Crochet in technique Patchwork

Crochet in technique Patchwork

Among the various types of needlework, Patchwork has been extremely popular. From English Title is translated as “Working with Clamps”. However, there is a knitted patchwork when the product consists of multicolored patchwork. It is made with a knitting crochet or knitting needles. Initially, this method was used so that the remains of the yarn would not disappear.


Master the patchwork crochet much easier than patchwork. At the same time knitting has some important subtleties. Need to prepare yarn. Either specially purchase it in the store for needlework, or take the remnants of other works.

It is advisable to knit a thing from one type of thread. When applying different yarn will have to regulate its thickness.

For example, rewind a couple of slim threads in one. Next you need to choose the colors of the future product. They depend only on fantasy and personal preferences. After training, the yarn must independently develop a scheme of things. You can find the desired option on the Internet, a special book or magazine.

Sometimes craftsmen knit motifs from the remaining yarn. When the required number of items will be ready, it remains to be connected to one. However, first the motives need to be processed. Now the needlework in the style of Patchwork is engaged in many ladies and men. They create diagrams and apply different threads. Handicraft in the style of Patchwork allows you to make a lot of original things.

Thanks to patchwork knitting, you can create bedspreads, pillows, dresses, tunics and other things.


To make unusual masterpieces, you need the usual set of knitters. It includes hooks, Corkscale needles, Portnovsky and English pins. Additionally, you will need scissors to cut threads. After preparing all the necessary, you can start needlework.

What can be connected?

Beginner needlewomen often interest where you can apply a knitted patchwork. It is used almost everywhere. Such needlework can make the interior more cozy. He will allow to give individuality style. After all, a similar thing will not be anymore! Patchwork will bring bright colors. Easy to make a variety of things and even shoes for home.

To understand the universality of knitting techniques, it is worth leading a list of possible masterpieces. All this can be made, having mastered the base of the patchwork:

  • dress+
  • jacket+
  • vest+
  • Tunic+
  • cover+
  • plaid+
  • blanket+
  • Curtain and other.

List of products is infinite. Patchworks are used for the manufacture of original summer coals and bags. Now have become common knitted covers for tablets, children’s toys, wallets and book covers. Novice craftsmen are recommended to start with the creation of a tablecloth. As the technique of technology, Patchworks can be moved to more complex things.

To create a particular product will be required Various yarn. For home shoes, combined threads are suitable. Yarn consists of 50% of wool and 50% acrylic. It is the warmest, easy and very pleasant to the touch. Cotton threads are used for bags, curtains, toys and tablecloths. They are distinguished by the lack of villi and beautiful texture. Cotton yarn will be perfect for the manufacture of summer things. Things from her perfectly pass the air, giving the body to breathe.

Work description

If desired, learn to knit patchwork can each. For convenience, it is worth telling about the technology of knitting step by step.

All elements should be given the desired shape based on the pattern. Heat, water and steam will help to cope with the task.

Careful treatment is a very important stage in the work on the masterpiece. The product acquires a neat look, and the loops are aligned.

There are several ways to process motifs. All of them are described in detailed instructions for beginners.

  1. For delicate and synthetic yarn, spraying is used. It is necessary to push the element on the ironing board with stainless pins. They should have glass heads. Gently smooth out the detail. You can not deform the edges of things and loops. Spray the product from the spray. Leave in a stretched position to dry. Remove pins. Detail is ready to use.
  2. Threads made of cotton and wool better processing steam. The method is not much different from the previous. Plot element to ironing board with an invalid up. Sip the motive with iron, trying not to concern them the most details. If the element needs to be rejuvenated, cover it with a cloth and set the temperature indicated on the packaging of yarn. It is better to take a non-blocking material. When the item dries, remove the pins.
  3. For natural yarns, a wet method is usually used. He is somewhat more complicated spraying and sweeping. Omit. Its temperature is indicated on the packaging of yarn. Get an element from the water and delicately squeeze. No need to unscrew and stretch the part. Disperse on the towel and twist into the roll to get rid of excess moisture. Expand towel and pinch element on ironing board pins. Then it will turn out to give it the desired shape and size. Wait for drying and remove stainless pins.

After processing knitted parts, you should master the technique of their compound. It seems simple, but in reality there are many methods. They are distinguished by complexity and degree of visibility on the finished product. For assembly things apply hook and special needles. In some cases, you may need spokes.

Hexagons are connected to the pattern, and then in a cozy plaid or bedspread. Details can be associated with special seams, for example, counted. For a detailed study of the methods of connecting the motive there are all sorts of master classes.

The main advantage of mating is considered the opportunity to make different motives. They can be from squares, rhombuses, hexagons and triangles. The most common is the first option. For round items will have to try a lot. Patchwork made of flasks of fabric is inferior to knitted and other. The variety of patterns gives a huge space for creativity.

Grandma Square, African flower and elements with volumetric flowers are more common. You can find a variety of schemes with a ladder. Not all needlewomen know what a combined patchwork is. Some mistakenly think that the product is made of flaps and yarn at once. In fact, things create, using crochet and spokes at the same time. Different types of yarn are used.

Beautiful examples

Having mastered the wisdom of knitted patchwork, many craftsmen do not know which thing to do. The task is complicated by a huge number of options. Therefore, the following are various examples. Among them will be able to find something interesting. If there is no yarn, you can make a thing from unnecessary pieces of fabric.

Patchwork Blanket with a multi-colored pattern “Lestenka”.

Covered from flap for newborns.

Blanket in the technique of patchwork from triangles.

Virtually any material is suitable for creating masterpieces: satin, silk, drape, silk, atlas, knitwear, etc.

Patchwork bedspreads are used to decorate modern interiors. They are decorated in the style of Provence, Minimalism or Country. Ready Art Textile is expensive, so it is better to make a beautiful product yourself.

In the next video you will get acquainted with Knitting Patchwork Plaind Crochet.

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