All you need to know about Latin dance

All you need to know about Latin dance

The art of dance came to us for a long time, today there are a variety of styles that are very popular. Dances can pass their mood, express a variety of feelings and just get the maximum pleasure. Latina style is one of the most passionate, sensual and expressive, all movements are deposited and full of incredible energy. Your attention is offered a more detailed acquaintance with this direction in dance art.

Pros and cons

Latin dances can be attributed to one of the most emotional and brave, with the help of classes can be liberated, reveal yourself and get a huge charge of energy, despite the fact that it will take a lot of strength. This direction is in great demand in world competitions and competitions. It should be noted that their versatile and diversity are the main advantages of Latin dances. Some of them are sensual, full of romance, and others – more relaxed and require courage from performers. As for the minuses, there are practically no of them, because the dance is a manifestation of themselves, the emission of energy through beautiful movements under stunning music.

Some mistakenly believe that Latin style is vulgar, but it should be noted that it all depends on the dancers, besides, the depth can be revealed, only plunging into the history of this art. This direction can be considered one of the most popular, as it is an integral part of dance battles in various countries.

Types and basic movements

If you decide to engage in Latin American dances, you should start doing this step by step, but the first thing you need to choose a subspecies, because Latina has a lot of trends.


This dance is familiar to many, he takes his beginning in Brazil, where for many decades for many decades is organized one of the most large-scale carnavals, which lovers from around the world come. Initially, the samba was a dance of slaves, so the movements were very frank, but it did not stop the popularization of movements. You can say with confidence that this is a combination of the dancing of African settlers of the Brazilian land.

Cha-cha cha

Surely, everyone who in childhood attended dance classes, learned this flirty dance that reminds the game between partners. His story began two more centuries ago in Cuba.

A bright element that distinguishes this direction from others is the alternation of fast and slow rhythms, most movements focuses on swaying hips, it is really beautiful and attractive.


Dance thirst for freedom from captivity, in it many movements transmitting love. Characteristic feature of Rumba are circular motions by the case, with time sex elements began to appear in it. The origins of the dance also go from Cuba, however, there is an intersection of Spain. The peculiarity is that the partner is trying to touch his nippers, the latter, in turn, avoids it in every way, so Rumba looks like a love game. Some compare this dance with tango, and it has three varieties.


Perhaps this is one of the fastest and most energetic dances, which refers to the Latin American program. He originated two centuries ago, some believe that the creators were the Indians, others adhere to the opinions that this is an idea of ​​African emigrants. You can say with confidence that The dance uses rock and roll elements.


This is a Spanish version of the Latina, the movements of which resemble the fight with bulls. As a participant, brave baroiro acts, whose partner depicts the very red cape that annoys. Pasadobl has some differences that allocate it among other destinations. We are talking about the position of the case of dancers: shoulders must be omitted, and the chest is raised, while driving the head is almost fixed. Some elements were borrowed from Flamenco.


This dance can be safely attributed to the club themes, as it is the “king” among the Latin dances. His story of Salsa takes at the beginning of the last century in Cuba, an interesting name is translated as “sauce”, as the customs of Latin and Central America are mixed here. This is one of the subspecies of Latin American dance, which is also divided into several types depending on the elements performed.


It was in the Dominican Republic for the first time invented this energetic and bright style. Dancers put on many decorations, carry out active circular movements of the hips, rotate the case and rhythmically shrugged at an accelerated pace. Partners must be in an embrace, so it looks quite intimate and erotic.


This direction is Cuban roots, which their history goes to the ancient rites. The first changes in Mambo were made in the 40th, when jazz united with Afro-Cuban rhythms.

This dance today is popular around the world, it can be performed not only in a pair, but even a solo or large group, so even more fun and spectacular.


From the club Latina it is one of the most romantic directions that appeared in the Dominican Republic. To learn how to move correctly in one or another Latin American style, you just need to start attending lessons and watch master classes, repeating the teachers. Here is important not so technique as a great desire and energy, and professionalism will come after. It should be noted that Latina is beautiful in that it is suitable for both adults and for children, especially those who plan to perform at competitions, because without these dances, not a single competition of ball art.

Choosing clothes

This is an important task that needs to be solved with the right approach. Clothes, like shoes, must meet certain parameters. Of course, the costume must be convenient not to shoot movies and provide comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the fabric is quite elastic, and it passes the air and can absorb moisture. As for the shoes, it is important that the size is yours, otherwise you will not be able to do long. Practicality matters, besides, clothing for dances is worn often, and during classes you have to sweat, so the costumes will need to be erased. Make sure the fabric is not deformed, does not lose color and not stretch.

As for the appearance, everything is individually here, the main thing is that the suit is beautifully sitting on the figure, emphasized the merits and guaranteed a good mood during classes. In addition, judges pay special attention to the presentability and appearance of the participant.

You can consider several fabric options that deserve trust in the selection of a suit for Latin American dance. A good choice for a child during training will be a product, which contains up to 80% natural fiber. In class you can do with cotton T-shirts, especially if you do not plan to professionally dancing, but do it just for your own pleasure.

As for lycra, it is used to sewing suits for professional dancers. Such products are thin, which allows them to beautifully facilitate the figure. This is an elastic material that does not shine movements and is not stretched with long-term operation. Of course, on the market you can find a wide selection of clothing, so it is necessary to study quality, strength and reliability to take the right decision.

To perform girls you need a dress, and their partners are special pants and shirt.

The choice of shoes also plays an important role, the technique of movements and comfort depends on. Here are some recommendations that will help implement the right purchase. For Latin American dances there are special shoes. Newbies it is better to use Czech to learn to put the leg and not worry about your own security. But for the development of professional skills, it is better to switch to high-quality heel shoes (for women), who have a sole of genuine leather. Shoes should not slide, heel – low, steady, and size – perfect suitable. Men also have shoes with a slight rise, you should choose quality, reliability and durability.

Tips for beginners

To learn to dance, it is not necessary to go to the studio, especially if it is not in your city. Learning from scratch can be started at home, looking at workshops, which are quite a lot on the Internet. If you have a desire and you set you a goal that is ready to achieve, then everything will definitely. Many are worried about physical unpreparedness, but it is not necessary to learn complex movements, you can begin with the simplest thing that the body began to get used to, and muscles develop. First of all, you need to decide on the type of Latin American dance, so as not to learn the mixed elements. Of course, the presence of suitable shoes and clothes will be welcomed.

Experts recommend to start learning from Cha-Cha Chac, after which you can go to Pasodoble or Rumba. Of course, you will need free time and place to learn movements. Choose the thematic music that you like: it will inspire move everything closer to its goal. Constancy plays an important role, it is thanks to him that it is possible to work turns, learn to manage the case and increase your own skills. Do not worry if you do not have a partner, you can start yourself, and after finding a like-minded to enjoy the dance in a pair. If you want to do this at a more professional level, look for an experienced specialist who will not just show movements, but will correct you, correct mistakes and help to master the Latin.

How to learn the basic movements of the Latin American dance, look in the following video.

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