Knit elephant amiguruchi crochet

Knit elephant amiguruchi crochet

Elephant Amigurumi – a cute toy, tie the hook on the basis of a detailed master class today may even beginner needlewoman. Just get enough of the necessary materials and tools, and then apply them in. The scheme and the description of knitting a pink elephant crochet is so detailed that no doubt is in success.


Elephant amigurumi crochet can knit differently. The simplest options have a height of no more than 10 cm, What gives them some charm. Such toys look especially well, being connected from plush wool. She gives them additional volume and pleasant tactile sensations. Usually, elephant in the technique of amigurums knit on 2 legs, with a native connection of parts, leaving small parts movable.

The use of two or three colors of wool – blue and gray, white and pink can be attributed to the characteristic features.

Tools and materials

The main set of necessary components for knitting elephant amigurums as simple as possible. The thickness of the hook is determined by the type of yarn and dimensions of the toy. For example, № 4, 5 are suitable for working with plush yarn. Threads worth taking proven – Himalaya Dolphin Baby will fit. To designate the beginning of the row it is worth stock marker.

A simple synthepes or other light filler will fit as a packing. For toys in the standing position must be mandatory. Eye useful – you can take beads or special, for soft toys.

To create hairstyles need a small amount of fine knitted threads of contrasting.

Knitting technique

Master class on the manufacture of pink or blue elephant amigurum allows everyone to create such a product independently. Detailed scheme and job description will help get a beautiful knitted toy in a short time. In order to simplify the work, first the master creates small details, and then large-format – head and torso.

Elephant legs

For this part of the toy you need to make 2 details. For the feet you need to assemble in the ring amigurum 4 columns without a thread of contrasting color. Tie a row with an increase – it will turn out 8 loops. This amount is retained over the next 5 rows. Then the thread on one leg is cut off and fixed, inside laid a package. On the second leg, the tip of knitting yarn is left to connect the parts when assembling.

For handles, the scheme will be the next.

  • Create a ring amigurum by analogy with legs – out of 4 loops by columns without a Nakid.
  • Tie 1 row with an increase, change the color of yarn.
  • 2 circles do not make extra loops.
  • 5 row accounts for 2 downstairs. Each is done through 2 columns with Nakid, at the end will remain 6 loops.
  • 5 rows are pronounced without.
  • Only part with palms in handles are stuck.
  • The edges of the handles are folded, closed by columns without nakidov on the edge, fix.

Details are ready, you can continue knitting with the transition to larger items.

Body and head

A feature of the confusion of this detail of the elephant Amigurumi is gradual filling of the product with a package as it is created. In addition, the legs are connected by two air loops and become at once the basis for the entire toy. On the first leg to close the circle, knit 3 columns without Nakid, 4 – with Nakud. On air hinge will also have to do 3 new fails to eliminate the formation of rush. Similarly, the second leg and air loops on both sides – in a closed circle will be 24 loops.

Then the knitting diagram will be the next.

  • A row with an increase in every 3 column without Nakid. By the end of the circle, the loops should be 30.
  • Provide without an increase you need 5 rows. Next, in the center of the rear of the toy, the tail of 13 or 14 loops of the row. It is made from air loops – enough 6 in each way. Then the row is applied in normal mode.
  • The next circle is paid to 6 loops – up to 24. Reduction occurs on every 3 column with Nakud.
  • Looks like a simple row on 24 loops without giving.
  • The number of loops in the next circle decreases to 18. Every 2 step is narrowing.
  • The following row remains unchanged.
  • Up to 12 loops. Reducing alternates with conventional columns without Nakid. The next row is involved in the place of the handle of the toy.
  • Ring rings take up to 6 loops – it becomes the basis for the head.
  • The next row is made up to 12 loops, 2 to 18, 3 to 24. On 4 circle, the loops should be 30.
  • Next, 4 rows are formed without additives, from 5 to 8. In the neck, you can insert the support of your cotton stick – so the head will not fall down.
  • Between 8 and 9 next to the place inserted eyes. They are better to fix hope.
  • On the 9th row there is a reduction of up to 24 loops, 10 to 18, 11 to 12.
  • The last row is reduced to 6 loops, closes. Thread hide.

Ears knit crochet number 5, from the ring on 8 loops, with an increase of 8 each row. There will be 4 circles. Then the detail is twice and sewn or left rounded, connected along the edge. Note is not required.

The trunk is confused from the rings in 6 loops, 6 columns are mounted for the rear selection. It is also pronounced 5 rows, then done in a circle with 3 and 6 additives. Trunk is not stuffed, sewn in a circle after fixing the thread.

It remains to consolidate the beams of yarn for hairstyles, after which the elephant amigurum will be completely ready.

Additional information on how to tie the elephant crochet, you can learn from the video below.

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