Table setting in various styles: features and useful recommendations

Table setting in various styles: features and useful recommendations

The table setting includes the rules for the location and design of dishes, cutlery in such a way that in general the whole composition looks aesthetically and convenient. There are many ways to transfigure a place to eat.

Variety options

Methods of serving depend on the taste preferences of the host, selected style and situation.

If a party in the style of Gatsby is planned, then the preference in the design of the tables is given to the details reflecting the style of the 30s. Select the topic will help the existing tableware in the house in the form of savors, salad bowls, trays.

Decoration of the table and serving are not identical concepts. This is taken into account when designing. Here you can show your originality and originality and choose one of the options presented:

    • Country characterized by the presence of rustic motives in the form of collected wildflowers in the old clay vase. Large importance is paid to the tablecloth, which will harmoniously fit if its texture is in a fine cage or strip. Well complement the whole image of wooden cutlery, braided baskets for baking.

    • Autumn topic Ask very simple, if you put a bouquet on the table from fallen yellow leaves, you can also add natural elements of this pore of the year. Acorns and cones are suitable for completing the intended image.

    • Sea style You can create by adding the appropriate attribute in the form of natural seashells, textiles of blue and dishes with images of this topic.

    • Eco implies the combination of simplicity and naturalness. This topic is characterized by the presence on the table of all sorts of green parts made by nature itself. Original add wooden fruit baskets.

    • Italian motif considered an example of a good taste. Here is the placement of fresh colors, large transparent wine glasses. Snacks are served on wooden bottoms, which give a special naturalness of the whole composition.

    • Registration in the style of the 90s It will be interesting for those who arrange thematic parties. The adhesive tablecloths with color drawings must be present here. Used old dishes with numerous floral patterns. Great crystal glasses from crystal or having painted edging.

    In the modern world, styles in serving tables are directly interrelated with the appended trends of the interior of the premises.


    To cover the table, adhering to this topic, you need to use such products in the design, like olives. They are characteristic of the French province, from where this direction appeared.

    The old accessories and light tones in the materials will be appropriate here.


    This direction is often found in the village of grandmother, since the characteristic features of such a style is the use of samovar, dishes with a camp of Khokhloma or Gzhel. It combines the simplicity and wealth of the pesting spots. The tablecloth is selected from cotton with a checkered pattern. In all details a rustic motive is traced, the style of Rustic is allowed.


    In this topic, on the table must be predominantly white or gray tones. They are repeated both in the dishes and in textiles. It is allowed to use natural materials.


    The stylistry of Japanese serving is difficult to confuse with others, as the focus is on special accessories. Cookware for eating is selected for each person depending on its age and structure. This is the distinctive characteristic of the Japanese, who are serious about the ritual of food intake.

    Great importance is given to the shades used. Predominantly color gamut includes black, red, yellow and green.

    It is important to note that all dishes are served on the table at a time and must be located in a certain order.


    This design always looks luxurious, emphasizes the high cost of items. English style is distinguished by restraint, comfort and use of natural materials. The tableware is preferred in the serving with a gold-plated pattern. Glasses and glasses most often have their crystal.

    It will be appropriate to look at the old candlestick on this table. Suggested preference for noble colors. It can be a saturated shade of red, emerald or gold. Only cutlery are presented from the metal, they must be highlighted by their glitter from the entire composition.


    This style creates an atmosphere of an abandoned factory by organizing many spaces around and using materials characteristic of time of manufactory. Table setting should follow this topic by combining old cutlery and new glossy elements. There are no apparent tablecloths, but the use of napkins with abstract images is allowed.

    It will notice that the combination of antique furniture will look like, on which modern glass dishes are placed. For restaurants decorated in this style, it is characteristic of the placement of the menu on old loss materials.


    Designers recommend adhere to the following rules when serving a table:

    • The situation until the selection of dishes and the menu must be appropriate. You should get rid of extra items so that they do not load space and did not create discomfort while eating.
    • Regardless of the thematic orientation, the principle of a double tablecloth is used: under the main material, a cotton fabric is littered.
    • There should be enough space for the premises of all plates. They are located at a distance allowing sitting freely to feel during meals.
    • For the radiance of cutlery, it is recommended to wipe them with a napkin moistened in vinegar.

    Interesting examples

    Sea theme with shells, beads, pearl elements looks elementary and unusual.

    Gracefully fit luxurious details, reflecting the nobility of the English motive.

    Stylish make a serving Modern prints on textiles and napkins. Notes of Provence are traced here.

    Even more table setting features, see the following video.

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