Description of the needleers and their varieties

Description of the needleers and their varieties

Each craftswoman has many materials for creativity. Most types of needlework do not do without needles. However, these devices must be properly stored. To do this, it is recommended to purchase or make beautiful needle programs with your own hands.

What is it and for what you need?

The needle is the so-called needle container. It can be both a familiar pillow, and a more advanced product of an unusual form. His task is one – storing needles in such a way that they are not lost and not spread around the house. This is very important from the point of view of security, because the needle lying on the floor may be interested in a child, pets or family members may come to her.

The needle is not only safe, but also a practical needle storage container. After all, creativity can be different. It’s one thing, if you embroider a picture or exercise a hole, say, in the sock. Here you can afford the slowness, the scrupulous choice of needles.

And completely different, if it is sewn and fitting clothes to order. The speed is very important, and the master chooses the needle, just without looking, focusing on the dexterity of the hands. That is why items should be properly organized to clearly know where and what lies.

Finally, the needlewomen who work with customers at home know that much depends on the first impression. Therefore, any thing in the Cabinet of Master must be beautiful, including the needle. If it’s just a piece of foam rubber, the client may not have a very good impression. But the exquisite thing, which is an addition to the interior, will immediately indicate that the needlewoman has taste.

Organizations and beautiful things in work attract more customers to masters. Yes, and work with such models much more pleasant.

History of appearance

The first needles appeared very long ago. Initially, they were made of paper and fabric matter, which laid out layers. Such vintage devices were found only in the houses of aristocrats, the poor citizens were not available. Later for needleers began to use other materials, the demand for them increased.

The creation of needlenets in the Middle Ages, when the mass spread of embroidery began in Europe, they were engaged in both the masters and the needlewomen themselves. It is noteworthy that then the needleers were not considered an accessory, the invention was playing a purely practical role. Traditional needle girl had a circle or square form. But traditional Chinese options look no less interesting. Such needleers were made by centuries and today have great demand. They are the sphere that eight small Chinese hug on the sides.

Already later, the craftsmen began to understand that the needleers could not only be useful, but also beautiful. They began to decorate ribbons, beads, braid, beads, lace. By the XVIII century, the needles were supplied with a long ribbon with a ring on the end. Scissors attached to this ring. Thus, sewing tools have always been available.

Review of species

To date, there are many options for needleers. They may vary both by manufacturing material and design.

By material manufacturing

Mostly for the production of needles apply the following types of materials.

  • Textile. It can be completely different types of fabrics. Very popular felt models, silk, satin. Velhat is in demand. Often beautiful fabric needles Mastery from Velor, Venelvet, Krepa. Less often used cotton and other types of material.
  • Wood. Wooden needle – this is a real work of art. Such models serve for a very long time and can be performed from a wide variety of wood. However, they need to be protected from high temperatures and moisture.
  • Metal. Needle today can have a metallic basis. For example, iron or steel. And also very popular bronze options for antiquity, products with gold or silver spraying.
  • Porcelain or Fayans. Such crafts find quite difficult, but if you try, it is quite real. Very often porcelain products go white either with blue or blue patterns. Work with such models you need carefully because they are easily fighting.

Sometimes needles can be manufactured from such materials:

  • Cap+
  • Beresta+
  • ceramics+
  • plastic+
  • tin+
  • wool.


Here a variety of already much more. To begin with, it is worth considering the classic models that have proven themselves in recent years.

  • Pillow. This is the easiest and most understandable option that does not lose popularity even today.
  • Biscorn. Very interesting French version, in translation means “curve, uneven”. Despite such an unfounded characteristic, the biscurement looks very cute. There are such needleers from two squares of the fabric, which are superimposed on each other under a special angle.
  • Penibul. This is another french model. It has a heart or triangle shape. Looks pretty beautiful, especially if decorated with ribbons.
  • Zigugu. Square needle, which looks very bulky. Often running with african motifs.
  • Banukotti. Elegant, but very complicated model. Second name – Pile. Performed by folding together 15 tissue squares.
  • Star. Needles in the shape of a star today are as popular as pillows. They are often able to meet both at home and in prestigious sewing workshops.
  • Berling. This model is performed in the shape of a Christmas tree. Sew it is so simple that even those who are with their own hands will be handed over with the task.

Above the main forms of needleers were listed above. However, this list is not limited. There are other product options.

  • Book. A rather unusual need a book form will become an excellent gift for any seamstress. The basis is the basis of cardboard, and inside the soft materials are located. You can decorate such a book in different ways. By the way, a couple of centuries ago, the needle-books were made from ivory and skin.
  • Animals. Lovely little animals love everything, and quite a lot of needlewomen prefers to have a needle in the form of any animal. The most stereotypical option is, of course, the hedgehog. It is interesting and ladybug with many dots on the back, where and to stick needles. More advanced craftswomen can try to make models in the form of a mouse, camel, elephant and other popular animals.
  • Food. This is another sought-after version. Very often you can meet the needles in the form of apples, donut, strawberries, cake, pears and other products. There are also needles in the form of ticking, candy.
  • Flowers. Flower models also look very interesting and cute. You can make a simple chamomile, tulip, chrysanthm.

Such flowers are often decorated with eyes and smile. And you can try yourself in the creation of multilayer roses.

There are still a lot of different designs, for example:

  • dummy+
  • doll+
  • Sun+
  • Casket+
  • Handbag+
  • Hat+
  • Kotelok+
  • Shoe+
  • armchair+
  • leaf+
  • Matryoshka and others.

By the way, very popular now are models on hand. Such needleers wear on the wrist like a bracelet.

It is very convenient for the seamstress, which you need a few needles at once during fitting. And the needles can be magnetic. This is an unusual option, since the needles do not stick into a soft material, and attract it yourself on their own.

Best manufacturers

    Today, needles can be found in any fabric or creativity store. But in the case of purchased options, I always want the products to be high quality. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Some brands have long been proven in this area.

    • Gamma. In the assortment of this manufacturer there are many different unusual needles. Magnetic models and wrist products deserve the greatest attention.
    • Prym. This is another manufacturer, producing needles containers. The choice is quite big. One of the latest new products – a rotating needle-twister.
    • Hobby & Pr. The largest brand for the production of goods for creativity and sewing. Produces both soft and magnetic needles of various shapes and colors.
    • Rto. Russian brand, which is engaged in the production of decorative beautiful needle. Models have a unique shape and design, so it may well be an excellent gift for craftsmen.
    • “Birch”. This company produces very beautiful magnetic needles with a variety of images. There are models with cupcakes, butterflies, birds and other pictures.
    • Ukid Market. In the assortment of this company you can find needles on your hand with a cute design. Most of all buyers like models with cat face and in the form of a large button.

    How to make it yourself?

    Beautiful needla container can be made independently, at home. Consider several master classes to create such crafts.

    Dishwashing sponge

    This is the easiest option that even a child of younger classes can cope with.

    The following items will be needed:

    • postcard (you can buy, but you can take an old one)+
    • sponge for washing dishes+
    • ruler+
    • Scissing+
    • pencil+
    • Glue of any kind.

    The manufacturing process is as follows.

    1. First of all, it is necessary to produce a sponge measurements and write them on a separate sheet.
    2. Then put a postcard on the table and on its inner part we depict a sketchy sponge, given its measurements. In the central zone, blacksmith rectangle, whose sides will correspond to the width and length of the foambone for dishes.
    3. Be sure to consider the height of the side. Most often they are made at the height of the sponge itself. In the upper and side parts, leave a little space for the allowance so that the product can be easily glued.
    4. Edges at the top of the postcard claw, following the lines, then we give well.
    5. We continue to collect a box on the lines. There must be such a model.
    6. After the assembly, we thoroughly sample the craft, wait for the drying of the adhesive composition.
    7. When everything is ready, you can put a sponge into the box. Next will only be used to use the needle. Additionally, it is possible to separate it as desired.

    From banks

    You can take a jar from baby food or cream. Transparent it will be either color, values ​​does not have. We will also need scissors, pencil, cardboard, cigl, scissors, fabric material. You still need to take glue (it will be better if it is a gun), firmware, decor and some soft material.

    Consider the process of making a beautiful needle from banks step by step.

    1. First thing the jar must be thoroughly wash. It also takes it to be cleaned of labels, seeing for a while in hot water.
    2. Then we take the prepared tissue cut and cut the circle from it. The latter should be twice the diameter of the junny donkey.
    3. Then make a circle circle on cardboard. Its size must match the size of the bank.
    4. On the cardboard circle put the soft material, for example, syntheps. Then we cover all this with a fabric circle, we make a stretch with threads so that the synthetone does not fall out.
    5. There should be a small neat pad, which, with the help of glue-gun, you need to attach to the hole of the can.
    6. So that the work looked neatly, turn the jar of the braid, as in the picture. You can additionally decorate with a tape with a ribbon, beads or any other beautiful trifles.

    In the form of a cactus

    The last master class will tell how to make wonderful needles-cacti from felt.

    We take the following items:

    • Sewing supplies+
    • Green shade felt 0.2х0.3 m (need six such flaps)+
    • White paper+
    • Simple pencil+
    • Flomaster+
    • Soft material for internal filling+
    • clothespins (stationery)+
    • Mini Pot for Plants+
    • Decorative pebbles for decoration pot.

    Phased manufacturing looks like this.

    1. We take the paper, pencils draw on it the stencil of the blanks, as in the drawing. Qualitatively supply the edgester steps, cut out with scissors.
    2. Cut need six identical pieces. Next, take two, apply each other and use to fix the pin. Edges coagulate looped seam.
    3. Next, we make two of the same billets. We assign them to each other and connect through the stationery climbers.
    4. Determine the center of the workpiece and processed its line suture. It will be much easier to use Overlock.
    5. Turn over the workpiece, we see 6 equal holes. Fill them with soft material. Bottom sew or close with cardboard.
    6. Put the craft in the pot, fill in the last pebbles and decorating with desire. Beautiful handicraft ready.

    Beautiful examples

    Needleers can be completely different. See various options and inspired by creativity will allow the following photos:

    • Pink Iron+

    • Attractive magnetic model+

    • Embroidered watermelonal slices+

    • Exquisite hat+

    • Craftwork on a wooden basis+

    • Interesting classic pillows+

    • “Appetizing” model in the shape of strawberry+

    • no less “delicious” donut+

    • Sleeper blue needle in the form of a flower+

    • Awesome cans on the basis of jars.

    How to make a needle man do it yourself, look in video.

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