Tools and Wall Tools

Tools and Wall Tools

Just look at this beauty! No, these are not living creatures! These are products from felt. It is difficult to imagine, but here such realistic toys can be done with your own hands using dry felting technique, which otherwise call felting or polling. In addition to dry felting, there is a wet filler technology.

But before proceeding with the work, you need to familiarize yourself with the necessary materials and tools. We will talk about each technique and materials in more detail in this article.

How to appear technique

The history of the appearance of felting roots goes far in past centuries. It began to emerge this technique from nomads. Most of the camel wool made clothes, shoes, carpets, yurts. Such wear-resistant things, they are not afraid of any weather conditions. Summer is cool in them, and in winter heat.

No wonder today, products from wool in nomadic peoples remain relevant. For example, in Mongolia use yurts, because they are easy enough to carry.

Also, the felon technique was popular and from the Russian people. Clothes, insoles, hats, and, of course, boots were made of the wool (it is known that their name happened from this technique). To highlight this shoe used steam.

Closer to our time in the XIX-XX century, Felting began to develop on an industrial scale.

For polling, only pet wool is suitable, since its fibers have the ability to firmly clutch.


As mentioned earlier, there are two main felting techniques: dry and wet. Despite the fact that both technicians are called Felting, there are little common between them, a set of necessary tools is straightened. We will look at each technique. More details separately.

Dry felting

This technique is easier than wet. But for this type of fillerization requires knowledge and skill. Well, of course, many materials will be required, they can be ordered online or buy almost in any needlework store. To facilitate the task for a beginner, on sale Special wool felting sets, Consider them later.


We will analyze the main tools that will be needed to create a toy.

  • Needles. This is the main tool. Felting needles are defined from sewing. They have special jar, so that the wool brings together. Fully needles differ in shape (triangular, in the form of a star, cone, tristar, in the form of diamond, cylindrical) and by numbers (main – №36, 38 and 40, the higher the number, the needle of thinner). For convenience, needles with labeling, as well as special holders.
  • No less important tool for felting – spongy base, on which, in fact, work. It serves to protect the fingers from punctures, as this element can serve as a common sponge for washing dishes and a special basis. Also, a brush can also be used for this purpose.
  • There are also different polling accessories, For example, frosted, they are especially useful for beginners. Also there is a combination for wool to shake the product or separate the felt from the total mass.


The most important material in felting, of course, wool. There are many types of felt. We will analyze the main ones:

  • Cardoch – Wool for felting, which is great for newcomers, as it fell perfectly+
  • merino – Dear and high-quality wool, which is used to apply the top layer on the product+
  • corridal – Thick and easy to use felt+
  • cashmere – Very famous look of wool used mainly for decorating+
  • for the foundation perfectly suitable Slierver wool.

    As decor, beads, beads, lace, ribbons and special noses and eyes and eyes for the toy look more realistic.

    Wet filler

    Between this technique and the previous little similar, the total only material, that is, wool. But this kind of felting also deserves attention.

    The main types of felt, which are used for wet felting is a Bloofoxide Leicester, Veinsliding and camel Wool.

    It is important to know that it is necessary to properly select the colors of the wool, so that when exposed to water or soap solution, it does not spoil the depth of the tone, as well as that different colors are mixed with each other.

    This technique is notable for the fact that used mainly foolish items. Here are the main of them.

    • If in dry felting the main tool – needles, then in the wet method – this is water. It is with the help of water in the future the wool falls over and acquires the form. In order to evenly distribute the liquid, you will need a pulverizer (spray), and can also be suitable for this purpose with a shallow nozzle or empty bottle from.
    • As well as in dry felting, the basis is required – in this technique there must be a corrugated base so that wool does not slip, any rubber rug (simple or specialized) will be used for this, and you can also apply the pupil film for packaging.
    • Soap will also need to soften the water and take care of your hands.
    • In order for the wool to not be confused during filing, a mesh is needed or any thin fabric.
    • To facilitate the work with your hands, you need a rolling pin (thanks to the rack you can make a great power for dumping).
    • Towel or paper napkin need to remove excess water.
    • If you want to protect your hands, then arche with cellophane or rubber gloves.
    • Sometimes experienced fusers use a washing machine for operation, in this case various forms for felting are additionally used. Often instead of specialized forms use healthy items, such as Kapron Tights.

      Folding for felting use and without the participation of the washing machine + so as not to spend money, you can also use baking forms.

      It is impossible not to mention a wonderful device – machine for filing. Thanks to her, work goes much faster. For dry felting, sandpaper is used as nozzle, and for wet – cellophane packaging film. There are also machines in which instead of the nozzle there are many needles for felting (for faster dry felting manually, just a few needles can be used).

      Creator’s Kit

      Now consider sets for felting from wool, which are in needlework stores or online stores.

      Often selling sets for the manufacture of toys according to the scheme in which: instructions for filling this craft, several types of wool of different colors, 3 needles of different sizes (it is better to buy a few more needles, as they have a property breaking), spongy base. You can see creative kits for children more often.

      Probably more popular uses wet filler, According to this technique, flat details are made, which after stitching, or already a whole product. But there are also sets for creating paintings from felt. We will tell about them.

      The kit for creating a picture of wool includes: natural wool of the necessary colors, a base for the picture, tweezers, stencil and instructions with schemes and a step-by-step description of the work. To create a craft, you will need additional items that were previously stated, for example, a soap solution and a pulverizer.

      Such sets are suitable for children’s creativity (of course, strictly under the supervision of adults) and adults. Most often they are purchased newcomers to facilitate work.

      Overview of materials and tools for beginners See next video.

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