlier than a day before the event, otherwise the fruits will lose fresh look, and the flowers fade+
  • For small tables, single ornaments are more suitable for long tables. It is better to use several songs+
  • Stop the choice on fabric napkins (paper will look cheap)+
  • Decorate a bundle table without excess brightness, in calm colors.

Products from a buffet table can be used on the 2nd day after the banquet, because there are often many products after such events. If you celebrate a wedding in a cafe, employees offer to pick up the remaining dishes with themselves, and in this case it is quite by the way. The next day, guests can come again, and you can treat them.

Wedding anniversary is also often marked with a big scope. Many guests are invited to first anniversary. He is called a sitse wedding. The name is due to the fact that in the first year after the wedding, the young people still “are soldered” to each other, and the relationship is not very durable, like siter. On this day, it is customary to give bed linen, scarves, pillows.

Successful examples and options

When choosing the topics of the wedding, you can listen to the advice of designers and stylists, learn the fashion trends of the upcoming season. So you can decide on the color and supplement it with suitable shades. Today, the following colors are often used for wedding celebrations:

  • Red+
  • Marsala+
  • light pink+
  • Saturated green+
  • gray-blue shades+
  • “coffee with milk”+
  • Yellow and his combinations with burgundy.

Celebration, decorated in delicate lilac-white gamme. This will give the event of mystery, lightness and grace. Effective and unusual looks at the design of the room in golden color.

For adherents of classics, the best options are beige, dairy, gentle pink shades. Dynamic natures can choose outfits in a refreshing and “spring” gas.

When choosing a colors, take into account both what time of year a celebration is held. Cold and saturated colors are suitable for winter events. It can be combinations of white with blue, gray or gold, using a purple shade and color of Marsala.

In the warm season, the best choice will be shades of green, blue, pink tones. Blue combination with yellow remind about endless clean sky and bright sun. When choosing white with blue, you can get a romantic marine image.

More secrets in the design of the wedding hall you will learn from the following video.

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