Subtlety of paperwork in the technique of scrapbooking

Subtlety of paperwork in the technique of scrapbooking

Although today in stores can be found notepad for every taste and color, the only opportunity to get a unique thing – make it yourself. Most often, a scrapbooking technique is used for such a homemade, allowing experimenting with flowers, textures, details and designs.

Options for registration

Notebook in the style of scrapbooking can be issued differently, depending on the selected style and from its purpose. For example, the glider for a business man should look in moderate seriously, but at the same time possess certain creativity. Cover can be decorated with a laconic inscription or even the company logo. Such a notebook is more convenient to do on strong springs for easy turning or to supply fabric bookmark fixed from the inside.

Pages must be drawn or rated and have the ability to put calendar dates. Well, if there will be separate sections for phones and addresses, important dates and lists of goals.

If the notepad is created for a little girl, then you can add a variety of pages with secrets, beautiful illustrations, sheets with stickers and drawings for coloring. Cover can be decorated with unusual volumetric elements, such as, metal crown, bird cage, shoe or tissue flowers.

For the manufacture of Botanical notepad Burlap, dried flowers, twine and wooden decor. If the notepad is to become Culinary book, On the cover you can place pictures of dishes, without forgetting about a beautiful inscription. Book dedicated to the first years of the child’s life, decorated with appropriate images and decor.

The ideas of registration are truly limitless. It all depends on who is intended for this gift and how they have to use. In addition to the cover design, the notepad is selected Fixation method of sheets, distinguishing, format and number of pages.

The distinguisope is classic – in a ruler or cage, and the sheets can be attached using glue, plastic or metal springs.

Required devices

As for the materials used and the decor for notepad, it should be mentioned that all of them can be purchased in the store and make themselves. Moreover, some of them are easily replaced by infirred elements. Of course, it will be impossible to work without stationery: simple pencil, sharp scissors, long line and glue. Paper may be different, but even standard sheets for the A4 printer are suitable. In addition to the stationery clips, do not do without a strong sewing needle and thread.

Special metal rings or springs can also be used for binding. Notepad Cover It is customary to create from special binding cardboard. To notepad is soft, do not do without a pleasant to touch fabric, as well as a fleece or packing. As a decor, a variety of Buttons, Beads, Lace, Fabric Slices and Other Interesting Details. In any case, the selection of materials should be carried out depending on the subject of notepad and on the one for whom it will be intended.


At the preparation stage, it is necessary to decide which and in what quantity there should be pages in the notebook.

It is important to remember that if the layers of A4 format are taken as the basis, the number of pages will be 2 times more, since the sheets in this case are folded in half.

Previously each page can be drawn. If The cover is planned soft, then a piece of fabric is recommended to pre-try. It is necessary to immediately determine whether a soft lining for notepad will need, which thickness it wants to do.


To create a notepad from scratch in Scrapbooking technique with your own hands, it is better to choose a ready-made master class for beginners and step by step following the proposed instructions. The creation of a simple notebook begins with the fact that the sheets are folded like the book so as not to be revealed.

It is better to immediately try the fold line. All pages are stacked under the press for a while and after readiness are fixed by the stationery clamps from above and below. With the help of the line on the leaf, the boundaries of the root. Its length is divided into several identical fragments, which are marked with a pencil. With help stationery knife or even a file Create shallow cuts in marked points.

It is important to handle in a similar way each of the leaves.

Then notepad is assembled by stitching. Specialists recommend applying lavasan sliding threads with high strength. The spine is glued to the silicone sealant, although in its absence it can be used and ordinary glue.

While the design dries, it is worth it Additionally fix clamps. Separately from dense cardboard, forged is assembled: 2 large identical billets and 1 small size forming the root. Additionally, you can cut two squares from crafted paper for internal design.

The cover is assembled as follows: Connect cardboard blanks, fleece lining and large piece of fabric. Kraft is glued at the end.

Notepad for man, fond of music, It’s great to issue in the form of a notebook. In addition to office paper, you will need real musical sheets or printed music images.

Paper sheets can be given unusual color by using conventional coffee. Brewing a drink, it should be soaked separately all the sheets, artificially, of them in a similar way. Paper can dry naturally, but to speed up the process, you should try it with iron.

By the way, if you add a little cinnamon in a brewed coffee, then the notebook will also be tasty to smell.

If the farm has ink pads, then with their help stands slightly Talk edges of the page. The same effect has the old eye shadow.

To make a cover, cardboard blanks will be required, which are lined with a fleece and turn into an opaque cloth of a suitable shade. From the inside the edges can be removed, after which it is to re-establish all pages from the old note collection or special paper for scrapbooking with musical motifs. Decorating the cover, for the inscription you can use a sheet of a notebook treated at the edges iodine pencil.

As the main zone of the composition, it is recommended to use the finished gypsum, cardboard or homemade frame, decorated with any decor or sparkling varnish. For a different cover decor, pieces of lace, beads and buttons, satin ribbons and fabric pieces. Metal parts will perfectly fit, for example, an antique violin or composition of several notes.

Creating a cover or internal reversals, must be applied to the composition of the composition.

Finished work should be balanced and in color, and stylistics, and in content. Separate components must look at each other harmoniously, creating a holistic impression of the picture. The composition should have one semantic center, a kind of accent, and other components are used as additions.

Unusual examples

To create a diary in the style of Provence, you will need to choose several pieces of suitable fabric, for example, in small bluish cage and with a bright flower pattern. Part of the fabric is used for the main design of the cover, and part – to create a flower. Beautiful burgundy lace tape will create the necessary accent.

The central part of the composition will be an image of the Eiffel Tower, made on dense cardboard or on the skin. A neat button with an image of a watch dial will be not only an interesting detail, but will allow you to close the notebook from prying eyes with a gum.

Unusual notepad inPink and beige colors For the young girl you can arrange in the style of “Alice in Wonderland”. In the center of the composition there is an illustration from the book, and images of roses and card characters are used as interesting details. In the design of such a notebook successfully will fit the lace of pastel shades. You must not forget about the ability to close the notebook with Large decorative buttons.

Culinary notebook in the scrapbooking technique will look great in Fabric soft cover of bright pink. For convenience, it is done on metal rings – so using his person will be able to quickly access any recipe. On top of the fabric there are beautiful lace ribbon and half of a paper openwork napkin.

Neat inscription and artificial cutlery, tied with a lace, are completed.

If the notepad is intended for working purposes, then you should not overload it too much. It will be enough to make a tissue cover, for example, from a gentle pink fabric in polka dot and pastel-yellow fragment. Over everything is delayed with beautiful lace. In the lower right corner there is a composition of several decorative elements of small. Alternatively, it can be a pair of tissue roses and a small metal heart.

Master class for registration of notepad in Scrapbooking technique See next video.

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