Rhinestones for needlework

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Rhinestones for needlework

Rhinestones are decorative glass products imitating natural stones. In order for rhinestones to glitter, the glass is used in their manufacture, as part of which is at least 1/4 lead. Glass stones are most often used in needlework, for decorating various products and crafts.

Where are applied?

Rhinestones are a universal decor element, so they are often used in almost all types of needlework. So, multicolored stones are applied at:

  • making jewelry, as well as jewelry+

  • sewing clothes and shoes+

  • creating various home products.

Recently, paintings from crystals are specially popular. It is noteworthy that in this form of creativity stones are the main component, and not just a decor element.


Rhinestones can be divided into several categories. They differ from each other: according to the method of fixation, form and color. If we talk about the method of fixation, the most popular in this category are sewn rhinestones. This method of fixation is characterized by high strength, since in this case rhinestones are sewn to the product with a thread or fishing line. In turn, several subgroups can also be distinguished in this category:

  • single – have a flat bottom, and one or two holes are used for fixing+

  • Glass with one through hole – differ in the ability to experiment with the color of the threads, with which the mount is carried out+

  • Beads in Tsapakh (Roots) – Look like glass stones, framed in a metal frame, with a hole for fixing+

  • Straby chains – Several stones are combined with the links of the metal chain+

  • Straby ribbons – Compositions on which rhinestones are placed in several rows.

Glue rhinestones have a flat bottom, but without a sewing hole. Here, too, there are several varieties:

  • Ribbons and films – These are special blanks on which beads are already placed (gluing is carried out with the applied sticky layer or thermally using the iron)+

  • Thermostraza – Designed for fixation during heat treatment+

  • Ordinary adhesive, For the fixation of which the glue “moment” or adhesive gun.

Rhinestones differ from each other in form. The most popular, of course, are round. But to create complex compositions of such stones will not be enough. Not less popular triangular, square, oval rhinestones. And also there are unusual forms, for example, flower petals, rings, rhombus, complex figures. Stones made of glass very often make in the form of biconuses.

Of course, glass rhinestones differ in color. Here is a variety of shades, but classic is still red, yellow, blue, green and white stones.

Tips for choosing

In order for the composition of glass stones to look spectacularly and attractive, they need to choose correctly. Recommendations for choosing a color palette to give almost impossible, because it all depends directly from ideas and concepts. The form also should be chosen on the basis of what figures need to create.

But the method of fixation directly depends on the surface on which the stones will be glued. If this is a solid surface, it is reasonable to choose flat base glue stones. And also suits the tape. On soft fabric it is easier to fix the sewn stones, rhinestones on the chain. But on certain types of material (more often it is thin fabrics) can use glue-based rhinestones.

At the same time, for delicate materials, it is better not to choose those that have a thermal method of fastening.

When buying, it should also be borne in mind that rhinestones can be bought as a piece and in dials. From a material point of view, the second option is more profitable.

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