All about diamond mosaic with glass rhinestones

All about diamond mosaic with glass rhinestones

Diamond Embroidery with glass rhinestones is an excellent modern hobby that can pass both an adult and a child. You can create a real masterpiece with your own hands.

What it is?

This unusual view of the hobby appeared in China for a long time. In the process of creating their paintings, masters usually used natural gems. They were attached to the dense layer of fabric. Now instead of precious stones use multicolored rhinestones. But work because of this does not look less beautiful.

Diamond embroidery sets Buy very easy. They are now sold both in ordinary stores and on the Internet. The set includes a special canvas with the image printed on it. The sheet is covered with a glue base and a layer of smooth paper. Together with him are listed in the set.

  1. Tray. At the tank for rhinestones is a smooth ribbed bottom. Get the crystals from it very convenient. Especially popular is organizers with several departments. They are convenient to lay rhinestones in different colors.
  2. Stylus. In some cases, it is attached to the nozzles. Using them, the master can capture several crystals at once. Thanks to this, he manages to fill large monophonic areas much faster.
  3. Filler for stylus. It is used to make the tip of the stylus sticky. Mass is packed in a small bag.
  4. Tweezers. This tool is used to capture smooth square rhinestones. It can be both plastic and metal.

Rhinestones themselves are usually sold in small bags. They are round or square. Work with them convenient.

What pictures are?

Since the diamond embroidery is now popular, there are many different paintings made in this technique. Everyone may choose the most appropriate scheme.

For children

Children’s paintings most often make simple and neat. So that the child is interested in doing this type of creativity, the pictures should he like. So, If he likes to watch movies about Harry Potter, he can buy a thematic diamond embroidery with some characters from this story. Younger children can choose paintings with various fabulous heroes. They also look beautiful and unusual.

Like children and animal paintings. It can be horses, dogs or cute kittens. An unusual look paintings with bright peacocks or fabulous unicorn.

Choose a set for a child recommended with him. Start working stands with small pictures.

For adults

Work for adults, as a rule, are more complex. They gladly create paintings of large sizes.

  • Nature. Bright work with the image of the sea, forests or lakes like most people. This picture made by your own hands can be a good gift for a loved one. The process of creating such works helps calm down and collect on thoughts.

  • Flowers. Pictures with bright colors very like girls. There are many interesting options for such works.

Mosaic with bouquets fits perfectly into the interior of the bedroom or living room.

  • Architecture. Interestingly looks and drawings with some famous places. There are many beautiful paintings on sale with popular attractions. Choose the best image of your favorite places or corners of the planet in which you want to visit.

Popular among buyers and reproductions of famous art works. They look no less effectively than ordinary drawings. Working with such schemes, a person can feel like a real artist.

How to lay out correctly?

The process of creating original paintings in this technique is quite simple. Instructions for use for beginners looks like this.

  1. To begin with, the canvas need to be located on a flat surface. It is most convenient to do it on the table.
  2. Next, from a small section of the picture you need to remove a piece of protective film. So as not to spoil the drawing, fill out free space rhinestones stands from the top corner.
  3. Selected section of the picture must be filled with colored rhinestones. For this, the crystals of the desired color are poured into the tray and gently align the resulting layer.
  4. The stylus is gaining a small amount of sticky mass. After that, the crystals are needed to capture and transfer to the surface of the drawing. Need to work quickly. After all, with time, the sticky layer loses the stickiness. Because of this, fix crystals to it becomes more difficult. Spread rhinestones usually smooth rows.
  5. Having finished with one part of the picture, you need to fill in the same way the remaining space. The number of time spent depends on the size of the picture. What it is more, the longer the rhinestones will have to be glued.
  6. When work will be ready, the drawing must be carefully inspecting. After the fulfillment of rhinestones, the picture will look very beautiful. If some crystals shifted or fell out, they need to be returned to the place. At the same time you can use the usual handle.

To extend the life of the diamond embroidery, the drawing can be covered with a layer of varnish.

    Do it need it very carefully. Varnish on the picture is applied by a thin layer. In the work you can use the usual acrylic varnish or special means for covering such mosaic paintings. Having finished with the processing of the picture, you need to leave it. At the same time, it must lie in a well-ventilated room.

    Ready work can be fixed on the subframe, put under the glass and hang on the wall. It will be an excellent interior decoration.


    Novice masters who only learn to create such unusual paintings with their own hands will help advice more experienced people.

    1. Working with diamond embroidery is needed in a well-lit room. Details are very small, so there are poorly visible in the darkness. It is best to work on creating a picture in the afternoon so that you do not get tired.
    2. Some sets come across mint cannis. They have to align before work. Make it is very simple: enough to try the cloth from the wrong side by iron. In order not to damage the material, you can additionally cover it with a towel.
    3. If the sticky layer contaminated, it needs to be cleaned with a cotton stick and tweezers. Fix the crystals to the selected place will have to take glue.
    4. Do not dial to the tip of the stylus too much sticky mass. This may lead to the fact that it will remain on canvas. The picture will seem inaccurate because of this.
    5. If the rhines of the right color did not have enough, they can be replaced by crystals similar toes. It will not spoil the appearance of the picture. In addition, the stones of the desired color can be purchased. They are sold not only in sets, but also separately.
    6. Crystal remnants should not be thrown away. They can always be used to create some postcards or crafts.
    7. If the rows are obtained by curves, they can be easily aligned using a ruler. The main thing is to notice inaccuracy on time.
    8. If there was no tray for rhinestones in the set, you can use the usual paint palette or ice shape to store them. Work with them is also very convenient.

    If you follow these ordinary tips, the finished picture will be beautiful and spectacular.

    Beautiful examples

    When planning to make the original picture with your own hands, you can use as sources inspiration Examples of interesting works.

    Bright animals

    This work performed in bright colors looks rather unusual. She will like the lovers of non-standard color paintings. The creation of a large diamond embroidery in such a style is best to engage in an adult person.

    Picture on religious topics

    There are many interesting works depicting Angels and Saints. Work on creating such pictures is quite difficult. This process takes a long time. But look like this work is very beautiful. A big picture made in such a technique, it will be safe to hang in the room in a prominent place.

    House in the village

    Such a picture consisting of a variety of color details looks very cute and cozy. She will look good both in the living room and in the children’s. You can create it with your child. Working with multicolored rhinestones will be able to captivate him.

    Original portrait

    The scheme for such a picture can be made to order. A similar portrait will be an excellent gift for a loved one. The picture can be both black and white and color. The choice of shades depends on human preferences.

    Paintings created in this technique look beautiful and over time do not lose their appeal. So they can be used to decorate the house or give their loved ones.

    How to collect diamond mosaic correctly, look in the video below.

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