Topicia for beginners: Features and interesting ideas

Topicia for beginners: Features and interesting ideas

If you are fond of needlework, then surely heard of decorative topiaries. Today in our material we will talk more about these products, and also offer you a few simple, but interesting ideas for consideration.

Production rules

Generally speaking, the word “Topiary” in translation denotes “Tree of happiness”. For the first time in history, decorative souvenirs were manufactured in the territory of ancient Rome. Topiaria do not lose their relevance to this day, with the skillful performance, they can become an exclusive interior decoration of any room.

    Make Topiary is easy – with this task, not only the person experienced in needlework will be able to cope, but also a beginner. The main thing is to follow the simple rules and instructions, and not be afraid to show your creative and creative abilities. Consider several standard principles.

    • In its appearance of Topiaria resemble a tree. Accordingly, when it is made, you must reproduce all the necessary items. So, in the process of creating a tree trunk, you must use only durable, reliable and stable materials, since this component will become the basis and the base of your craft.
    • In the process of decorating the crown before attaching the material, which will serve as a decoration, the foundation itself is recommended to cover paint. Color It is desirable to choose as close to the shade of decorative elements that will be applied later.
    • Almost any material can be used as a support filler. The main thing – he must mostly hold the basis of the crafts.
    • When creating your author’s composition, use only high-quality materials, especially for glue and paints – they should not publish outsiders. Ignoring this rule may result in the fact that you will be completely disappointed with the final result.
    • If you wish, as part of one fake, you can create several crowns. Not necessarily limited only by one basic element.

    Thus, following the simple rules, you can create a unique home decoration that will cause delighted with your household and guests.

    What can you do?

    If you decide to make a toopiary, then the first question that you will have, will concern that from what materials you can create a composition. In general, any restrictions do not exist, you can use almost any blowing materials.

    As already mentioned above, Topiary is a composition that consists of several parts (as a rule, there are 3). Consider more, what materials can be used when creating one or another item.

    • Experienced needlewomen recommend to start creating topiary from making a stand for him. So, as a basis, you can take a flower pot, a mug or any other small capacity and suitable in shape (for example, you can cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle). This container can not be left blank – it is necessary to fill it with the material. It can use silicone, foam, rubber. Remember that the filler must be as reliable as possible, since it will hold the barrel – the basis of your future composition. The external part of the stand-container can be decorated with any decorative material according to your taste (for example, beads or beads, grains, buttons, or even simple colored paper).
    • The next step is to create a Topiaria trunk. For manufacture, you can use such materials such as branches of trees, spanks, tubes, sushi sticks. In order to give the trunk a finished look, it is recommended to use threads or tapes for the winding. In addition, if you want to create a more elusive trunk, which has the ability to bend and take different positions, you can stop your choice on ordinary wire (you can use both a solid piece and separate trimming).
    • As a final element (so-called crown), you can use any materials. In this case, it is recommended to repel directly from ideas and the finish decor. For example, foam can act as a soft base, solid options – plastic or plastic.

    The finish decoration of Topiaria should be carried out taking into account interests and personal preferences (its or that person you want to present a gift).

    For example, children will have to taste Topiari, decorated with bright candy, and cash bills can be used to create a male toopiary.

    Simple Topiari

    Topiary is a relatively simple handicraft, which can be made with your own hands at home. Such a present you can give your family and loved on any occasion (for example, for a birthday or new year). Consider more Light step-by-step instructions and master classes on the technique of making simple topiariev.


    The most popular variety of flavored Topiaria – composition using coffee grains. This material not only looks attractive, but also makes a pleasant fragrance that will fill your home comfortably and warm.

    For the manufacture of the composition, the following materials will be needed:

    • Polyfoam (for a spherical basis)+
    • Tree branch (for trunk)+
    • You can use a cup as a stand+
    • Coffee beans (for decoration)+
    • Gypsum Solution (as filler)+
    • newspaper+
    • paints+
    • glue.

    So, To begin with the prepared foam, you need to give the shape of the ball, and then put it on one of the ends of the branch (For more reliable consolidation, it is recommended to use glue). Next, we glue both elements with a newspaper, and then paint the entire surface of brown paint (in tone with coffee beans). Then pour the gypsum solution into the circle and put the barrel to the base, we wait until everything dries. The last stage is to decorate all the elements with the help of coffee beans (other decorative elements can also be used as desired).

    Useful advice. If you want to show creativity and create an unusual composition, you can not create the basis not in the form of a bowl, and another form – for example, “soaring” the cup will look very stylish and unusual.

    Money Tree

    Preparatory actions in this case are similar as in the case of the manufacture of a coffee composition. However, in the monetation situation, it is recommended to choose a more reliable basis (for example, wire). You can use a tray or plate as a stand. In order for your Topiary to become truly “monetary”, it is recommended to decorate with coins and cash bills (they can be printed using the printer). Monetary Topiary – a great present for the new year.


    The base of the sweet Topiaria is made according to the standard scheme. However, in this case, special attention should be paid to the selection of the stand – it is desirable that it be small in size, but very bright and memorable. Different candies are used as decorations – for example, multicolored dragee, caramel in bright wrappers, small chocolates. Such a composition will make an indelible impression on each child or an adult sweet tooth.


    When creating a winter toopia, do not be afraid to show creativity. So, As a stand, you can use a transparent vase, a snow-white mug or any other container that can later paint in snowflakes. Christmas toys, branches of coniferous trees, ribbons are suitable for jewelry. In order to create a truly new year and winter decoration, try to give the basis not a spherical, but a clearly defined form (for example, the shape of the christmas tree).

    This can be easily done with a fuel material (for example, foam).


    Obviously, spring topiary should be as bright and flower. Such a handicraft made at home – a great present of your mom or sister. For decoration, use artificial flowers and ribbons.


      In order to be satisfied with the result at the end of the creative process, it is very important to comply with some simple recommendations of specialists.

      First of all, When choosing decorative materials, it is important to make sure that they are all combined with each other. Just so you can form a single composition.

      Traditionally, the basis of Topiary is customary to make a spherical shape. However, if you wish, you can refuse this rule and approach the creation of a fake more creatively and creatively. So, for example, if you want to present a similar composition as a birthday present, you can make the foundation in the form of numbers (orient how many years is the birthday man). So you create the most unique craft.

      About the features of Topiaria for beginners, see the following video.

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