All about amigurum knitting needles

All about amigurum knitting needles

Today, a huge number of types of needlework, including national. Hobby is a very interesting leisure option. Creating soft toys in various techniques takes a worthy place. In this article, consider everything about amigurum knitting needles.

What it is?

Amigurumi came to Russia, as in the rest of the country, from Japan. This is a technique for creating small knitted toys. Amigurums can be made with knitting or crochet. The main features of amigurians who distinguish them from other soft toys are the following:

  • disproportionately big and round head+
  • In the classic version, small Japanese toys are minimalistic, which is expressed in monophone+
  • classic amigurums are very small, their size is approximately 10 cm in height, but today many create both a lot of large and very small amigurines+
  • For knitting, very thin tools use that the nipple was very small and dense, not loose.

Materials and tools

To tie amigurum, you need quite some tools and materials, because toys are very small and simple. This method is suitable to spend the remnants of thread from large knitted things. So, to make amigurum knitting needles, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Spokes (thin knitting needles are small, as toys knit from fine yarn and in a circle)+
  • needle (to add a finished product with elements and materials)+
  • Threads for embroidery eyes, nose, mouth+
  • yarn.

The choice of yarn depends on which results you would like to get. For the smallest toys without a pile, it is better to apply “Iris”. If you already have a good knitting experience, you can use cotton. For beginners, this type of yarn will not fit, although it is the most common, but from such threads it is difficult to knit dense products. You can use fluffy wool, then the toy will be as if woolen and shaggy, which adds a sized toy. Very interesting toys are obtained from the yarn “Hesle”.

You can combine different types of materials to achieve a certain effect.

Master Class

There is a huge number of knitting toys. In fact, Knitting Amigurumi is a very easy lesson, since the way and technique of knitting is the same for any toys. The most important thing for beginners – master the principle and learn to knit very tightly. The following is a very simple master class to create a toy with a description of all steps.

To tie the bird, you will need a small amount of yarn of any color, in our case blue, as well as very little golden and black, 4 needles 4,5 mm thick, needle, syntheps or other filler, marker. Consider a Read more Opening Algorithm.


Let’s start with the creation of the Bird Taurus. Type 9 loops on the needle, separating the three knitting needles, and closer to the knitting. Mark the marker or color thread the beginning of the circle. Odd rows – facial. Should knit according to the following scheme:

  • 2nd row: (1 l. NS., Add a loop from the broach, 2 l. NS.) Repeat 3 times (12 p.)+
  • 4th row: (1 l. NS., Add a loop from a broach, 3 l. NS.) Repeat 3 times (15 p.)+
  • 6th row: (1 l. NS., Add a loop from the broach, 4 l. NS.) Repeat 3 times (18 p.)+
  • Also tie 6 rows to make 10 loops on each needle.

Next start the reabulination. The transfer is done like this: remove one loop as the front right to the needle, then remove another one also, stretch the left needle through these two loops to the right in front, both hinges are tied together as the facial, behind the rear wall. It is worth performing the following actions:

  • 1st row: (Loop reduction, 1 persons., 2 VM., 5 L. NS.) Repeat 3 times (24 P.) + Make 2 facial rows+
  • 2nd row: (Loop reduction, 1 persons., 2 VM., 3 L. NS.) Repeat 3 times (18 p.) + Make 2 facial rows+
  • 3rd row: (Loop reduction, 1 persons., 2 VM., 1 L. NS.) Repeat 3 times (12 p.) + Make 2 facial rows+
  • 4th row: (Loop Reference, 2 VM.) repeat 3 times (6 p.) + Make 2 facial rows.

Trim thread, long end.

Wings and Tail

Wings and Tail – 3 pcs. The following steps:

  • The first loop of each hovering row is removed as facial+
  • Type 8 loops+
  • 1st and 2nd rows facial+
  • 3rd row: facial, except last 2 loops, 2 VM., 1 L. NS. (7 P.)+
  • Last row plot 4 times (3 p.)+
  • yarn cut off, turn through loops, pull.


The first loop of each facial row to remove as a facial. The first loop of each marginal row to shoot as an invalible. Dial 8 loops of golden color and stick to the next algorithm:

  • 1st row: all invalid+
  • 2nd row: facial, except last 3 loops, 2 VM., 1 L. NS. (7 P.)+
  • 3rd row: invalid, except last 3 loops, 3 VM., 1 I. NS. (6 P.)+
  • repeat 2 and 3 row (4 p.)+
  • Cut thread, stretch through the loop, pull.

Using a blue thread to make a neck: stretching through 1 loop at one third of the top, pull. Then attach wings, tail, beak. Make eye. Bird is ready.

Important! From colored yarn, you can associate any additional items for all toys. The simplest is a scarf, dress or sweater. To do this, you can use the remnants of bright yarn.

About how to tie the cat with the knitting needles, look in the following video.

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