Diamond mosaic technique for beginners

Diamond mosaic technique for beginners

Diamond Mosaic – a new kind of needlework, fascinating, developing prudity and concentration. The workflow is though even a long, but light, even a child will cope with it. Acrylic shiny crystals need to be postponed on the finished pattern in compliance with the color indicated in the scheme. In the article, we will tell about the technique of performing a diamond mosaic for beginners, with the help of step-by-step instructions we will teach the right rhinestone correctly so that fascinating paintings.

What is necessary?

Choosing the image you like, you need to take into account its dimensions, type of calculation and shape of rhinestones. Before proceeding with creativity, you should purchase everything you need and decompose with maximum availability within the workplace.

That’s what you need in the process of work.


Newbie is easier to use the finished web from the set. It already contains a scheme for which embroidery has to be collected. Canvas has an adhesive layer stored using a protective film. Before starting to embroider, remove the film. In the configuration, the canvas can go in a roll or stretched on a subframe. The second option simplifies the preparatory work. In the corner of the base, a peculiar instruction is fixed – “Legend”, which shows the numbers of shades. If during the operation of the canvas is contaminated with vile, it is wiped. In this case, the adhesive layer suffers, so crystalline after cleaning is applied to the canvas already with the help of glue.

Diamonds or rhinestones

Crystals are packaged in bags, and each of them is numbered with color. Numbering is also reflected in the working circuit, which allows you to completely eliminate errors. There are crystals of different sizes and forms, for example, 5D multi-faceted diamonds, contain bulges adding volume and a special gloss of a finished picture. For the performance of specific work, the rhinestones of one format are chosen.

Diamond embroidery tool

This device does not always go to the set, it can be purchased and separately in stores for creativity. It can be a stylus, an applicator, tweezers, a manipulator, a handle working with special glue (Gallert). Need to choose a tool suitable to the form of rhinestones. For example, it is difficult for tweezers to take round diamonds, but are perfectly captured square. And the manipulator can lay 8 crystals at once. For convenience, it is equipped with backlight on LEDs.


If working with one color accounts for a long time, rhinestones are poured out of the bag in a tray or saucer. When the creative process is suitable for the time that requires frequent shift of shades, it is more convenient to use a bead or sorter organicer. They unfold crystals of different colors in individual sections, so they are always at hand and do not mix with each other.


This type of instrument is not the main, without it you can do. The corrector acquires those who like to perform their work with pedantic accuracy. Looks like a device in the form of a wide flat blade, with which the rows of rods are aligned, achieving the ideal definition of the drawing.

Methods of display

Put the picture of diamonds in full or partially. With a complete calculation on the canvas there is no lumen. The canvas looks solid, volumetric, with beautiful glitter.

Partial display, implies a fragmentary arrangement of rhinestones, and the rest of the web is filled with a typographic pattern, a tonal field or embroidery without diamonds. In addition to these differences, there are different methods for applying crystals on the canvas.

  • In bloom. Figure the pattern occurs with the layout of fragments by rhinestones of one color. When they end, start working with another tint.

  • In checkerboard. Alternate diamond rows in this order: the first – even, the second is odd and so on. And then the remaining empty cells are filled.

  • Rows. Begin to lay out the picture from the top row so that they do not rub off and did not lose the glitter of diamonds while working on the subsequent line of crystals.


For those who are interested in fascinating the creation of a diamond mosaic, we offer a master class, which will help make the right calculation, achieving an extraordinary, stunning image. The whole creative process can be divided into three stages – preparatory, work on the mosaic, final (varnishing, design).


The preparation of the canvas, places for creativity, analysis and distribution of tools and material.


If the canvas is not fixed on the subframe, and rolled into the roll, it will have to work with him a little. You can start the layout of the mosaic on an absolutely smooth surface if the web will be slightly converted to the roller storage, rhinestones on the elevations can spike. Therefore, before you start creative process, it is necessary to align the canvas. To this end, it is placed under the press for the whole night. It is more convenient to press the material with thick glass, if it is not, you will have to do other infirred means available in the house.

To speed up alignment, some stroke the canvas iron from the wrong side. In this case, the temperature is set minimum. Keep in mind – the ironing dries the adhesive layer, so it is better to be patient, and align the cloth under the press.


To work it is necessary to find a smooth comfortable place. Carefully remove the litter and dust, wipe the surface dry. From a poorly processed place, pork and dust falls on the adhesive layer of the canvas and complicate work on the mosaic.


Work with very small details. Lighting both natural and artificial should be as appropriate as possible. During the daytime, it is better to settle down at the window. DLa right-handers The light source must be on the left side. Left-handed, on the contrary, it is necessary to sit so that the window is located on the right.

As for artificial lighting, you can use the LED panel with height adjustment and angle of inclination. Or adapt the usual desk lamp.

Tools and materials

When the workplace is prepared, reveal the packaging of a set with component elements. Materials use suitable types of diamonds. They are taken out of bags and unfold in different sections of the organizer, applying license plates. Nearby lay out tools for working with rhinestones. If diamond installation devices should be filled with glue or crystals, they do it immediately before work.

The main stage

When everything you need is assembled and decomposed in step accessibility, you can proceed to the creative process. We will analyze the stages of work.

  • Canvas with a picture lay out on a smooth clean surface. Then disassembled with the numbering indicated on canvas and bags with rhinestones so that you can quickly navigate in the working material.
  • Protective film usually do not immediately spare, Only in the place where work starts, by removing it gradually over each work plot.
  • Using diamond lad out tool Place the crystal on the required cage and fix it by pressing. The deformed rhinestones are not worth it to work, the material in the set comes with a margin, so only high-quality crystals are selected.
  • Having multiple rows, they are poured and pressed For better adhesion with glue using a corrector or ordinary line. Then go to laying the following rows, and so until the mosaic is ready.


At the last stage of work, varnishing should be done, then the crystals are securely fixed on the canvas, and the mosaic will acquire a beautiful finished view. For coating use glossy acrylic varnish or liquid glass. The surface is covered with a thin layer, trying to lacquer not too poured the space between rhinestones.


Baget frames are used as a mosaic framing. It is better to choose simple options so that attention is concentrated in the picture, and not on its design. You can decorate the frame by the remaining rhinestones, but most importantly, do not overdo it, to show moderation and good taste. Glass is used if the mosaic did not pass the stage of varnishing.

 Useful advice

Now let’s talk about secrets that can come in handy in the process of creativity.

  • Pollution on the adhesive layer can be eliminated with a wet bruster.
  • If the sticky base of the canvas could not be kept, you can use the adhesive gun, inflicting the composition for each rhinestone separately.
  • Before the start of work, so that the canvas do not move, it is glued with double-sided scotch for the tabletop.
  • During the installation of the crystal, it is not necessary to put pressure on it, it may be necessary to replace the material until the glue grabbed.

How to collect diamond mosaic, look in video.

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