All about diamond embroidery on the subframe

All about diamond embroidery on the subframe

Diamond embroidery – from one name breathtaking spirit, and the result looks even more amazing. Let there are no natural diamonds in the picture, but the sponsor of sparkling sketch quite justifies comparison. A similar miracle can be done with their own hands.

What it is?

Diamond embroidery is, rather, a mosaic, posted on a special basis with artificial stones, rhinestones of various cuts. Initially, sets for paintings were sold with soft canvas, rolled into a roll, then the range was replenished with pictures on subframes. It seriously increased the cost of sets, but the price is justified by comfort in work, as well as other advantages.

  • Diamond embroidery on the subframe is protected from the chances, does not occur during the work process.
  • Mobility – a tough base allows you to sit down with work anywhere, even on your favorite carpet or sofa. Moreover, the subframe makes it possible to quickly change the working area, you only need to take it in the hands and move.
  • After the standback of rhinestones, the coatings of the canvas varnish and complete drying all the events are completed. The picture is ready, and it does not need additional accessories to arrange it (frame, glass, baguette).

If the owner or master manufacturer concludes a ready-made product in a rim, then it is guided by his own interests, but not urgent.

Sketches of sketches are just as diverse as the themes for painting at all. It can be floral compositions, urban and natural landscapes, animals and birds, seas and deserts, cities and rural motives – the choice is infinite. Diamond Painting You can decorate any space – from the children’s room to the office, from the classic interior to the style of Country and Provence. Diamond embroidery can be a hobby for personal satisfaction or become a source of income. Set or finished product – perfect gift for personal or calendar holiday.

What happens mosaic?

The market offers various sizes of diamond embroidery on the subframe. The format of 40×50 cm is most in demand, but you can always buy a set of format 30×40, 30×30, 30×20, 20×25, 20×20 cm. Subframe material is also different.

  • Cardboard – the perfect option for beginners, the process of applying paint is much easier and saving.
  • Canvas. It is more difficult to work with him, you will need more paint, but its advantage as a finished product similar to the work of this artist.
  • Wood subframe suitable for experienced masters that have mastered canvas and cardboard. In working with the tree, you will also need more paint so that the structure is completely toned, the joints between the panels are invisible.

The painting made in the style of diamond mosaic has a rather impressive weight, of course, in comparison with canvas without a subframe, can weigh up to 1 kilogram or more.

When choosing a model and its characteristics, you need to consider the features of the visual perception of the web due to the size and shape of the stones.

Types of stones:

  • Square transparent, translucent, opaque rhinestones, have a smaller range of faces less shine, do not leave gaps, palette up to 400 shades+

  • Round rhinestones – opaque, transparent, translucent shiny, have a larger number of faces, therefore, a stronger flickering effect, when laying out between them, the gaps remain, palette up to 200 shades.

The layout may be complete and incomplete, the latter is more suitable for children, because not so tiring in the work. Such a calculation can be depicted cats, such as red cat, or lion, ships, flowers, such as rose, orchids, fireplace. Full shutter is used to design a complex plot – space, nature and t.D.

The size and geometry of the picture (square, rectangular) on canvas or wooden subframe depends on personal preferences or any conventions.

What will be required for work?

Before proceeding with creativity, you need to take care of a convenient workplace. There are machine tools for diamond embroidery, outdoor and desktops, however, there are quite expensive devices for one-time work. To create a diamond painting on the subframe, standard tools and devices are needed:

  • tray+
  • stylus+
  • tweezers+
  • Organizer+
  • Gel pad.

Do not hurry and buy all of the above, it will be in all sets. Over time, those who are engaged in a diamond mosaic on an ongoing basis, a huge number of identical devices accumulate. It is necessary to take care of good lighting, perhaps additional to protect your eyes from strong overwork and overstrain.

Creating a picture

Everything is ready for creativity – work surface, light, chair or armchair, set of rhinestones, canvas on a subframe, tools. It’s time to proceed. If a set of mosaic is bought in the finished form, then it has everything you need. In the case when it is decided to make the basis with your own hands, then the canvas need to tighten on the manufactured subframe.

The first rows are a process requiring special attention. Glue base is pretty plastic, and the first rhinestones can shift. The following rows will already be a support, and it will go easier. You can attach the first row by a ruler as if by the limiter, moving the stones on the same distance.

  • You can work with faceted stones by tweezers, it is well holding faceted rhinestones, but round smooth stones need to take a stylus with a sticky gel on the end of the rod. Using tweezers, you should always remember caution – cover the stone for the sides, not scratching the surface.
  • The protective film is spared by small sectors, it is on that area that will be covered by rhinestones for the working time interval.
  • In case of incomplete calculation, the drawing slightly protrudes beyond the boundaries, falling on the main background. It is impossible to assume that the edging is contaminated, otherwise the visual effect will be spoiled. To avoid similar trouble, the border can be sealed by the liberated slices of the protective film.
  • For rhinestones comfortably lay face up, the tray must be shaken – almost all the stones will fall in the right way.
  • For simultaneous work with several colors, you can use the palette instead of tray.
  • When calculating, it is necessary to try to maximize the color boundaries, correcting the borders of irregularities and protrusions. Special attention is paid to square rhinestones – there should be no gaps between them. The geometry of round stones does not allow to do without gaps, but also to abide by the boundaries.
  • In case there are not enough color, you can pick up the rhinestone suitable or purchase the necessary.
  • Ready canvas need to dry. Typically, the sketch stroke the warm iron, ride the surface of the rolling pin, firmly pressing diamonds in the adhesive basis.

After drying the surface of the picture should be fixed – to cover with glossy or matte acrylic varnish, sometimes crackering is used for this purpose. This technique is needed not only in decorative purposes, it is also an additional fixer of rhinestones.

When working with lacquer, it should be remembered: a varnish on the brush is absorbed quite a bit, an extremely limited number. If you do not observe this measure, the lacquer mass will fall between the stones, the blurring clarity of the boundaries and leaving small bubbles. Mosaic will immediately lose part of beauty and perfection, such defects are clearly visible at a distance. After final drying, the picture is ready.

The next video will tell about the diamond embroidery in more detail.

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