All about sweat design

All about sweat design

The article will talk about sweet design. Consider also how to make a New Year’s bouquet of bars with your own hands on a master class, what are the compositions with tulips, as well as how to arrange a box of candies for the teacher’s day.

What it is?

Sweet design, the art of creating bouquets and compositions from sweets and other sweets, becomes more and more fans. Masters of sweet floristics are creating real wonders. From ordinary candies and corrugated paper in the hands of experienced designers appear flowers, berries, leaves that hard to distinguish from living. Magic locks, realistic ships, cars are built. Funny animals and cute toys are born.

Start Sweet Design Put French craftsmen. The first candy appeared in the XVI century did not have wrappers. They were folded into special boxes, bonbonnies, and beautifully packaged before giving. Custom to give sweets quickly spread over Europe. To attract buyers to the product, German merchants began to decorate candy with ribbons, bright fabrics, beautiful paper. Gradually, the tradition of creating sweet bouquets conquered lovers of needlework around the world.

Sweet design has become a favorite passion of many. Unlike other types of creativity, there are no difficult restrictions, techniques and strict rules. Everything is based on the desire and creative idea of ​​the author.

Here are the main advantages of sweet design.

  • The ability to create original gifts with your own hands, delivering the pleasure of yourself and others.

  • The use of any available materials, designs and techniques in the work.

  • Taste and aesthetic enjoyment gift. Bouquets created in this technique will never be faded and will delight your friends and loved ones long.

What materials can be used?

We will get acquainted with basic materials and tools for a sweater designer.

  1. Corrugated paper of Italian production density 180 and 140 g / m2. Its unique properties stretch and take the right form allow you to create amazing things. Colors and shades of paper set, which gives huge opportunities for work. Material for sale on floral bases and in needlework stores. It is important not to confuse corrugated and conventional fastener paper from stationery. To create compositions, it will not fit.

  2. Wooden spanks and toothpicks. Used to make flowers stems, decorative parts in compositions.

  3. DRUT – Floral Wire. It is used to create flexible stalks and leaves of plants, frames for bouquets. The most comfortable wire with a thickness of 1.2 mm. It is withstanding the weight of large candies and nits well. A friend is sold in the store for florists. Replace the floristic wire if necessary, you can on any available.

  4. Adhesive thermopystole. Quickly and reliably gluits the details. Glue does not smell and safe for food. Tools and glue rods to it are sold in the “Fasteners”, “Electrical Supplies” departments, in building supermarkets and needlework stores.

  5. Glue. For some work, you need to use the Glue “Titan”, “Moment Crystal”, adhesive pencil.

  6. Construction foam or penplex. Material is needed to create the basis of compositions. It is easily glued, the parts on the skewers and the wire, in contrast to the usual ball foam plastic. For sale Penoplex in the construction departments. I can replace it with mounting foam. It will come in handy for creating volumetric figure compositions.

  7. Scissors, nippers, awl, stationery knife should be at hand. Create tweezers and round bugs.

  8. Additional decor: Floral organza, felt, sisal, beads, rhinestones, artificial berries, twigs, leaves.

  9. Candies. To work more often use candy round or domestic form: “Autumn Waltz”, “Korkunov”, “Evening ringing”, “Martian”, “Golden Lilia”, “Raffaello”.

Creating songs with your own hands

Please be the first works you can love friends and relatives. Affordable start-up workshops will help to gradually create unusual sweet gifts for any holidays.

For the day of lovers

Excellent gift to your beloved person – Sweet heart. To create a present my own hands, you will need:

  • Heart template+

  • Penoplex thickness 3-5 cm+

  • Corrugated paper of red, white and green colors+

  • candies+

  • Sucks+

  • Gold brain width 1 cm+

  • Floral White Film+

  • Thermopystole+

  • scissors+

  • stationery knife+

  • Flomaster.

Stages of work.

  • We make the foundation. Heart template Combine on felt-tip penplex sheet. Gently cut out the workpiece by the stationery knife.

  • We glue white paper, slightly stretched, on one side of the base, bent down the edge. Purchase the other side of the work with red paper.

  • White paper gently glue the edge of the heart. In the same way glit the edge of the red paper. I carefully connect and press the edge. For the decor, sidewall cut off a paper strip 1.5 division and long over the perimeter of the heart. We glue the strip on the sides of the product

  • Gently convert the edge of the paper and stretch slightly, creating a beautiful wave.

  • Heart ready. Getting to create roses. Cut 3 rectangles 1.5 of the division of corrugations and 10, 12 and 15 cm long.

  • In each cut the petals and spin their edges.

  • We apply glue to the edge of the petals and connect them into the ring. So do with all the billets.

  • For a middle of a rose, cut out 3 separate petals 1.5 paper fission and 4 cm wide.

  • Give the petals natural shape – we stretch slightly, and the ends are spinning, winding on the toothpick.

  • Candy fix thermoclaim to toothpick, removing acute end.

  • We apply glue on the petals, and glit them on the base of candy.

  • We glue from the top of the flower with candy alternate rings made of petals. Fix the workpieces so that the petals are located in a checker order.

  • From green paper cut out cup.

  • We glue them to rose and tey the leg of a strip of corrugated paper width 1 cm.

  • The first rose is ready. We make the remaining flowers, distribute along the composition ranging from the corner of the heart. Sticking them to the base, fixing on a drip of glue.

  • We do pounders to fill empty space. Squares from the film we turn on the diagonal and bend again. The resulting triangles stick to half the toothpicks and insert into the heart.

  • Create bows on the toothpicks and decorate their work.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ready.

For new year

Ideas for creating gifts with your own hands in the technique of a sweater design for New Year holidays set.

  • Compositions in Hat Boxes.

  • In baskets.

  • Gift sets with chocolate and champagne.

  • In the Christmas balls.

  • In purse.

  • Cornucopia.

  • Clock.

  • New Year’s house made of candy “Raffaello”.

  • Santia Santa Claus.

  • Manual bouquets.

New Year’s work sweater designers the most picturesque. Any brave fantasy and diverse decor are welcome here. Golden and silver tinsel, christmas toys, bumps, cinnamon sticks and badyana sprockets, nuts, tangerines, artificial sprigs of needles – Everything is useful for creating a sweet masterpiece.

Make a sweet greeting you can man on February 23. Lovers of sweets can be presented:

  • Bouquet of bactochikov+

  • Steering wheel from candy+

  • Sets with coffee and tea+

  • with brandy+

  • composition in the form of a male shirt.

You can create a thematic gift.

  • Sports lovers will delight the Golden Giray of Candies.

  • The original tool from candy will surprise the musician.

  • Chest with marine treasures – Fisherman.

  • Ship – Sailor or Traveler.

Women will be delighted, receiving a sweet bouquet for a holiday.

  • Heart will warm after a long winter basket of gentle snowdrops.

  • Please fragile tulips.

  • Enrasing sunny daffodils.

  • Emighty graceful calla.

For teacher’s day

Congratulate your favorite teachers can be a box of candy decorated in the form of a class magazine

  • You can give a set of candies in the form of a stylish portfolio.

  • Make colorful decoration cans coffee flowers.

  • Present a beautifully decorated jar of tea.

  • Hand bright and lush autumn bouquet.

Children’s compositions will be assessed by children. Give birthday women Bouquet of kinder surprises, Chupa chups, boxes with flowers and toys.

Step-by-step master class will help you make a gift for a child of a cute hedgehog.

You will need:

  • Penoplex thickness 10 cm+

  • knife+

  • scissors+

  • Thermopystole+

  • Corrugated paper+

  • organza+

  • Toothpick+

  • candies.

Let’s start work.

  1. Create a hedgehog torso. On a piece of fasteners, we draw a “droplet”. Gently cut out the knife too much, and spin the corners of the base. Nose and sides of the hedgehog weer with sandpaper. Purchase the hedgehog corrugated paper

  2. We make needles for the hedgehog. Their role is performed by pounders from organza. The squares of the material we turn in the method known to you and secure glue on the toothpick. Ready panties decorate work.

  3. We make a treat. We glue candies on toothpicks, pinping glue on the inside of the phantha. Preparing a bright decor on a wire: Apples, mushrooms. Insert decorations and sweets, evenly distributed on the back of the hedgehog.

  4. Enliven forest guest. Glit to the muzzle plastic eyes, draw paint eyebrows. Forest guest is ready to go for a holiday.

In the next video, the master class is presented in more detail.

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