Topicia from cones: features and interesting ideas

Topicia from cones: features and interesting ideas

Creative hobby is not only an interesting pastime. This is an opportunity to create your own hands unique things that can decorate the house, supplement any holiday (if they are made in the appropriate subject) and which can be used as a gift to relatives and loved ones. Today we want to tell you about an unusual decorative tree – Topiaria – and its creation of spruce or pine cones.


Topiary (or “Tree of happiness”) is a small decorative composition in the form of a small tree with a geometric crown. According to beliefs, it is able to attract to the house comfort, heat and well-being.

Topiaria can be mastered from almost any girlfriend. It can be the gifts of nature (bumps, grain coffee, yellow, chestnut fruit, nuts, dry flowers, tree leaves, twigs) or something, houses found (pasta, beads, flask tissue). Your fantasy in this case should not be limited.

The classical form of the Topiaria crown is a ball, but no one forbids you to create a tree with a cone-shaped or heart-shaped crown.

Topiaria from cones to do is very easy. Firstly, this natural material is available to everyone – it is enough to go to the park where coniferous trees grow, and you can choose a whole bag of various cones: spruce, pine, larch and even fir-fir. Secondly, the unique scaly structure of the cone gives me a special “forest” appearance and turns it into a unique decoration for the house. Well, thirdly, the creation of the “Tree of Happiness” is a fascinating process that does not differ in particular complexity.


To create a classic Topiaria, you will have to prepare materials.

  • Newspapers, foam, polyurethane foam sealant. Of these, you will make a ball base. By the way, in various hobbies markets, it is often possible to detect and purchase an already finished billet from plastics.
  • For the manufacture of the crown, you will need cones, grain coffee, aches (both whole, and just hats), Christmas tree balls of different colors, lollipops, dried flowers, dried leaves, cinnamon sticks and t. D.
  • To create a tree trunk, Prepare a branch of a suitable thickness, wire, cardboard, pencil, foil.
  • “Tree of happiness” is usually located in a pot. You can use a jar, a vase, a glass of plastic or a classic flower pot.
  • Decor. We can speak infinitely about him, because its diversity is limited only by the fantasy of the master. For decorative jewelry Topiaria, you can take dried red berries rowan, moss, Christmas tree or pine needles, beads, bows, flavors fabric.

The final choice of decor depends on the topic “Tree of happiness”.

It is known that cones when drying can refuse and lose the commodity view. To this not happen, listen to our advice:

  • Pre-hide the bumps several times boiling water+
  • Keep them in warm place about 15-20 days+
  • Next, process the bumps of copper vitrios, sprinkling each with a sprayer so that the solution could penetrate the scales.

Master classes for beginners

We invite you to consider 3 master classes to create topiaries from cones. The first will be devoted to the manufacture of a classic “happiness tree”.

So, you will need:

  • cones of coniferous trees+
  • Ball Bowl (you can purchase a ready-made ball in a hobby market or create a punch paper paper)+
  • Adhesive gun, special adhesive wand+
  • gypsum or alabaster solution+
  • Sudine to accommodate Topiaria: Pot, Bank, Glass+
  • strong and fairly thick wood branch for the trunk, preferably a bit crash+
  • Spray Spray Cylinder With Gold Color Paint.

Getting to manufacture.

  • Choose conversions of the same size. Put them aside.
  • If you bought a ready-made balloon, Slide it on a tree branch and fasten with glue. If there is no finished base, create it from newsprint: thickening the pages, pour them with boiling water, mixed with the household soap, and wait. When the paper will swell, roll out the ball of suitable diameter from it and leave to dry.
  • Preheat adhesive gun. Start alternately to smear the bumps with glue and roll them to the base. Do it neatly and carefully, picking up a bump in size so that the Topiary is not “proper”. Try not to use too much glue, because its excess may look unesthetically on the finished handicraft.
  • Strengthen the tree branch in the selected tank. For this we need a gypsum solution. How to do it: Pour a dry building mixture of water temperature, bringing the substance to the substance to creamy. Install the trunk strictly in the center of the pot, pour it with a gypsum solution, not adding to the top of approximately 1 centimeter.
  • To compensate for the deforming voltage of frozen gypsum mixture Pre-put a piece of wire or crumpled foil in the container. After soaring, decorate the gypsum strings or other decorative elements.
  • Final stage – Topiary processing Golden paint.

If you want to create the effect of sorry snow, sprinkle a freshly brazed seal with a semoliant, shook extra grains. Classic Topicia from cones Ready.

For the second master class “Autumn Topiary” Prepare:

  • Shar-foundation+
  • Blank for the trunk, preferably a twig+
  • pot+
  • Polyurethane foam sealant+
  • Pebble+
  • Pine cones+
  • Moss decorative+
  • Glue+
  • Dried oak leaves+
  • Jute Rope+
  • Decorating decorations on your choice.

Process of creation.

  • First of all we will prepare a pot. We put the stones on the bottom (for weighting of the design), install the trunk, fill in the container with sealant.
  • Wind the trunk of the rope so, to not be seen a bark.
  • Decorating the crown: First we glue the cones, then – we are glad, we try to close the maximum “propellas”. The remaining emptiness fill with oak leaves. However, do not forget to leave the place to fix the trunk.
  • We carry out the assembly of Topiari: glue barrel to krona, in the pot put moss, dry leaves, minor yolids.

If you wish to give a tree more decorativeness, use beads, golden spray paint.

For the Third Master-class “New Year Topiary” you will need:

  • Any bumps+
  • Dried rowan+
  • Pins Portnovsky+
  • Glass of plastic+
  • glue+
  • scissors+
  • leg-split+
  • Thicks+
  • Styrofoam+
  • Milled from Lyk+
  • Branch for trunk+
  • Dry leaves and flowers+
  • Cretaged paper orange and green.

Step by Topiaria assembly scheme.

  • To begin with the foundation. Cut out polyfoam base with a diameter equal to the diameter of a plastic cup. Insert it into the prepared container.
  • Turn around the ball base of the attached orange paper, Capping it at the base of thread. The same is done with a glass, where our tree will be placed, only for its winding we use green paper.
  • Decorating the trunk: wind the twig twine, fixing the rope from both ends with glue. Connect the barrel with the crown of the future Topiaria and its base.
  • Confirm decorative elements: With the help of the portno pins we attach rowan berries to the crown, moving from the center clockwise and leaving no empty intervals. After that, it is necessary to glue the bumps, leaves, dry flowers and any other decor at your request.

You can also process the finished topiary of aerosol paint or glitter.

Examples of original crafts

It is time to admire beautiful topiaris from the cones and inspire to create our own “happiness tree”.

Classic Topiary, decorated with small red balls, is perfect for decorating a festive table for the new year. Print on a mug with fun Santa Claus and a red bow perfectly complement the Christmas stylistics.

A bouquet of large pine cones, twigs of cypress and clouds of Ryabina look great in a gray brown vase.

Another New Year Topiary, this time made “in gold”.

Autumn version “Tree of happiness”, Augmented by a wreath created in a single stylist with a vine, artificial vegetables, leaves, berries and acorns. Very cute and “in the topic” Looks decorative orange deeper. Complements the composition of the clay pot.

With this Topiaria, it will be able to decorate even the most modern interior. Used only 3 main colors: white, brown (its shades) and golden. The bumps of ate and pine here are supplemented with cotton boxes, corks from wine bottles, brown chopsticks, jute and glass balls. The barrel is painted in white, the bottom of the pot has been reapken with white pebbles.

About how to make topicia from pine cones, see in the following video.

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