Iris Folding for beginners

Iris Folding for beginners

IRIS Folding is the art of lays out of color strips of paper in a certain order and translated as “Rainbow Folding”. Create unusual pictures in a similar way invented the Dutch in the middle of the last century. Over time, this technique fell to many creative people from different countries. It does not require large investments and special talent, and in the end it turns out the impressive bright handicraft.

Features of technology for beginners

Technique Iris Folding bribes the simplicity of performance, the availability of the material and the beauty of the original picture created by their own hands. Uncomplicated products are subject to even for children 5-6 years old, and as the plots of crafts are complicated. For many adults, fascinating creativity, Iris Folding has become a real hobby.

To create a postcard or panel, you will need templates. They are easy to do themselves, but can be borrowed on the Internet. Next, the image is performed using multi-colored paper tapes laid at an angle in the form of a spiral. For the product, you can choose any type of paper – brilliant, with a velvety base, corrugated or created specifically for equipment Iris. Currently, except for paper stripes, masters use fabric blanks, satin ribbons and skin.

This technique gives the picture more expressive and solid.

The process itself can occur in two ways:

  • After spiral laying, the center remains not filled and stuck with a piece of paper or fabric+
  • In the final version of the middle filled in completely.

Ready drawing are often complemented by other elements of decor – bows, beads, sequins. Apply Techniques Iris Folding for decorating postcards, photo albums, notebooks or creating original paintings to decorate the interior.


You can create a template yourself, for this you will need a pencil and sheet of paper into a cage. Beginner masters it is better to choose a simple understandable shape – square, circle, rectangle, triangle. As an example, take a square and draw a slightly smaller figure in it, then less smaller, and more .. While the whole stencil, like a matryoshka, will not be filled with square figures located one in one. Step between lines can be any – from 10 to 20 mm.

More experienced masters make complex patterns for creating a specific pattern. On such schemes, the procedure for laishing the bands, and sometimes the color of each workpiece is indicated.

Simple master classes

Before proceeding with work, you need to decide on the topic of crafts – New Year’s postcard, wedding congratulation, panel on the wall. Then prepare everything you need for creativity, including a predetermined template and a substrate that helps save the table from cuts by a stationery knife.

For work you will need:

  • Paper of different colors+
  • Background cardboard+
  • scissors+
  • Ruler and pencil+
  • paper clips+
  • Scotch or glue+
  • stationery knife.

Beginner craftsmen we offer to use uncomplicated geometric shapes for creativity. Those to whom they will seem too boring, can choose simple images – Christmas tree, apple, owl, heart.

Step by step appliqué is made in the following way.

  1. Bands of such a length that is listed in the scheme. The width of the strip must be 2.5 times the specified step. We should not forget about the allowance – it must be done by 2 centimeters from all sides.
  2. Cut stripes fold halfway over the entire length.
  3. It’s time to prepare the basis. Background cardboard bends in half, in the form of a postcard.
  4. Using a template, the stationery knife is cut into a figure, for example, a circle or heart. To cut neatly, without errors, cardboard with a template is fixed with clips.
  5. Further, bars are laid out from the wrong side according to the scheme, thoughtfully alternating shades. The first ribbons are fixed with scotch or pencil glue to the base, all subsequent billets are attached to the base and the previous tapes.

At the last stage, the outbreak of the crafts is sealed with velvet paper or a piece of fabric, and the facial decorated with additional elements or can be left as it is.

We give examples of crafts that are easy to perform novice craftsmen.

Christmas tree

Handmade in the form of an elegant postcard will be a wonderful additive to a gift near a person. Such a gesture is made with love, emphasizes a good attitude and does not go without attention to who was intended.

So, paper 3-colors are prepared for the postcard, and the following actions are made.

  • Paper of all harvested shades is cut by strips of 3 cm wide. The number of bands will become clear in the course of the action, so you should not stock up too many parts, the missing blanks can always be replenished.
  • Sliced ​​ribbons folded longitudinally.
  • Then cut the strips of suitable tones for the trunk and also bend.
  • A sketch of the Christmas tree is applied to the cardboard and cuts out the stationery knife.
  • The printed carved pattern is connected to the cardboard blank using the clips.
  • The first strips are applied to the trunk and fixed with glue.
  • Then the details of the Christmas tree are laid out the scheme. Color gamut trees selected to taste the master.

Product made of fabric

        Textile crafts are obtained by more voluminous and original. Panel or painting made of fabric in technique Iris Folding can decorate the wall of any room. To create a textile panel, you should prepare:

        • Multicolored flap fabrics+
        • Tight cardboard+
        • Scissors and stationery knife+
        • Scotch and pencil+
        • Prepared pattern.

        Prepare everything you need, proceed to work:

        • Frame cut from cardboard+
        • Pattern and frame connected by paper clips+
        • The material is cut with strips 45×10 cm+
        • Carefully following the scheme, put the strips and fix them with scotch+
        • The finished product turn over the front side to make the wrong cardboard+
        • If desired, the panel can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, beads.

        Especially original will look at leather or velvet fabric. Performing work from textile details, you need to take into account some nuances.

        1. It is more convenient to work with dense tissues – atlas, velor suitable. If there is a need for a thin material, each strip inside such a tape should be paved with cardboard to give the volume of the future panel.
        2. Longly folded stripes should be well smoothed iron.
        3. To the total drawing of the helix turned out clockwise, in the manufacture of a template, the drawing is performed in the opposite direction.

        Just carefully, strictly according to the template, the slated spiral can look completely

        Beautiful examples

        With the help of “Rainbow Folding” techniques, not only children’s crafts are performed, but also serious work with a claim for artwork. This can be verified by considering the products of talented masters.

        • In the technique of Iris Folding, a picture was made using a photoportist. Such a decor will become an invaluable gift of the owner of the photo and the beautiful decoration of the room.

        • Volumetric colors in a vase can be decorated with a gift album or get into the frame and hang on the wall as an original picture.

        • Portrait of a leaving girl made of fabric in monochrome brown.

        • Original still life with pears.

        • Picture with a kettle created from folded tapes, can be a decoration of the kitchen.

        • Postcard with fan is a simple and original solution.

        • Wedding gift created by hand.

        Technique Iris Folding useful for adults and children. It develops attentiveness, patience, patience, teaches accuracy, allows you to fully reveal your creative potential.

        How to make a postcard in technique Iris Folding, look in the following video.

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