All about decopatche

All about decopatche

Deopatch is one of the interesting techniques of contemporary needlework. Today it enjoys greatly popular with experienced masters, and at beginners of craftsmen, contributing to the creation of bright and colorful products of various topics. What it is, what are the pros and cons of technology, consider further.

What it is?

Deopatch consider Application, related to decoupage, which became known to the world thanks to Italian craftsmen. At one time, they cut out of paper pictures and glued them as a decor, covered with varnish pictures, which gave the goods to the high cost.

The meaning of Deopatcha is In the cracking of the bulk figure with a convex or concave surface with pieces of napkins or other paper. The task of technology is decoration of bulk form, creating a single background by sticking a piece for a piece.

This is a kind of decoration process that is used for papier-mache figures or even furniture.

Features of technology

Deopatcha technique is unique and differs from decoupage by the fact that it uses not separate fragments of decorative paper, but all the material. In view of this there is no overpowering of material and cropping – everything is bought. The pieces are taken off with their hands either cut by figure scissors, after which they are glued to the working base of the mustache, not allowing the formation of properins. At the same time, the size of the logged fragments may be the most different, if only they fucked well on the uneven surface.

Glue paper with different adhesive compositions. The technique is unique in that everything is suitable for her, whether it is a special glue for decoupage, construction PVA or acrylic varnish. Can be purchased for pasting and glue for decopatcha.

You can accumulate on this technique as part of the figure and its entire surface.

Despite the fact that there are rectangular fragments of 2-3 cm in size for decopatcha, today this approach seems boring. Therefore, the shape of pieces may be the most different. For example, you can glue items with chopped triangles paper, mixing them with stripes, pentagons and even different drawings.

Performing work on such a principle, you can create not only a single background, but also certain pictures and ornaments.

Pros and cons

This technique is unique and has a lot of advantages. It allows you to create unique product products that can become exclusive gifts for friends and loved ones. For example, it can be a bulk souvenir or handicraft in the form of a stylized kitten, dogs, giraffe. This is a great way to decorate the interior of the room in ethnic style.

In addition, it can be a stand under jewelry, keys, phone. You can attach a regular box, statuette, flower pot, bottle or even a glass jar. In each case, it turns out a unique product that will be decorated with a room in which it is. Note Briefly and other advantages of technology.

  • To perform it, you can use different material and glue, which opens a lot of opportunities for the manifestation of designer thought.
  • It allows you to disguise even the most unsightly foundation, giving it aesthetic attractiveness and screaming the flaws of work.
  • With its help, you can save even the most complex shapes with a sharp change of bend.
  • There are no restrictions in the type of material of the material, for example, decopath use in working with the bases of glass, wood, fabric.

There are technique and their drawbacks.

  • For her, you need your own paper, rough paper is not suitable for this, it can rise and disconnect from the ground.
  • The process of sticking and preparation for it is quite lengthy. This decoration is a lot of time.
  • The work does not tolerate the hurry and inaccurability, as well as the abundance of glue due to the peculiarities of Papier-Masha. If overdoing with glue, you can deform the base.
  • To increase the service life of the finished product, a protective coating is required, without it, under the influence of moisture, work can be spoiled.

Paper selection

Decopathy use decorative paper. It can be, for example, napkins for decoupage, they are great for beginner masters, or even handmade paper. Today on the counters of stores you can buy paper for decopathic.

From the usual paper for decoupage with the thematic patterns characteristic of it in such a paper with a bright ornament or a specific pattern covered in the entire area.

      You can buy for a wrapper wipe with a solid pattern (background wipes). Someone prefers to work with the crepe paper, which is sold in stationery stores (in the departments for children’s creativity) and often use in school in technology lessons. In fact, it is an ardent paper, which is also called corrugated corrugated. It is thin and stretching in width, and when wetting it becomes brighter, and requiring accuracy.

      Master Clast in familiarization with decopath technique See More.

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