Macrame: What is it, types of nodes and weaving schemes

Macrame: What is it, types of nodes and weaving schemes

Not in vain fashion, and interior, including, compared with the chest, where things are folded: when he is stuck to the top, it just needs to be turned over, and what was from below, you can wear it right now. Fashion really walks in a circle. And if you look at the interiors of the 60s, you will see how the outlines of the furniture are guessing in the atmosphere of modern salons.

With the decor, everything is exactly the same: the once popular art of weaving Macrame acquires former glory. And those who are a fan of the style of Bocho, Scandinavian and not only, want to get a beautiful panel of fancy woven nodules.

What it is?

The word “macrame” has arabic roots, it is possible to translate it as a fringe, braid or lace. If we say simply, then Macrame is a nodule weaving. Creating a panel, decorative products in this technique involves the use of different materials: different thickness and structures of threads using additional plastic, metal, wooden parts.

Previously, synthetics were not, so for Macrame they took only natural materials, the most popular of which was flax. To this day, the lace weave mainly bright shades, natural, natural. All materials for future works should be durable, well twisted and not break when weave.

To the pattern in the work is clear, the threads should be firmly twisted.

In addition to the threads, needle a needle, ruler, clamps, spindle, and a hook, pads can be useful. May be needed and glue. If you are just starting, you will need only durable threads, not the thinnest twig and scissors. Subsequently, the list of tools will expand.

But the fact and beautiful Macrame that Even simple work in this technique, which can be under the power of younger schoolchildren, are obtained by self-sufficient, convincing in their simple, but elegant aesthetics. And most importantly, they are consonant with time that increasingly displaces plastic and the complex dwelling decor, replacing it with manual creativity.

History of origin

Probably correct will say that it began with the time as a man made a nodule for the first time. The fundamental stage of the development of Macrame should be considered the time when a person actively furked maritime expanses on a serious design of the courts. It was the sailors of the sailing fleet that we owe this technique of weaving: seafarers on the debt of the service were to be able to weave different types of sea nodes (which had about 4 thousand). In the free from the main activity, the seafarers were powered by bottles, flasks, knife handles.

These crafts and gave rise to art, which today adore needlewomen around the world.

Macrame technique, you can say, invented men, and today more and more representatives of the strong sex continue the case of enterprising sailors. And no wonder so much reference to the people of this profession: so far the nodes used in Macrame are used, the most sea weaves are used.

But to say that no one else, except for “sea wolves,” was not fond of openwork nodule weaving, too. As soon as a person began to make a network for fish and bird, he predetermined the appearance of Macrame. Because this type of hand-made creativity is one of the most ancient, natural, democratic. No need to finish art school to master Macrame. No suitable age to carry them. People of different nationalities, age, gender, wealth can be successful in this matter.

Main nodes

At the heart of Macrame – Hercules Knot. This is the first thing to learn newcomers. It always begins work.

  1. Take a pair of durable threads of 10 cm, turn them vertically, the top tips fixing the pin.
  2. Get the thread that on the right, to the left – something that resembles a loop will come out. Stretch her left thread. This nodule is tightened.
  3. Next, krepite 2 more threads, we have everything already – 4.
  4. Horizontal thread is needed for consolidation. Then there is a base – the second and third thread. They tighten the nodes.

Types of nodes are diverse. Mandatory in weaving there is a place flat node. Right working thread starts under the basis and left thread. That already stretches through the formed loop. If you do two more such nodes, you will see that they unfold a little left, but this is normal. Next, do four more nodes, your left-sided chain will come out.

There is a square flat knot. Based on you need to place two threads, create a first flat knot, after completing weaving to make two-way lock. The square node copes well with the creation of interesting patterns: two threads are fixed on the basis, the first and second flat nodes in alternation, when alternating flat nodes, the square will be.

And this is only the beginning of the study of weaving – the further, the more interesting.

Tools and materials

The first and most importantly, what is in Macrame – this is a thread. Than they are thicker, the more they need to work.

    What are the NITI.

    • Reinforced. These are thin cotton threads, which are often needed for Peri, requiring regular washing. Such threads usually use already experienced macrame masters.
    • Perle. Their large plus is a wide range of colors, they are sold in 9-gram machines. Excellent This thread is spinning on thinner threads and goes well with Moulin.
    • Lurex. So called silver and golden threads. Interesting bracelets, key rings are obtained from Lurex, various decorations of such a plan. You can make products with beads, breaking beads and t. D. Novice to work with them, but subsequently, the Lurex can come in handy.
    • Yarn. Optimal and inexpensive choice for beginners, such threads are presented in a wide range, sold in any department store. Usually buy masters threads that are used for crochet lace.
    • Cords. Under them It is understood by everything that it may not be at all for the purpose of creativity at all, but it is well suited for needlework – from the twine, from the jute rope you can do beautiful panels, and even gorgeous knitted yarn.

      It will take for work and a rigid base base, mandatory for beginners. Previously, sawdust or sand inside. Today the pad can replace the foam leaf, the threads are fixed with simple pins. In any construction store you can purchase compact foam sheets.

      The basis is easy to make it yourself: Attach a simple knitted knitted knitted knitting knitted knitted knitted knitted knitted knitting needles.

      There is a way even easier: you need to take a stationery tablet with a clamp. And so that the strings are more conveniently attached, to put a small paper stack under them. In order to fix individual components, the pins are needed: long, durable (wonderful if they are with plastic heads).

      In a set for macrame should be scissors, ruler, possibly knitting hooks. If you make a panel, collect some beautiful twigs – they can be simply dried and cut, and you can paint in the color you are interested in.

      Weaving schemes

      When all materials are ready, and you are filled with determination to start working on learning Macrame, cut the right amount of threads. Length is calculated as: about 6 times it should be longer than the expected height of the work. The ends of the thread are definitely soldered by a soldering iron or just a lighter.

      If you have natural yarn, the tips can be treated with PVA glue.

      If you are just starting and even in school years you went around Knitting (phenushek including), do not attempt to make a meter panel at the wall right away. Start with small works that are scolding a hand in the spanings of nodules: bracelets, earrings – this is a good start. The first is your product made by the evening with the use of Azov Macrame – Shambal Bracelet.

      Bracelet manufacturing technique.

      1. Cut from a filament Motochka two segments – 40 and 80 cm. What exactly will the length of the working thread, depends on the wrist girth. A short cut is the base, long – working thread. With each other tie their simple knot.
      2. Swipe the right tip before the basis, then spend over the left tip.
      3. The left tip of the working string is to be taken over the working part under the right. Enter straight in the loop, tighten. Repeat the maneuver, only starting on the left.
      4. As soon as 3-7 knots are closed, it is necessary to drive a beautiful bead to the main thread. And in such a way to reach the end of the weaving.
      5. A good lock will be a durable carbine. But if you do a real bracelet Shambalu, you need a strictly filament lock. By the end of the working string, tie a simple node a new thread cut (40 cm) and plenty of it in the “mantle” method: right under / outwardly, on the left under / outward. But do not tighten very much: the bracelet should not be tie into tight.

      Next Practice need according to the samples. Print them, lock on a dense foundation (this is, of course, optionally, but convenient in operation) and all patterns, techniques, pigtails work separately. But do not scatter immediately: save these samples. This is how the hand is stuffed.

      And when all the theory has been working in practice, you can begin to make a serious work that will decorate your home.

      Where used?

      Those who say that Macrame is a passion for grandmothers and in general last century, just expose their ignorance. Nothing like this! The best designers are resorted to the macrame products to make them the interiors looked immaculately. Objects made in nodule technicians can be the main decoration of the house.

      If your home is ethosal, then Macrame is the simplest in terms of decor that you can use to decorate it.

      Finally, Bocho is one of the kings of the interior today, almost one cannot imagine without macrame.

      We will analyze on the examples.

      • In the interior of Bocho Macrame can occupy leading positions. Bocho is several directions with common roots. Bocho-classic – abundance of velvet, venels, rustic wool, lace. Bocho glamor is a guipure, chiffon in a variety of layers, bows, fur, flowers. Boko-Eco is all natural with sophistication, ecology, many details. But Boko-Hippie is a lot of knitted, fringe, sheepskin and burlap. Because the panel of Macrame and various pendants will fit perfectly.
      • New solutions. If you have no clearly expressed style in the apartment and, rather, the interior is to Scandinavian, Macrame will also be appropriate. You can perform something like a wall carpet (which really resembles a carpet, rather than panels) and hang in the bedroom above the bed. Good replacement picture associated with warmth, homemade hearth and something from the village childhood.
      • Decorations in Macrame technique are used to create lampshar for lamps and other lamps. In modern design, it is more than relevant, because it is manual creativity, not stamping, because all sophistication in simplicity, because it will not come out of fashion as a genuine classic.

      Small modest panels made with children, you can decorate the children’s. Most likely, the child will remember such work forever and will be trepidated to this little cute piece of her room.

      And you can bind the case for a sofa pillow using simple macrame harnesses. You can even weave small mats based on Macrame technique. They will look great in the bedroom and in the kitchen.

      Examples of beautiful products

      To inspire, draw a beautiful, but fulfilled ideas, dive plump into the world of Macrame, it is worth considering several interesting works in this technique.

      Let’s start with the braids – this is one of the main elements of Macrame, which are far from being able to do immediately, by the Nativity.

      • Ordinary braid. It consists of three threads – the first thread on the left is thrown into the second, and now the first one becomes the second, and vice versa. The third thread is Vnakid on the second. Woven until the braid reaches the required length.
      • French braid. Threads can be any. Of all the threads, three central should be highlighted, one elements of an ordinary braid should be made, only to weave it, only with the new bullshit of the main string, adding a new extreme.
      • “Fish tail”. It can be placed from any amount of threads. The essence of weaving in dividing thread into two parts, throwing each part to the center. Two strings in the center will constantly change groups.

        Spit in this technology are very often found: if you know how to weave the pigtails on the hair, there will be no problems with this.

        And now a brief overview of interesting and simple works that, after a small workout, conjugate and beginners in Macrame.

        1. Sovuka. The subject of owls in the technique of weaving is certainly not deprived of attention. Such works are very similar to both children and adults. This owl is not the simplest, but I won’t call it difficult. To weave her for several hours, maybe even one who recently began to master Macrame. Find a thick, artistic expressive branch, take a thick cord for weaving and soon in your home can settle the bird of wisdom.
        2. Holder for shelves. In any room, this shelf with a textile holder will look cute and cozy. Please note: the work is almost not used complex nodes, the standard scheme. Wooden balls that can be taken for decorating.
        3. Bocho panel. This is not very large panel can decorate the wall in the bedroom or even space kitchen-dining room. Well it will look over the sofa in the living room. Linen shade is most preferable, although you can change it in favor of the design of your home. For example, on white wallpaper, it looks great panels from blue threads.
        4. Dreamcatcher. This is also Macrame, and also very fashionable today interior accessory. Need a durable harvesting and thick thread. The author of the catcher uses feathers as an addition to a native basis, you can attach pieces of coarse fabric, seashells, wooden balls and t. D.
        5. Bright panel. An excellent example of how smartly looks Macrame, made by bright threads. Very simple knots, weaving goes strictly according to the scheme: unpaired flowers in the decor and abundantly released threads. Beauty in simple!

        Sometimes the desire to try himself in artistic weaving nodules occurs in future mothers.

        This is a very timely desire, because there is nothing more beautiful than knitted in the technique of Macrame cradle. Look at how cool they look, how soulful and cute these children’s cradles are made. And there is nothing superpower in their manufacture.

        Initially, Macrame lovers fly according to the schemes, follow video currents and master classes, evaluate each nodule and calculate how much it remains. Then the inner pattern appear, which and without diagrams help to make symmetrical and beautiful works.

        About how to rinse the wall on the wall, look in the video below.

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