Topicia from satin ribbons: Interesting options and care

Topicia from satin ribbons: Interesting options and care

Such an unusual decoration is often found in residential premises, and in offices. It is also called the tree of happiness, because it is like an amulet brings good luck to its owner.


Topiary – is not a copy of a living tree, since in the process of its creation use a large number of different materials and color solutions. For decorating such a tree, tapes, grain coffee, beads, rhinestones, natural materials and many more interesting things are used.

Topiary – a small decorative tree that can be an excellent gift for a dear person or will serve as a talisman to attract good luck.

Topicia from satin ribbons. Gentle satin ribbon will give Topiariya special refinement and delicacy. The tapes of contrasting shades will be exceeding, but also a tree made in pastel colors looks wonderful. From the tapes you can make different flowers, make balls or droplets, wind the ribbon. Successfully complement the product and small decorations: beads of different sizes, pebbles, decorative rhinestones and small insect figures.

Such a souvenir is the most popular among other types of topiaries, since a gift is easy to choose for any event or arranged an interior.

Make such a tree can be made of satin rods or ribbed curls. Any of these options will look organically and festively.

Selection and collection of main parts

To the selection of the main components of Topiaria is to approach thoroughly, because the general view of the tree depends on. The crown and the trunk are fixed with the help of an adhesive gun, and the barrel is fixed in a gypsum.

  • Crown. This is the main part of the decoration. From what to do it – it all depends on the fancy of the master (ribbons, flowers, beads, grain coffee, coins, rhinestones, small buttons, butterflies and t. D.).
  • Trunk. Here you can simply choose something similar in shape: a small stick, a pencil, a twig, a thin roll of cardboard and pr. In the process of work, the trunk or paint, or wind the decorative ribbon.
  • Vazan. It is selected suitable for a general view of a small capacity. It is bought and modified under the image.

Options Decoration


  • Ribbon from Atlas+
  • Silver Fabric Cut+
  • White satin ribbon, 1 cm wide+
  • Threads similar to color ribbons, thin needle+
  • Printing material (for example, synthetone balls)+
  • Cup+
  • lighter+
  • tennis ball+
  • Pina+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • alabaster+
  • Little Vase For Room Flowers+
  • Small decoration items.

First we make a hole in the ball. Gypsum or alabaster need to stir with water to obtain a homogeneous mixture, pour the solution and insert our workpiece. Leave dry. While everything dries, you can proceed to the rosette from satin ribbons. You need to turn the right end in the form of a triangle so that the right tape tip looked down, and the top was the shiny side.

The right lower corner must be left to the left and make the tube again, with turning to the left. Next, you should continue to bend and twisted the ribbon, not forgetting to flash the middle. In the same sequence, we continue to make petals until the ribbon is over. Tip tape need to hide and fasten with a needle. By the same technology we produce the following roses.

Deciding on colors, you can begin to glue them. Decorate the trunk of Topiaria decorative ribbon. Then proceed to decorating the pot using sequins.

It can be put in it decorative moss.

Flowers from organza

From her the most elegant topiary. Such an air decoration can be done with your own hands.

Consider a step-by-step master class (MK).

  • Cut the narrow strip of the tissue, we turn it with snail, pre-processing the sequencing edges. In order to get a lush, beautiful flower, you must first work with a bud.
  • We draw a template and cut the required number of parts. Try to carefully perform work to get a beautiful flower.
  • Finished petals collect in bud and fasten with multiple stitches or sample. Similarly, we glue beads that play the role of stamens. The finished product is fixed to the base using a pin.

Poppy from satin ribbons

Necessary materials:

  • Billet from felt+
  • Satin red ribbon+
  • scissors+
  • Moulin+
  • lighter+
  • paper+
  • needle with thread.

Method of manufacture.

  1. Draw on a paper sheet of petal, which will become a template for creating a flower.
  2. We apply the template and cut the required number of petals, templates for convenience can be pinned with pins.
  3. There should be six petals. If not everything turned out perfectly, then after burning the shortcomings will hide.
  4. Make the next pattern on 0.5 cm smaller than the previous one and also cut six petals.
  5. Cut Petals by Template.
  6. Make one more pattern, shorter than 0.5 cm and cut six petals.
  7. Handle lighter all carved petals.
  8. We fold the petals, starting from the largest size in a circle, flashing each row.
  9. When will be the first row, insert the stamens from Moulin, flashing them.
  10. Thoroughly flash each row.
  11. We glue the felt blank at the bottom of the flower.



  • button+
  • Ribbon from Atlas+
  • scissors+
  • ruler+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • lighter.


  • We make billets from tape 10 cm long in an amount of 6 pieces+
  • Processing cropped edges+
  • Apply a drop of glue to the middle of each strip+
  • bend the middle of each strip, sticking it+
  • We give all the workpieces by imposing petals to each other in a checkerboard order+
  • We glue a buttonichka like a middle of a flower.



  • Two satin ribbons similar to shades+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • tweezers+
  • lighter+
  • Billet from felt+
  • Beads.

Method of manufacture.

  1. Cut from the tape squares, and the squares of the same color per 1 centimeter more than the other.
  2. Each square need to be added to the diagonal.
  3. Each resulting triangle is two more folded in the middle, fixing with glue every position. Cut the tips and process them with a lighter.
  4. Purify every petal and form a flower, fixing everything with glue.
  5. Felt blank gluitive at the base of the flower.

The flower formation process starts with large leaves, ending with smaller petals.

Satin tape lily


  • Ribbons: Pink and Green+
  • Gold braid round diameter+
  • scissors+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • lighter+
  • hair spray+
  • Needle, thread.

    Method of manufacture.

    1. Preparing templates for petals and a cup.
    2. Cut from satin tape blanks – 6 of pink and three of the green atlas.
    3. We draw the edge lighter.
    4. Each leaf bend in half, stroking his fingers to the middle, slightly burn the fold, in order to preserve the accumulation and the relief appeared.
    5. So all petals are processed.
    6. Making stamens from braid. Edge tapes tie into the node, process it with a lighter. So do five stamens.
    7. We collect all the blanks of the stamens and associate.
    8. Each leaflet sewn to the stamens.
    9. In the first row there should be three sheets. In the second, too, three leafs that need to move a little relative to the first row.
    10. Green details are sewn on pink slopes – they should slightly hug flower.

    When the whole flower is assembled, you need to straighten the leaves and sprinkle them with varnish. Further give the flower shape and leave to dry.

    In Kanzashi technique

    In this technique, we will study the manufacture of three crafts – “Astra”, “Sunflower” and “Hearts”.


    Necessary materials:

    • Satin’s red ribbon+
    • Green ribbon+
    • scissors+
    • Threads, needle+
    • Beads+
    • Adhesive Pistol.

    Manufacturing process. Satin tape cut into segments in 12 mm. The edges of the tape better burn so that they do not appear. The workpiece is folded twice, wrap the edge, getting a petal that stitched around the edge. Also make the rest of the workpiece. We connect them between themselves, making a circle. In the same technique, we make two more mug. We are trying on the blanks and connect them between themselves in a checker, using hot glue. Flower Ready.

    Leafs make from billets of green satin ribbon, 6 cm long. Billet fold twice, outward face. With the help of a thin soldering iron, we highlight a triangle in the upper right corner. Turn the workpiece and get a sheet. They are fixed to the flower with hot glue.



    • Satin ribbons of shuttle and dark green wheels+
    • Large coffee grain+
    • pot+
    • gun+
    • scissors+
    • gypsum+
    • newspaper+
    • lighter+
    • Acrylic varnish+
    • Thick thread+
    • Green Sizal+
    • Branches+
    • Bugs and butterflies for decor.

      Procedure. We make billets of petals. Yellow ribbon cutting on the workpiece and fold them in half. Further we turn off the workpiece on the cone and sample the place of cutting a lighter. In the same sequence, we make leaves, but the size of the blanks is 10 cm. For the formation of a beautiful flower a lot of petals. They are glued on the bottom of the disk – smoothly, each other. Then it turns over and glue green leaves. The initial row is fixed, retreating from the edge of 2.5 cm, and subsequent – closer to the central part.

      Next, the work should be well dry and painted with acrylic composition. It is necessary to paint extremely careful, so as not to stain products. On the back of the disk make a hole for the stalk.

      Further on the middle pasted coffee grain, down the furrows. They are attached in two layers and covered with acrylic varnish. Choose a suitable branch, process it with a skin and very tightly wrap green thread. You can, as an option, paint the stem of green paint. On the top of the stem fasten the flower. After drying it is covered with green leaves.

      In the final part decorating the pot. Apply dry branches with the same pieces. Stick them to the pot in the form of a fence and tightly bypassed the beep. Branches painting acrylic varnish.

      “A heart”

      The manufacturing process is similar to the creation of the previous Topiaria. The only difference is that we choose a non-round crown as a basis, but a heart shape.

      The billet is covered on both sides with paper corrugations. Forming hearts from ribbons and glue them to the workpiece in random order.

      With roses

      We select tape 6.5 cm in width and 90 cm long. Ribbon we put twice in the inside. Further, we flash the blank from the fold line to the edge, on the edge. Pulling out the end of the thread, carefully make an assembly, and wrapped the edge of the ribbon, get a central flower bud.

      Further tighten the ribbon around the circumference of the bouton, fixing the coils around the edge.

      At the finish line, it is necessary to gently cover the ends, and straighten the petals of the finished flower.

      Tips for care

      Topiary does not require much care. It is advisable to put a tree away from direct sunlight to the paints as long as possible remained bright. Periodically rub dust.

      How to make topiary from satin ribbons, look in the following video.

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