All for decoupage: List of materials and selection tips

All for decoupage: List of materials and selection tips

Today, quite a lot of people are engaged in various types of creativity. Among them should be noted and such art as decoupage.

What it is?

Decoupage is a very ancient technique. It is based on the decoration of various items and surfaces using different materials, such as tissues or colored paper, or other infrid materials. This technique has appeared in the Middle Ages. However, as an art, she was first mentioned in the XV century, in Germany.

Decoupage in the XVII century in Venice became really popular. At this time, there was a fairly popular furniture, which were decorated with patterns with Japanese or Chinese motifs. And since such art was not available to everyone, then the masters have learned to make various imitation using for this blowing materials. They were simply glued on the furniture, which looked no less beautiful than originals.

However, with the help of decoupage, it is also possible to decorate not only furniture, but also whole rooms, which was very popular in the XVIII century in England. And in this way it was possible to make a picture that would look like a real canvas written by oil paints.

There are several decoupage techniques.

  • Volume. Most often used to paint the box, bottles or even eggs. Here often use, except paper, also buttons, ribbons or even broken glass. Using this technique, make Christmas toys.
  • Classical. This technique is most often used by newcomers. Here are used ordinary napkins, which are glued to the surface in any way, and then covered with varnish.
  • Deopatch. Knowing such a technique, you can turn the usual subject to a beautiful painted product. Most often, a thin paper is taken for her, which is either cut, or rushes into small pieces. Then the entire surface of the selected subject is decorated with their help. As a result, everything is covered with varnish.
  • Inverse. In this case, all the drawings are applied on the reverse side of any transparent surface. In this way, you can calculate plates or bottles.
  • Art. This technique is most often used for wooden surfaces, which allows the figure to combine smoothly with the selected surface.

What tools are needed?

It is very important to choose to choose the tools for decoupage, especially this is important for beginner masters. After all, from their choice will be largely dependent and how much this passion is captured in the life of a creative person. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase several tools.

  • Tassels with synthetic fiber. Several of them should be wider so that you can apply primer. It is best to take one number 10, and the second number 20. And necessarily one should be very thin, for example, No. 2 so that it can be done with its help.
  • Rubber spatula. It will be needed to apply paste or to close small cracks on the workpiece. If for some reason the spatula was not purchased, you can use an old plastic card.
  • Empty paper. It is necessary to buy sheets with various graininess.
  • Sponewings. It is best to acquire foam sponges. However, you can use the usual sponge for washing dishes or even those that are designed for makeup.
  • Palette. It can be purchased in the store or use the usual cardboard for these purposes, which after you can just throw.
  • Various auxiliary tools. Everything will depend on the selected technology. For example, you may need scissors, tap for washing tassels or other necessary tools.

Main materials

No less important is the material for creativity, especially if the decoupage is done at home. It is necessary to approach this issue with particular attention to those who are just starting to do decoupage. To begin with, you need to purchase several basic materials.

  • Motives. Many use napkin motives, as this is one of the cheapest materials. However, it will not work with them. Therefore, for those who do this for the first time, it is better to buy special decoupapable paper. She is a bit more expensive, but in her work it will be easier to attach so that the folds or even holes.
  • Acrylic soil. Some masters simply miss this stage, but it is very important in decoupage, because its use will save on paint, and also make the surface more smooth, which will significantly simplify work in the future. In addition, the primer significantly increases the addition of material and blanks. In addition, it allows you to hide all the defects that are on the surface. Very often white primer use instead of paint.
  • Acrylic paints. When the wizard was already determined, in what color scheme it will work, you can buy paints. However, you should not buy them in large volumes, it is enough to take small jars. In addition, it is not necessary to buy all the necessary colors, because they can be obtained as a result of mixing several already acquired paints. In addition, the process will enjoy, and will also help more sort out shades. For those who cannot quickly decide on their choice, it is best to purchase a whole set of acrylic paints, which can be used in the future.
  • Acrylic varnish. Most likely, no type of decoupage costs without a varnish coating. It is best to choose such what will be placed on a water basis, because it does not have a smell completely, it is well washed off from the brushes used, and also dries. For those who do decoupage for the first time, it is best to take half-one lacquer. Experienced masters choose its glossiness depending on the style of work.
  • Glue. Most often for gluing various motifs use ordinary glue PVA. To find his good quality, you will need to run away and a lot, because the one is sold in ordinary stores, quickly yellowes, and sometimes peels. You should buy exactly the one that is intended for decoupage. In addition, there is such a glue that combines and glue, and varnish.
  • Finish coat. To keep the beautiful picture for a long time, it is necessary to put the finish coating layer at the end of the work. The most common options are peeled shellac with a beautiful glossy effect or satin gel varnish, which turns yellow.

Sets for work in various techniques

Newbies who got carried away by decoupage, it is best to pay attention to the sets that are sold already with everything necessary for a particular technique. For example, the following materials are included in the set for crackering:

  • Crochecle Clay, Approximately 20 milliliters+
  • Decamental glue, Also 20 milliliters+
  • acrylic paints, most often glossy + here include four main colors, which, if necessary, you can mix and get the desired shade – it’s blue, red, white and yellow.

    In addition, for those who want to paint a plate, you can also buy a set. It will include everything necessary, namely:

    • Glass plate+
    • Map for decouphage+
    • Several tassel+
    • glue.

    Useful selection tips

    Many masters use various little things for decoupage, namely:

    • ordinary glass bottles+
    • Boxes from under cookies, which for some reason were not thrown out+
    • Old caskets, dusting in the attic+
    • Other household items requiring from the owners of the second life.

    However, not every person has it. In this case, you can buy Already ready-made billets, which granted a large number. In addition, they can be made of different material. Most often inexperienced specialists are recommended to be purchased to start a box.

    Buying the best billets that have smooth surfaces. Indeed, in this case, it will be much easier to stick a napkin, which means that the process will pass the first time, and will not push.

    When choosing napkins for decoupage, preference must be given to three-layer. But the drawing can be chosen at its discretion. The main thing is that it approaches not only in style, but also in the image. For example, for things in an old style you can pick up napkins with neutral motifs.

    For those who prefer modernity, they need to take with more abstract drawings. And also is of great importance and color of napkins to buy in one color scheme with selected product background. In addition, all materials need to take good quality in order to further avoid any problems.

              Deciding to take decoupage, Be sure to first be familiar with all the features of various techniques. When the choice will be made, you need to pick up all the materials and tools that will be needed, and only after that proceed to work.

              Do not despair if the first time it does not work, you need to try again. After all, such a passion allows you to give a favorite or native person the subject made by your own hands, which will be invested all the best.

              Overview of all necessary for decoupage is presented in the following video.

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