All about knitted crocheted mats

All about knitted crocheted mats

Crochet Rugs from Loskutkov harmoniously fit into the interiors in the style of country or Provence, any ethnic design solutions. Sometime they were called “grandmother”, considered the inalienable attribute of rural life. Today, learn how to link the carpet on the floor of the patchwork cloth in the Patchwork or Country style, ready new generation of mods and interior designers.


Knitted crocheted rugs made of flasks fabric quite successfully replace popular textile products in Patchwork style. At first glance, these techniques are even similar, but in fact the difference is great. To tie a pad on the floor to the bathroom, hallway or living room, Need threads: All connections occur with the help of one hook alone.

Unusual products made of connected or cross-bus bands. Previously, in the villages, they preferred simply to tie lipped on ribbons. Today, the masters stitch them on a typewriter or manually: So it is possible to avoid twisting, and the finished product looks more neat.

Knitted canvases are recommended from the very beginning to dissolve in a circle, making as long continuous tapes as possible.

Usually crocheted rugs make the most simple as possible. Most often it is a circle or oval, you can also connect the road of a rectangular shape or square product Small format (for use at the entrance to the house or in the bathroom). In the selection of the pattern, it is possible to do not particularly be ill. Most often in this capacity, concentric circles or strips protruding each other.

The color scheme can be any, but it is better to still focus on the classic combinations of contrast or close-colored shades.

The combination of white and yellow, blue, red, red. The brightness of the room will add a mixture of scarlet and orange. Lemon Olive Gamma will give a peace. Lilac-purple tones are suitable for children’s room, young girl bedrooms.

Materials and tools

In the choice of materials do not need to try to be original. Top crocheted homemade mats are obtained from old cotton T-shirts.

It is recommended to choose not too lines, containing more than 70% of cotton and other natural fibers.

In the future, the rug will be easily erased and maintained in order. In addition, for the manufacture of dense and light lining rugs on chairs or benches can be used Old Kapron or knitted monophonic tights.

The list of necessary tools will also not be long. During the work, the following materials and tools will be useful.

  • Large-sized hook: from 6 to 10 mm. It is better to choose a one-sided version with a convenient non-slip handle.
  • Scissors. They will need for making tapes from fabric. Cutting matter needed on ribbons 3-5 cm wide.
  • Threads and needle. Need to connect the scattered ribbons to each other. They can be replaced by a sewing machine: so the creation of a single ball will be much easier and easier.

    Thoroughly prepare all the materials and tools, it is worth choosing a convenient workplace. Knitting the bulk product – a rather time consuming and tedious occupation. That’s why It is worth taking care of choosing a comfortable chair, in which it will be possible to spend more than one hour.

    So that the tangle is not rocked, it is better to put it in the basket or bucket, putting it nearby. So it will be possible to avoid and confusing the threads in the process.

    How to do?

    To tie or weigh your own patchwork carpet, it is enough to prepare all the necessary materials for work, find free time. The easiest option will have a round shape.

    To successfully cope with the work, it is worth following the recommendations of the step-by-step master class.

    1. Trank training. The fabric for it should be carefully cleaned, depicted. Cotton sheets are suitable, knitted T-shirts. They are blown up on 3-5 cm flap, the resulting segments are combined with seams, smooth. The medium-sized rug requires about 200 m bases.
    2. Creating a chain. It ties in the traditional way – air loops (enough only 5). They are closed in a ring, which will become the basis for the future product.
    3. Revolution 1 row. First, through the center of the circle, you need to recover the lifting loop, then continue the movement along the ring, forming columns with an attachment in each loop and a semi-solitary at the end.
    4. Revolution 2 rows. Here also use columns with Nakud. From the first loop, the second is done to increase the ring diameter. It is important not to skip steps, act neat.
    5. Revolution 3rd row. At this stage you can change the color of the thread. It is important to remember that when unscrewing 3 rows you need to alternate the first and second loop. In each second step, their number doubles: so the diameter will gradually increase. After completing each subsequent row, the blank is placed on a flat surface, smoothed.
    6. With 4 Circle The number of hinge columns increases by 1 with each subsequent cycle. That is, in this row there will be 2, in 5 times already 3. It is necessary to continue until the size of the rug has reached the desired indicators. Usually its diameter does not exceed 0.7-1 m, more large-format products make oval or rectangular.

    When unsubscribing round and oval products, the movement occurs on the spiral. In this regard, it is necessary to carefully control the bending of the edges of the product.

    It is worth considering that if they become wave-like, wrap up, you need to dissolve the last row and to stick it without addresses. Then return to the previous scheme with increasing step on each row.

    Knitting round rustic rugs Even the person far from needlework. With the help of correctly selected combinations of colors, you can create original decorative products in retro style, capable of decorating the interior of the house or apartment.

      If you want to get a rectangular product, the loop chain at the very beginning is gaining much larger length – in the width of the future knitted rug. Next, the binding is performed on the ranks consistently, without an increase. You can use simple air loops or columns with an attachment, choosing any desired length. Such mats are not taken to do one-photon. The width of the replaceing bands can be different, varies from 5 to 10 cm.

      In the next video, you will clearly get acquainted with the process of knitting a round rug made of flashers.

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