How to make a needle from the bank?

How to make a needle from the bank?

Any girl sooner or later makes the first steps in sewing. Thanks to the help of mom, grandmother or in labor lessons at school, working with threads and needles, which will be needed throughout life. To at home all the needles were in order and they did not need to look for, you need to have a needle. You can easily meet such products, but they are quite realistic to make them.

    Use jar from meals

    To create a needle, do it yourself best suited jars with a lid. If this cover is spinning, then a variety of little things can be added to the container: threads, bobs, butt, beads, and t. D. The size of the jar for the future needle can be different, like the material itself. The most simple and cheap will be plastic, but it will last long and with time deformed. Can be used and tin cans, but put something inside the product will not work, because there will be no covers that you can remove.

    The most convenient for such work is a glass jar from under children’s food. Needle in this case it turns out neat, not too heavy, roomy and comfortable. To make a crawl, it is necessary to ensure the presence of the following tools and materials:

    • scissors+
    • Small jars with smooth lid+
    • Cardon+
    • Liquid glue+
    • Tight fabric+
    • Threads and needles+
    • Singrytegone for filling the pads for needles+
    • Decor elements.

    The workflow is as follows:

    1. Prepare a jar of baby food, wash it out and dry+
    2. From the cardboard cut circle equal to the diameter of the lid+
    3. Measure a circle on fabric, which will be 1.5-2 cm more than a cardboard part+
    4. Cut fabric harvesting+
    5. needle with threads to start the edges of the fabric, a little seeding them to the center+
    6. In the tissue item to put a synthet board, filling all free space+
    7. Place a cardboard on top of the synthet board and tighten the threads+
    8. The resulting detail is broken+
    9. On the cover from baby food from the outside, put glue and put a tissue portion of the needle+
    10. Once the item dries, you can start decoking the product+
    11. At the edges of the needle, you can sew a beautiful braid, a cut of the tissue of the desired width, decorate them by beads or rhinestones.

    The jar itself can stay transparent, if you like it more, or too decorated. Since jars are small, the most convenient method of decorating is the painting of special paints on glass.

    As soon as the work is over, you can put all the needles in the upper part of the needle, and pour out all sorts of trivia to the container.

    Detailed master class is presented in the video below.

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