How to use a ring lamp?

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How to use a ring lamp?

The ring lamp is put on the lens of the camcorder, but in the presence of knowledge about where it can be installed, some users of smartphones and tablets are committed to using it as a background, but no less efficient lighting.


Purpose of the ring lamp – complement the automatic photo message in cases where the flash power is not enough to cover a large number of people in the dark, but in a dark place.

As an example – Purchased model Divaring LED 240. In addition to the lamp itself, the package also includes:

  • mirror+

  • tripod+

  • Bottling tube+

  • Screwdriver, bolts for mirrors+

  • Camera / Phone / Tablet+

  • diffusers+

  • power unit+

  • remote.

The entire kit is stored in a carrying bag. To build a lamp do the following.

  1. For folding racks loosen the screw on the side.

  2. Slide the three legs (in fact, it’s a tripod). The center with the axis is 10 cm from the floor.

  3. Choose a convenient tripod height.

  4. Install the scattens.

  5. Adjust the tripod under the lamp, weakening the screw.

  6. Put on the lamp on the rack and secure it using this screw.

  7. Connect the power supply to the lamp.

  8. Adjust the brightness using a regular regulator.

  9. Use a flexible tube for changing the position of the ring.

Build completed. Attach the holder to the tripod – for the camcorder or mobile gadget – and insert your device into it. If necessary, install the mirror so that the light does not go up where it is practically not needed.

Craftsmen collect LED assembly independently. You can buy a selfie-tripode to it.

Use when shooting

According to the instructions, the shooting is performed through a large hole, limited to the annular light panel. As a lamp-ring, some use a LED tape with parallel inclusion of LEDs, which can operate even from a simple lithium-ion battery size of 18650, connected via an additional quenching diode.

Slotted photo posts are fixed directly to the camera itself, located around its lens. They have a lower shadow return, since the flash source is located as close to the shooting lens as possible. The flake light flash allows you to create expressive photographs, for example, when shooting a photo model girl. Behind a person who participates in a photo shoot, a colorful shadow halo is created.

Round backlight is ideal for the near shooting of all sorts of trifles that are easy to see in the details. Warm tones and muted light are suitable in the case when macro is made – increased microscopic shooting close-up. The ring lamp is the best substitute for the luminous panel used for promotional purposes.

Ring light running continuously allows you to use the lamp anywhere. Beating lights in the eyes of people narrowing their pupils, why the iris eyes differ in the photo well. The observer will see immediately as the color of each of the captured people’s eyes. Effect of the glare will create a vision of a charming glance.

If the fashion model girl “hides” over the glasses, then the darkened windows will squeeze the outlines of the ring luminaire.

Useful advice

Additional recommendations for the use of ring LED highlightening are as follows.

  1. The annular lamp is suitable for creating an appearance of halo on the head. For example, having reducing the brightness, you can, using the second annular illumination, arrange it on the head of the girl. The resulting effect looks pretty cute – it imitates the crown. By the way, the creators of the Mortal Kombat 11 computer game were used for the actress, playing the role of a character named, a blue LED lamp, and then processed this special effect using game-style software, creating a futuristic image of the “Epoch Lady”. Another character – Jade – has appeared in an updated form: the developers of this series of games have been put on a combat pole not one dozen small LED bulbs-rugs of green glow: also she used brave with the same rings flickering with a strobe frequency.

  2. Ring light is suitable as a campground or “tent” backlight, for example, in cycling. Suspended on the ceiling, it is able to give uniform lighting – as in the room.

  3. Flexible LED rings having a specific length and coated and filling with transparent silicone, tensioned on a smartphone (phone with camera) or on his book book, like a kind of bumper.

  4. The combination of two ring lamps and more allows you to create a LED panel (Likebox).

  5. If the person you capture on the photograph, keeps the LED ring lamp in hand, then use the matte product correctly, To the straight rays do not distort the vision of his face (depends on photo / video settings).

Options for non-traditional use of ring lamps – dozens. Choose anyone – in terms of situation.

Video about how to use a ring lamp, look next.

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