Corrugated paper manufacturing technology

Corrugated paper manufacturing technology

Creating Topiaria – the matter is very interesting. To make such a decorative tree of corrugated paper, it will be necessary, it will be necessary, because this work is quite painstaking. But the result obtained will fully pay off the time. Corrugated paper topiary will decorate the room, such a decorative composition is suitable as a gift for any celebration.

What you need?

For the construction of Topiaria, certain materials and tools are needed.

  • Pot. As a vase for a tree, it is not necessary to use only flower pots – for this purpose there will be any capacity from ceramics or plastic, as well as disposable dishes. It is desirable that the pot size is less than a ball, otherwise the composition will look less aesthetic.
  • Ball. It can be purchased in a specialized needlework store or make independent newspapers, soft paper, papier-mache and other suitable items.
  • Trunk. For the trunk you can choose any branch of the original shape or a conventional pencil, sushi chopsticks or thick wire.
  • Adhesive gun with rods. You can work using superchalter or PVA, but experienced craftsmen are recommended to give preference to the adhesive gun.
  • Decorations for decoration composition. The decor uses various beads, rhinestones, dried flowers, as well as sisal and other technicians.

And also need to have a scissor, tape, thread and needle, decorative twine at hand.

How to make it yourself?

Create a beautiful topiciary from corrugated in power even newcomer.

Master class for beginners will allow you to make a simple design. Detailed instructions on the process of work will be very by the way. Step-by-step fulfillment of these actions will be the key to successful work.

Typiracies usually have a round shape, but you can give the design any non-standard form. For example, a heart-shaped product is suitable for a gift for the day of all lovers, on March 8 or a birthday. Heart can be made of corrugated paper, use for decoration of coffee grain and much more. Inside, you can leave a place for a photo.

Very beautiful, topiary from corrugated paper. It will be organically to look in this case of roses, peonies and any other flowers.

To make the village of happiness from corrugations yourself, you need to prepare the necessary materials and tools. To work, you will need a bowl of foam or foam rubber in size of 12-15 cm. And also need corrugated paper. You can choose one or more colors of corrugations depending on what is the initial idea.

It looks great for combinations of contrasting colors, but no less interesting will be the choice of gentle, pastel shades.

The most important point when building Topiaria is the formation of its basis. She must be a neat smooth ball. It is desirable that the design is absolutely smooth. If there is no possibility or desire to use the store of the ball, you can make it yourself.

The basis can be made of paper or newspapers, which are tightly folded in the form of a bowl and wrapped with threads moistened with PVA glue.

To dry out the product, it must be left for graze for a few days.

If there is no desire to wait for so long, you can choose to make a ball another way. For this purpose, the mounting foam is used. To make a ball, you need to take a balloon and inflated it a little. Then insert the tube into the hole and plane the mounting foam into the ball. After 12 o’clock the foam is frozen, the air ball is removed from a spherical basis.

After preparing the basis, you need to fix the stalk in the pot. To the stem held well, the alabaster mixture is poured into the vase, they fix the stem and wait 5-10 minutes, until the mixture is free.

In order to make topiary from corrugated, you need to perform several consecutive actions.

  • Take a roll of corrugated paper and cut the strips with a width of about 5 cm. The length of such a strip should be about 60 cm. Such bands should be 60-80 pieces. When using two paper shades, it is better to prepare 30 pieces of strips of different colors.
  • Every strip twisted in a certain way, giving it a kind of rose. When twisting, you do not need to strongly pull the tape – the bud must be loose.
  • It is necessary to twist in this way all the remaining strips of corrugated.
  • Each resulting bud should be tightened slightly and fix the thread. The tip of the flower is better cut to the thread.
  • There is a mark on the site of fastening the trunk. It is also recommended to place the ball itself and enclosed it with the obtained bud. You can glue flowers chaotically either in a certain order according to the scheme. It is advisable to glue buds so that they fit tightly to each other without leaving empty space. Work is better to start from the bottom of the ball and continue to the top.
  • At the place of marks attach the trunk. It is possible to do this before the start of the ball is started or after. As a trunk, you can use wands for sushi, which gently turn into one layer of decorative ramp. The thread is wrapped not to the end, leaving 2-3 cm for fixing in a bowl.
  • It’s time to put a tree in a vase. This can be done using floral foam, use cement or alabaster. When using cement or alabaster, it is necessary to prepare a solution, kneading a dry mixture with water to a state of thick sour cream. The resulting mixture is poured into the pot, the stem is inserted and, holding in this position, wait until the mixture will not freeze. Time for frozen is about 10 minutes, depending on the composition of the mixture.
  • At the final stage, the tree should be decorated. Surface pot can be covered with decorative grass, moss or pebbles. Looks very good in this case sisal. For decor, satin ribbons, beads, lace.

From corrugated paper you can make a variety of flowers. Novice and even children can try to make topiary from tulips. In order for tulips well to keep shape, use ordinary disposable spoons.

To make one tulip, you need to take 5 disposable spoons. It can be small teaspoons or cutlery. The size of the flower will depend on their magnitude.

Often use both options that allows you to get a bouquet of tulips of different sizes.

It is necessary to take corrugated paper and cut it with squares with a side of 8-10 cm depending on the size of the table appliance. On each square put a spoon and wrapping the corner from above, begin to wrap on each side inside, dropping to the leg. In this way, all 5 spoons are turned around to get tulip petals. Wrapped spoons are laid in the form of bud and fixed at the bottom of the flower.

At the final stage you need to make a tulip leaflets that cut from corrugated paper of green. Small tulips can be fixed on the basis of non-standard form, or by placing a bouquet in a bouquet or a basket.

Such a composition looks very gentle and original.

Recently, “edible” topiaries, for which not only decorative elements, but also food, for example, candy are used. Such a “edible” village will be the original gift for any holiday, it will decorate the party.

Variants from corrugated colors and candies make it a bit more complicated, but, adhering to instructions, you can make such a creation.

To make the “edible” topiary with poppies, you need to follow the following plan:

  • take candy and put it on wire+
  • From a piece of corrugated green color to make a fringe+
  • On the bottom of the fringe you need to apply glue and enclose the candy+
  • Using corrugated red paper, cut rectangles 4×5 cm+
  • scissors give rectangles forms of droplets+
  • Enclosure the workpiece with the resulting petals+
  • After the manufacture of several poppies should be inserted into the ball from the foam, leaving the place for the crown.

After the tree make in the usual way. For this, the metal wire or wand turns into a satin ribbon or decorative harness and insert into the ball. Alabaster solution is poured into the pot, fix the stem and wait for the frozen. As soon as the foundation thickens, proceed to decorating the design.

It looks good as a separate church and a composition of several products. It is desirable that the village will be different in height or form, as well as the volume. In this case, the composition will look most organically. A composition consisting of 3 trees will be very original, which are installed in a separate pot or other ass.

Beautiful examples

To create Topiaria, the same principle is used. The main role in this is played design and selected material. Work on the manufacture of colors-blanks is quite painstaking, but the result will delight for a long time.

Often, crafts from flowers choose the bride as a bouquet. In this case, they only use the crown. Such bouquets look very unusual and attractive.

Only manifesting fantasy, you can create amazing crafts that will decorate the interior or emphasize the subject of a certain celebration.

The use of a variety of equipment for the manufacture of corrugated colors will make it possible to make a variety of Topiaria.

Edible Tseva from sweets and corrugated colors will be a pleasant gift sweet to a sweet tool and decorate the room.

About how to make topiary from corrugated paper, see the following video.

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