Options for creating frames for embroidery with your own hands

Options for creating frames for embroidery with your own hands

Embroidery – a real work of art that requires an appropriate framing. Ready embroidery you can make a pillow, tablecloth or clothes, or insert it into the frame. When making work in the frame, it is necessary to take into account some rules related to the technique in which embroidery. Some needlewomen prefer to order baguettes in specialized workshops. But make a frame with your own hands and it is possible to make a picture much more original and economically (which is also important).


Rama for embroidery is easy to make from the girlfriend, it is under the power of every master. For this tree, cardboard, plastic, ceiling plinth or ordinary branches. When selection of material, design and size frame, you need to take into account the patterns of the picture and its color gamut.

The picture that requires the framing can be performed in various techniques: beads, embroidered with crossed or ribbons. In any case, every craver wants to see his picture in a beautiful frame in a prominent place so that every guest in her house can appreciate her work.

Before the framing, the embroidery is necessarily erased by hand, dried on the horizontal surface and carefully stroking in the silence mode. All manipulations need to be carried out with great accuracy to keep the volume of work (it concerns the embroidery with cross, stroking and ribbons) and not damage it. If you wish, you can block a little overnight. Embroidery will be tougher, and it will be more convenient to work.

Fasten the picture on the subframe in several ways:

  • sew edges of the canvas (or fabric) among themselves+

  • Secure the fabric to the subframe using a bracket or buttons+

  • use dual scotch.

The main thing is that the picture does not shift from the center, did not have elevations and irregularities. When using brackets and scotch, be extremely attentive, to remake the work will not work.

How to make cardboard?

Sometimes (due to unusual shape or non-standard sizes, for example) it is difficult to choose the finished baguette. Then the needlewoman can make a frame at home that will be perfectly approached by a finished picture. For the manufacture of a frame for embroidery with their own hands, a dense sheet cardboard or part of an ordinary box is suitable.

  • You need to measure the size of the cardboard sheet by 3-4 cm more than the embroidery size. It will be the back of the frame and subframe.

  • Next, it is necessary to cut the frame itself, the external edges of which should match the back.

  • Tension the picture on the subframe, well fixing it.

  • Stick the frame to the subframe with the picture.

  • Ready frame you need to paint and make up. To do this, you can use the same materials that were used in the work. So the general view will be harmonious.

  • On the back of the frame you need to attach a stand or loop.

Frame from cardboard at home has one significant drawback – no protective glass. Work will quickly dust, and with careless handling it can be spoiled.

The subframe and frame, if desired, can be covered with cloth or the twine, so that the edges of the cardboard are not visible. And the frame to additionally arrange beads, cross, ribbons or decorate with bulk elements (flowers, shells, letters). You can even use different cereals (rice, millet, buckwheat) or pasta.

Creating a frame from a tree

Wooden frames for embroidery, always look more noble and elegant. They will suit any style of an embroidered painting and interior. Most often needlewomen choose for finished work chambers for embroidery. This option has become already a classic. Any job acquires an adorable and finished view. The poles are easy to choose in size, colorful solution and price, they are presented in a wide range in specialized stores. With this method, do not cut down the canvas or embroidery fabric close to the frame. Over time, Kanva will see, and it will need to pull it up. And also the picture will require periodic washing due to lack of glass. If it’s too much to cut the canva, then it will be difficult to stretch it again. Facials additionally can be decorated with cloth or decorative elements on the taste of needlewoman in accordance with the theme paintings.

Wooden frame can be made in the presence of necessary skills and tools for working with wood.

Consider a small master class on making frame for embroidery. First you need to make a drawing not only the framework itself, but also a passe. Draw the size of the frame itself, the inner part and schedule the center.

For the manufacture of subframe (passecut), plywood or sheet chipboard is perfect. And for the frame itself you can use wooden plinths left after repair. First prepare all the details.

Frame ends need to be styled at an angle of 45 degrees in places of gluing. Such a dock is called “Us”. In the center of plywood or chipboard, set 2 additional supporting bars at an angle of 90 degrees to each other, to do this, use metal corners. Conventional screws are suitable for fastening. After that, at the bars, attach the details of the frame and tighten the clamps (clips). When tightening, carefully follow the framework details not shifted and did not twisted. Instead of clamps, you can use a rubber tape. But this technique requires certain skills and skills. If the frame is large, it is better to use 4 or 6 additional bars for support.

To the homemade wooden frame turned out to be durable, use special PVA glue, and give the frame to dry well (about a day).

For an additional decor, the frame can be painted with a verse or varnish and decorate additional elements at the request of the needlewoman. If you wish, you can order glass on the size of the frame in the construction store. Be sure to cross the slim tape the edges of the glass so as not to be injured.

For a wooden frame, conventional branches or bamboo will fit. They are binding to the twine or jute in crossbar places. Branches need slightly sand and covered with varnish or oil. Bamboo can be bought in the store for decor or disassemble a bamboo napkin. Original ecarames are obtained from such natural materials.

Manufacturer from girlfriend

Ready embroidered patterns require framing so that they can be hung on the wall or put on the shelf. To do this, you can order a special frame in the barnage workshop, or buy a standard photo frames.

But if you do not want to spend extra money, or embroidery has a non-standard form or dimensions, you can make it possible to make a frame of yourself from the girlfriend.

The most common option to perform a frame from the primary means – make it from the ceiling plinth of polystyrene. Details need to be cut on the required size and copper with special glue. Work with plastic plinth easy and convenient. In construction stores it is presented in a wide range, you can choose a suitable width and pattern. And price is quite accessible. After drying the plinth paint and decorate if necessary. For the substrate you can use Fane or Tight Cardboard. The sheet with a stretched pattern must be tightly entering the frame.

Instead of ceiling plinths, you can use PVC pipes. They can be glued, or use special plastic corners. It is better to take PVC pipes intended for wiring. For them, they do not need a special tool for gluing unlike pipes for plumbing. In the pipe on one side it is necessary to make a slot, where the subframe with the picture will be inserted.

You can construct a frame like an embroidery machine when the canva (tissue) is tensioned on the frame and snaps up with the help of clamps. For clamps (clips or clips) you need to cut the pipe along, cutting about 1/4 part. From the remaining part it turns out a clamp for fabric (canvas). During the pickle, burrs appear, they are removed using sandpaper. At the end of the work, make a leg or loop on the back of the frame. PVC pipes – affordable material with a low price, convenient in work and durable. Frames from it get lungs. They can be decorated to taste in the style of paintings or interior.

When designing embroidered paintings by the frames made by their own hands, do not forget that the frame should only emphasize the beauty of the main work, and not compete with it. Do not overload the baguette with an additional decor. Do not use screaming colors for baguette and passe, unless the embroidery itself requires. The baguette form must match the embroidery contours and emphasize it. Better, so that the edges of the picture did not touch with the frame, there should be free space between them (at least 2 cm).

About the glasses of the opinion of the needlewomen differ. On the one hand, the glass protects the embroidery from dust and sun rays, on the other – the glass gives glare and does not fully enjoy the beauty of embroidery. Here the choice is purely individual.

How to make a frame for embroidery from the PVC pipe, look in the video.

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