All about products made of epoxy resin

All about products made of epoxy resin

Epoxy resin, few people mention in the list of the greatest inventions of humanity, and in vain is a malleant in processing, but at the same time durable, reliable and durable material. At a minimum for creativity and crafts, it is very useful, not to mention the fact that in skillful hands he can turn into various useful things for the house. In short, if you still know little about epoxy resin, it’s time to start correct.


The material was called resin due to some similarities with thick adhesive liquid isolated by trees, but in fact it is a purely synthetic product in which there are no natural components.

The specificity of the material is such that products from epoxy resin can be successfully applied in various spheres of human activity – both in needlework and in construction.

The mass consists of two components, one of which is actually a resin, and the second is a hardener for her. It is necessary to knew the components according to the instructions on the package, but at the same time the master focuses on its needs, selecting the correct proportions. Due to this, you can get both very liquid and fluid, slowly shocking mass, and more thick, and even quite dense.

The wide range of epoxy resin is due to a number of useful properties:

  • High strength+
  • resistance to abrasive wear+
  • transparency+
  • The ability to waterproofing+
  • lack of toxic impact on man after frozen.

It is important not to confuse a resin with epoxy glue – It is made on the basis of resin, but is complemented by several more components, among which plasticizer, solvent and filler. Such a substance sweat strictly for a certain time and affect the process can not be + it is pretty quickly starting yellowing, losing transparency, does not have the same high elasticity.

Glue is sold ready and adapted only for the connection of parts – conditional beads from it, like from the resin, to do just fail.

What equipment is used?

If you just start working with epoxy resin and never had such experience before, it is most reasonable to start with the use of moldes – special casting molds. This is true, the option is predominantly for women, because the moldes are good for the manufacture of jewelry, but you will not do the table top with their help.

In modern shops for creativity, the variety of moldes is large enough so that you can freely include fantasy – most often found forms for the manufacture of various beads and pendants, keyfobs and suspension, but there are more original – for the production of bracelets and rings. Molda Moldam Molds – good made only from high quality platinum silicone.

Having bought such a mold, you can not doubt – it will not collapse with the casting material and glue to it, and the frozen craft will be easy enough to remove.

Alternatively also use the framework – they look like flat metal rings of one or another form that do not have the bottom, no lid. With such a craft, it will be more difficult to work, because the temporary “bottom” is likely to have to create with the help of Scotch. In the future, the product is not removed from the metal, as well as remains in such a rim that holds it in the right form.

Since the bottom and top of the crafts were almost no limited, their surface would be uneven and needed after grinding.

If creativity, including complex, consisting of several stages, you are not alien to you, and you do not want to limit the flight of our own fantasy ready-made mits and rims, you can create your mold on your own. For the manufacture of self-made rims, polymer clay, wire and wood are best suited – choose which option you like more.

Selection and preparation of material

Epoxy resin is a stable material that all manufacturers are approximately the same. The mass for the fill may differ significantly in the thickness, but you will cook this very mass yourself, mixing the resin with the hardener, which, too, buy separately.

Instructions for mixing is always prescribed on the epoxy package, it can also be indicated on the hardener. For convenience, the procedure should use either Measuring cups appropriate size or Disposable syringes – so even more convenient. Please note that the measuring cups used to phasing the epoxy for other purposes can not be applied – they are not laundering. Thick mass will need to stir something, so cook Sucks, toothpicks or any other sticks, If only they came up in length and thickness and at the same time were clean.

Kneading occurs at a temperature not higher than + 25 ° C.Do not interfere with the lot of “stock”, because in a cup it will be polymerized in the same way as in the rim. Stirring, make the most accurate movements without adding air bubbles.

If the absence of experience still led to the appearance of bubbles, let weight stand a little, and then warm it – and the air itself will disappear.

Safety rules for manufacture

The finished handicraft from epoxy resin for a person is completely safe, but this cannot be said about an unrestal substance. Thoroughly, it highlights not only harmful couples, but also heat, so there is a definite instruction for working with epoxy.

First, it is not necessary to allow contact of open skin and resin – at least, it will be extremely difficult to wash it if it freezes in this form, so you will definitely be gloves. Secondly, you should not breathe pairs – you have to stock respirator or protective mask.After completing the work, you still take protection, and the pairs in the room will remain, so it is reasonable to ensure Good venting.

Warning others that dangerous conditions will be created in the process of your work, and therefore it is impossible to enter the improvised workshop until you allow.

So that the craft is high-quality and beautiful, it is necessary to properly organize your workplace. Imagine that you are already working, and think about whether everything you need right at your hand. If not – do so that everything is, otherwise you will have to be distracted in the process, and in favor of the case it will definitely not go.

The newbie in this case is probably there is no special boards for working with epoxy resin, but a tabletop, for obvious reasons, sorry to spoil. In fact, the problem is easily solved – take a dense food film or an ordinary file and work on them.

A variety of crafts

Epoxy resin is good because of her own hands you can make various useful or just beautiful things in a unique design. Ready items can be used to decorate your own home, to give different reasons or even sell if it turns out well. With a set of experience to make funny crafts, it will be easier, and for beginners it is worth looking for detailed master classes with a step-by-step description of the manufacture of one or another thing. We collected ideas that you can do yourself from epoxy.


It is the jewelry – that kind of crafts from which the newcomer should start. The first product that is extremely easy to manufacture and allows you to fully estimate all the properties of the material – these are beads. Simple forms for such rounded products are sold everywhere – for the start you just need to pour epoxy resin into silicone and wait until the mass freezes. Then carefully remove your first craft and appreciate it – how smooth and neat it is.

Do not worry if it comes out not very successful – for the first time it is normal. But it is in this case that you can try to try and grinding to try to bring the product to perfect condition.

Develop your own skills, acquiring the molds of other configurations. Be sure to try metal rims for fill – Beads are not too popular today and they will have to collect them for a long time, but a stylish pendant can be done from one attempt. At the same time you can experience another technique, the epoxy resin bay of a small flower or twig.

Having mastered simple jewelry in the form of jewelry, you can move to the decoration of your own dwelling. The coil manufacturing circuit can be tested on a large scale – take a whole bouquet of wildflowers and fill it with epoxy to get a small refined picture.

If you are not alien to work with different materials, and you yourself are capable of making complex forms for fill, in the future you can come to the manufacture of the most impressive crafts.

Own sea wave or clouds right on the table – these are subjects that will make your interior indescribable cozy.

Animal world

As decorations, small pendants and key rings are also used, in which there may be an insect, a fish, a small crab and so on – you probably saw similar crafts on sale. Not all similar specimens are a sign of missing humanity – you can easily do something similar by purchasing a plastic copy.

Artificial figures of factory production are often sold as souvenirs, so not every person guess that you made my own decoration. However, just that will be the best compliment to the master.


Men, as a rule, perceive epoxy resin from the most serious point of view – it is durable and durable, and therefore, from her you can make high-quality homeworkers. The most famous and chassis of a home product – a tabletop. As it will look, depends only from the fancy of the master and materials available at his hand.

Very often, the tabletop is made of two large pieces of wood, which cannot be folded together due to the inconscribing edges. And do not cut anything and grind – among themselves, they will be connected by a transparent “crack” filled with epoxy resin. It looks spectacular and remembered for a long time.

In this case, it is necessary to remember that the mass of the thin layer is applied throughout the surface of the wood – only it is, being a holistic, reliably “grab” halves and protect them from moisture.

Even more unusual, but it is more difficult, it looks completely epoxy countertop. So that it looks bright and unique, a large amount of glitter mixed in liquid mass, kneading them in epoxy even before the fill. As a result, instead of the countertops, you have an improvised piece of night sky, and if it is correct to highlight it, such a subject of the interior may hardly be almost the center on the scale of the apartment.

The kitchen apron, of course, is not entirely true to call the furniture, but the principle of its manufacture is very similar, so such a handicraft is also here. In fact, it is necessary to make the same countertop from any materials – from pure resin, with the addition of wood, colors, whatever. After that, the stove is installed vertically above the working surface and is attached to the wall.

The main thing – do not forget to diligently cover the resin all the details to protect them from rotting.


Considering that in the frozen form, epoxy resin for a person is completely safe, it can be used even for the manufacture of dishes. Basically, You can buy dishes in the store for a penny, so in this case the sense of manufacture is not exactly in saving money, but in the implementation of your own creative potential and creating something unique.

Love flowers – Please let them be literally everywhere, even directly in the thicker tray or bones (Stands are hot). Would you like to enjoy the beautiful color of your favorite tea even through the cupboard – it is easy to implement due to the transparency of epoxy.

Some masters are made of epoxy resin even plates. In a sense, they are still better to use more in decorative purposes, because they may be damaged by cutlery.

In any case, such an exercise in good performance will be an excellent souvenir gift.


Osiving all the above and having work skills with materials for the manufacture of moldes and forms, can be experimenting with other crafts. The implementation will be difficult, but the present masterpiece will be able to be proud of.

Probably the simplest is an epoxy phone cover that protects the body from shocks and scratches. As a relatively inexpensive, but stylish gift will fit a large desktop bowl on a stand with flowers or other decor inside, a transparent photo frame, a flash drive with the same case or an icon on which it is written as the donor’s way its owner.

Nobody makes it make a deliver entirely from epoxy resin – You can make a factory product to make a resin “squeeze” with a decor, thanks to which the subject will become more individual. Similar can be done with boxes, press papier, vases and even calculations!

Still on the level more difficult – full-fledged homemade souvenir. For example, a blackboard for chess or backgammon can be made transparent, to embed a LED backlight into it – this is a task for a professional, but imagine the delight of the one who gets it.

If a person likes wildlife, but he cannot start fish because of a dense schedule, make an aquarium for him completely poured from epoxy resin, with bright plastic fish inside. A lovedant of geology will certainly like the sting or cut stone protected by a resin from crumbling. By analogy with a cut, you can make whole dioramas in the whole wall.

How to handle?

There are two ways to fill the resin in Molda. If you do not at all use decorative elements or to their exact location there are no specific requirements, then First, the bottom of the form lay the decor, and then the thick liquid is poured on top of the thin flowing, Associated half an hour. At this course, decorative parts can be demolished in one angle, and if it does not suit you, use another way. It is to First, fill the Molds with liquid, and then neatly with the toothpicks immerse the decor – where it is supposed to be.

If you work with simple silicone molds, then after the complete frosting of problems with the extraction should not occur.

Filling with liquid mass in the form – it is only half. Even after the frozen of the workpiece, it is not yet a fact that the product is already ready – in some cases the edge turns out uneven, in the others instead of a transparent material forms a muddy, and unevenly. The mistake of many newcomers is that they are disappointed and throw away the “unsuccessful” handicraft, although in fact it could simply be modified.

The nature of muddy consistency is usually the same as in irregularities – on the surface relief is too uneven, so the light is actively refracting, or in the thickness of the material near the surface were air bubbles. Both problems are solved equally – grinding. If the needlework does the lady, and she has a milling mill, you can use it, and here men use old good sandpaper.

Please note that in the process of polishing the frozen epoxy resin gives huge amounts of dust. To protect your respiratory tract from unwanted penetration of dust particles, work only in the respirator.

To protect against pollution interior of the room, do not forget to periodically wet the sandpaper by water – then the dust will not fly away.

Beautiful examples

Epoxy resin – excellent material for making small jewelry. Use similar crafts as you want – they can serve buttons, broochs, cabins, pendants for earrings and even components of a set of beads.

From epoxy you can make very stylish Christmas balls. Who said that the new year should be strictly associated with winter and cold – in it, someday there will be a summer, which is particularly strongly like to dry frosts.

Epoxy aquarium In general, it is worth it to be one of the most beautiful souvenirs, and what it is less, the more the dignity and delight causes.

Of course, such work is very complex due to the huge number of small parts that you still need to position correctly, but it is unlikely that anyone will remain indifferent to such a bright manifestation of your talent.

Epoxy plates at first glance may seem somewhat awkward, But in a certain interior, they look most authentic, besides, configure creative.

On how to make a pendant from epoxy resin, see the following video.

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