Beaded Money Tree: Description and Features of Manufacture

Beaded Money Tree: Description and Features of Manufacture

Money tree is considered a symbol of wealth and well-being. Made with your own hands, absorbed the energetics of the creator, it becomes a real faith. This is a wonderful talisman that can be given to your family and loved ones.


In accordance with the postulates of Fengsui, a monetary tree posted in a strictly defined zone of the apartment, it can really attract wealth and improve the financial position of its owner. In such a product, 10 twigs and 10 coins must be attended. Why is the money tree of bead so popular? Materials for its manufacture are available. Beads can be bought at any needlework. The color scheme can be so diverse that it will be possible to create a very beautiful thing with minimal cost. Plus, your souvenir will always be unique and exclusive.

Before proceeding with work, you need to decide on the future type of talisman, its size, color. There are a lot of options: a large tree or mini-version, monophonic or using several colors beads. Beading does not require bustle. It acts on us soothing.

Creating a gradually twig after a branch, get a true pleasure from the work done.

Necessary materials

To begin with, collect everything you need for weaving: Material and inventory. You can create a list (in order to not forget anything) and go to a specialized store. It will take the following.

  • Wire. It will be the basis of branches and leaves. Pay attention to its quality and diameter. Too thick can be used in the manufacture of the central trunk. For the twigs, it is necessary to thin so that you can ride it beads and attach smooth bends and forms.
  • Beads. It all depends on taste and preferences: whether you want the tree to be made in one color, with smooth gradient transitions or with contrasting engagement? No less interesting option in gold, which looks luxurious. The size of the material depends on the manufacturer: if this is China, then you need the 12th size, if the Czech Republic is 10th. You can combine in one souvenir not only beads, but also a slim glass.
  • Coins. They should have holes so that they can be consolidated on the branches, so special Chinese coins are perfect, which are already equipped with holes. The use of ordinary coins we use in everyday life (1 or 50 kopecks rated) are not rebiring, but the holes are quite problematic in them. If you decide to such an option, it will most easily attach this mandatory souvenir component with a glue gun.
  • Gypsum and PVA glue. Mixed in equal proportions, they become a powerful and durable basis for the future.
  • Floral tape, To fasten branch bundles. It can be replaced by the usual wide adhesive.
  • Flower. Pay attention to its height. Money tree will be spectacularly looked in containers with low edges. Deep kashpo for this are unsuitable.
  • Brush, acrylic paint.
  • Varnish for giving a shine trunk.

How to make a tree?

Step-by-step instructions will help you make your own hands a very beautiful decor element. Master class is simple, you will easily cope with work. If you first started with beadwork, try to first make a small tree. So you will understand all the features and subtleties of the process.


Cut the wire of golden colors on a length of 30 cm long. You can use copper. Retreat from the edge of 2-4 cm, we ride beads so that it covers 2 cm wire. Next, twist the resulting area in the loop, taking it 3-4 turns. Retreating 1.5 cm, form a new loop. To weave faster, dial enough wire sufficient for one branch.

After you get 5 leaves, fasten a coin. To do this, we ride 7-10 beads, we draw wire into the hole of the coin and again the same amount of beads so that it turns out to be in the middle. Making loops. Now you need to do 5 loops again, as in the initial stage of work. As a result, one branch represents 11 elements in the middle – a sheet with a coin. To get a full-fledged branch, we fold the workpiece in half (a sheet with a coin in the middle), twist the loops with each other. The position of the leaves is opposite each other. As a result, it turns out an element resembling eights located on one wire.

For the same principle, you need to make two more workpieces, but already without coins, and tie them into one bundle using a floral tape of the leukoplasty. Do not try to make perfectly smooth surface, better if folds are formed in separate places. So you will create a wood crown imitation, which will then cover the brown or gold acrylic paint. If you want the base of branch branches to be more powerful, use additional wire, larger diameter to which attach the blanks.

It should be 24 branches with coins, 48 ​​- without it. Bundles consisting of three shoots again connect to more powerful elements so that it turns out 8 major parts. Likements made in this method look easily and air.

If you need a more dense texture, a little change the nature of the weaving.

Type 8 bispers and make a loop, fixing it with one turn. Now you need to create a second series. Their amount depends on how much you want to make a tight leaf. We carry out so 2 or 3 rows, each of which is both attached to one turn. The last row ends with twisting wire in a twig. Pay attention to the size of such leaves. Souvenir will look harmonious if the sizes of coins and leaves will be almost the same. In this option, the coins are attached simply on wire with a glue gun.

Do not forget about the color combination: golden beads emphasizes the shine of yellow coins, white – silver.

Green branches will look more spectacular if used green and yellowish beads. The more you make branches, the thick and richer will be your money tree.


After you have made branches, proceed to the assembly of the tree and the creation of the trunk. Simple simple. Cut a piece of thick wire with a length of 30 cm, we tying the leukoplasty ready for it at different heights. Avoid symmetry, create folds so that the finished product look more realistic. Bottom end of the wire. Generate to form a large loop.

Cooking a mixture of building gypsum and plow glue. The components take equal proportions: one tablespoon. Please note that such a composition is very quickly thick, so I do not dissolve it immediately in large volumes. Fix the tree in a blue, emptiness can be partially filled with toilet paper. Flip the mixture. With its help you can additionally give the Krone texture, output some kind of roots in the bottom. In this form, we leave our souvenir for drying.

A mixture of glue and gypsum can be replaced by alabaster. After it dries, take the usual gauze or bandage, dip in a more liquid solution of the building mixture and make a textured base. March will easily stick, and the folds will look natural and texture.

Options for registration

To staining proceed when the whole billet is completely dry. Barrel color can be both brown and gold. If you choose on brown guaashi, it will be necessary to cover it with varnish. It will fix the paint and give the “crust” a spectacular gloss. Final stage – Additional decor and foundation. Place the coins in the roots, consolidating them in chaotic order by the adhesive gun.

On the trunk or pot, we draw a red ribbon. She is also a symbol of wealth.

The base optionally serves a row. You can do without it. As an option – the use of a cardboard tube to which the food film or foil is wounds. Cut it on rings of different diameter: from 1 to 4 cm. Make 4 such cardboard rings. They need to build steps. To make the places of the joints more aesthetically, remove part of the ring so that it remains a little more than half. Such arcs are comfortable to fasten each other, forming a staircase. The biggest ring is left unchanged.

Billets fasten at their foundation by a leuccoplasty or a gun with hot glue. We form the steps so that they go under a slight bend. We take a small cardboard box, install a tree and steps into it. Gently pour alabastrom. After the mixture is dry, we remove the box. It turns out a peculiar platform with steps, which can be decorated at its discretion: paint, scatter coins or beads, lay artificial moss, shells, beads, and t. NS. We put the branches in such a way that the coins are slightly hung, and not in a strictly vertical position.

There is no special requirements for the color scheme of money – you can make it even in blue-blue or soft pink colors.

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