All about diamond mosaic with peonies

All about diamond mosaic with peonies

All about diamond mosaic with peonies will be interested to know those who love flowers and enjoys such work. In addition, the picture with peonies can become both a wonderful gift and a harmonious decoration of their own dwelling.

Overview of sets with full calculation

Diamond mosaic with full-calculation peonies is a picture made entirely of rhinestones.

Kits may vary by the image itself. The flower can be presented:

  • in different shades+

  • one major instance or whole bouquet+

  • Have a different background (on the table in a vase, on a flowerbed and so on).

The size of the canvas can be different – from the smallest (20×25 cm) to the impressive (70×100 cm).

The selection of beginners should be done in favor of miniature copies, and large options can be chosen with masters with experience.

As for the main components of the standard set, then among them will definitely be:

  • canvas for embroidery, it can be simply represented by a piece of fabric or be already with a subframe (the last option is preferable, because you don’t have to invent, how to make a finished job)+

  • A protective film covering canvas (necessary to protect the canvas with a sticky basis, because work, especially big, is made in stages)+

  • Rhinestones, they can be of different quantities and shapes (for example, square and round, matte and shiny)+

  • Stylus and tweezers – the tools required in the work with pebbles+

  • Tray for rhinestones, which helps to quickly remove the desired element of the required color+

  • Sticky gel for the stylus to help capture rhinestones when working+

  • Sometimes additionally attached the glue in the case if the work was interrupted for a long time, and then returned to it+

  • Special diagram of symbols and colors, allowing exactly the desired color to the picture.

To understand beginners, as ready work can look, you can consider specific examples and make sure the varieties of options.

  • Gentle pink flowers are beautiful without any additions and will decorate any interior. Size is ideal for beginners. Square rhinestones 2.5×2,5 mm.

  • Diamond embroidery is a bouquet in a vase. Still life is very gentle and causes the most pleasant association. 40×40 cm size will require more time to create a picture. Rhinestones are presented in two types of cutting and have 9 faces, which will allow the finished picture to sparkle and transfix.

  • Luxury, very bright peonies are presented on canvas 40×50 cm already on the subframe, What eliminates the masters from thinking. At the end of the work, the picture can be given, or decorate it any room.

Mosaic with partial calculation

This option of needlework on the principle of incarnation into reality is no different from the full calculation. The same components and tools will be present in the set. Among the diversity of plots without problems, you can find your own option. The principle of operation is the same as when fully calculated.

A significant difference is that rhinestones will have to lay out only the main part or some elements, they will give brightness and highlight painting. The background may be paint in advance in this case. For example, the table, vase, the back plan can be drawn, the peonies themselves will be laid out by rhinestones.

This option is very convenient for beginners, the work will not seem so tedious and will be fulfilled faster.

The mosaic of partial calculation still looks also attractive and is a harmonious completed work capable of becoming an interior decoration. And examples serve to be proof:

  • Bright blooming peonies under the power to post even to children, it is worth only to show perfection+

  • Another option of a beautiful gentle still life with a partial layout+

  • the appropriate option when the background is drawn on the focarter, it remains to lay out a flower.

How to collect?

Share a diamond mosaic is easy if you stick to the instruction that is present in each set.

  • Help has a scheme for which you can understand how one or another color on canvas is indicated. Packages with rhinestones are numbered, and in the scheme is painted, what number (color) corresponds to this or that value.

  • When there are no questions on the calculation, you need to spare part of the protective film from the canvas. It should not be removed all, because it allows you to keep the sticky basis until the next stage of work. Usually the mosaic is collected in several approaches. The more canvas, the longer the picture goes to implement the picture.

  • Then rhinestones that will have to use at this stage of work are poured into the tray. And already from it with the help of the stylus remove the necessary elements.

  • Before working, the tip of the stylus is immersed in the gel pad. This will ensure good ride grip with tool. Then the diamoman is placed in place that corresponds to this color.

  • When a specific section of the work is completed, all parts and tools are collected, and removed for storage. Usually there are additional rhinestones in the set, but nevertheless, it is better not to lose parts.

How to properly lay out the diamond mosaic, will help you learn the following video.

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