Types of Waltz and Rules for His Training

Types of Waltz and Rules for His Training

Waltz is one of the most popular dances. It is dancing at weddings, prom and conventional dance parties. The basics of the Waltz are happy to explore not only children, but also adults, and even the elderly people.

History of origin

Initially, this dance was not so popular. In addition, his execution did not require any special skills. It is believed that the prototype of the Waltz was Landler. This dance German and Austrian peasants danced back in the XIII century. He consisted of smooth steps and turns that people repeated, moving in a circle. Dance was performed on most holidays.

Higher society drew attention to this dance only in the XVIII century. From that time, he became known under his current name.

It comes from the German word Walzer, which means rotating in a circle. It is quite logical. The essence of the Waltz is just in constant circling a pair of the dance hall.

In the first years of the existence of the Waltz, many people treated him quite skeptical. Experienced masters did not like his simplicity. Representatives of the older generation called the dance of indecent. They were outraged by the fact that during the dance, the girl is actually in the arms of men. The church called the Waltz sinful and vulgar. In many countries, this dance is forbidden to dance on the balls. Russia is no exception.

However, despite such a negative attitude from the moralists, the dance still managed to gain popularity in the Supreme Society. In France, Waltz became popular immediately after the revolution. Later it began to dance in other European capitals. Johann Strauss, which wring a large number of waltovy compositions was introduced to the development of this dance.

In the second half of the XIX century, two main varieties of Waltz appeared: Viennese and Waltz Boston. One of them was faster, second – slow.

Now the waltz is not as popular as in the old days. At the same time, the dance is still part of the mandatory program in most dance competitions. Wall with pleasure learn and children and adults.


Now there are 4 main varieties of classic dance.


This dance is distinguished by special beauty and grace. To date, it is one of the most beautiful dances in the standard European program. It is him dancing on the most famous European balas.

It is characterized by speed movements. So learn to dance it is quite difficult. Practicing dancers are recommended together with their regular partners. Dance Waltz only in a closed position.


This Waltz style differs from the previous execution speed. He dances twice as slower. Therefore, you can learn how to dance it much faster. Because of this, it is from him that it is recommended to start learning young dancers. This category includes Waltz Boston, which should also be able to execute professional dancers.


This dance has enjoyed high popular in the USSR. He appeared in the middle of the twentieth century. Figured Waltz is a simplified version of Vienna. It has fewer complex movements and turns. Most of the time of the couple performing such a dance, just spinning. In some moments, a man can knee, allowing her friend to dance around him. It is a figured waltz most often performed modern newlyweds at the wedding.


This unusual dance can be called the hybrid of traditional Waltz and Passionate Argentine Tango. It is not characteristic of the usual waltza rigor. Dance him usually in his pleasure.

Scheme Chair

To learn how to dance the waltz, it is important to master his steps. The feature of the dance is that the first movement is rapid and sharp. The remaining two steps should be barely noticeable. Men and women dance waltz in different ways.

Dancer makes the first step from the left leg. She moves forward. The second leg is immediately tightened by her. These movements must be fast. Next it moves to the side. After that, the man takes the right leg back, and the left returns to the starting point.

Woman dancing her party a little differently. She starts moving with a step with right foot back. She immediately removes a little to the side. Next, the right foot is tightened to the left. After that, the girl takes a step forward. Right leg it returns to the starting point. Then the left leg is tightened to it.

Master this simple scheme is quite simple. The main thing is to train regularly, and carefully follow all your movements.

Main movements and elements

Before you start directly to the dance, you need to master the correct rack. Do it best together with a partner.

Two people become opposite each other. The distance between them should be minimal. Back they always hold straight. Chin should be slightly raised. The girl in this position lightly begins back. The guy supports it under the blade. The hand of the dancer at this moment lies just below the shoulder of her partner. Men’s palm holds the second hand partners.

Having received this rack, the head is dancing need to turn left. Elbows need to be lifted so that they are at the level of shoulders. Only after that you can start dance movements.

The correctness of the position depends on how beautiful the waltovy steps will look.

Novice dancers worth mastering the following dance elements.


One of the main movements in the dance is a turn. It is performed very simple. To begin with the dancer puts the right leg forward. Almost immediately, he slowly turns to the right. The next moment a man finishes his turn. After that, the dancer pulls the second leg to the lead.

Next, he makes two steps back and turns the same way. Partner repeats all movements, reflecting their mirror.


This is another popular movement that should be explored to all people who wish to do dancing. It is performed on 3 accounts. Both dancers are moving equally.

First thing dancer takes a step right foot forward. After that, he leads to her left leg. Next, the right leg go ahead again. The next tact of the tracks is made on the same principle. But the man moves to the left foot. Movements are quick and beautiful. Perform them usually in a circle.

Osiving these basic movements, you can move to the study of more complex figures.

It is worth remembering that all movements in the dance should be smooth and slow. He ends with a light semi-clone towards his partner.

What to dance waltz?

In the first years of the existence of the Waltz, it was made to dance in classic costumes and dresses in the floor.

Men put on black flots, as well as white shirts. Complemented the image of a light bow tie. Male shoes also always chose classic. This image was complemented by gold cufflinks, pocket watches and white handkerchief. Men always danced in gloves. Previously, a woman could well refuse a man in dance if he was without gloves.

Women chose for dancing long dresses with lush skirts. They could be both bright and bright. White outfits were allowed to wear only those who first ended up on the ball. Images complemented comfortable shoes, gloves and expensive jewelry. The hair was usually collected in high hairstyles. This allowed to focus on a beautiful neck.

Now, outfits for speeches and thematic dance evenings are also characterized by brightness. Guys and girls prefer to put on such events classic outfits.

But for training, novice dancers usually choose more comfortable clothes. Things for dance lessons do not have to skip movement. The correctly chosen form should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. In this case, the dancer will receive much more pleasure from his classes.

Choosing music for dance

An important role for a novice dancer plays and the choice of suitable music. Waltz dance best under classic waltovoy compositions.

  1. “Waltz Flowers” Tchaikovsky. This is one of the most delicate melodies to pay attention. It was written specifically for the famous ballet called “Nutcracker”. For many people, this melody is known due to the fact that it sounded in the same name of the Soviet cartoon.
  2. “Spring Voices” Strauss. This composition was written at the end of the XIX century. Nevertheless, the waltz dance under it and now. Melody is perfect for the first performances of novice dancers.
  3. “Wedding Waltz” Dog. This melody was written in just one night. She became popular after the release of the famous Soviet film called “My tender and gentle beast”. Melody is considered one of the most beautiful cynosals. As it is clear from the name of the song, it is very loved by newlyweds. Under this composition and now often put wedding dances. Walp under the graceful and light melody is quite simple.
  4. “Waltz №7” Chopin. This is one of the most famous compositions written by this composer. Dance under it can both experienced dancers and beginners.
  5. “Cinderella” Prokofiev. This melody is part of the same ballet. It is under her that the main heroine of a famous fairy tale danced before midnight. Gentle and light melody is suitable for creating various dance productions.

Having mastered the foundations of dance, and also learned to improvise, you can try to walt under modern melodies.

How to learn to dance?

Waltz, like other ballroom dancing, best practicing since childhood. It is believed that children much faster remember all new. Therefore, they can easily study dance movements. Child wallet, as a rule, learn at additional classes. Dance schools are now in most cities. So finding a suitable place for learning is quite simple.

But it often happens that learn to dance a person is resolved in adulthood. In this case, learning takes away from him much more time. Besides, to train an adult dancer has much diligent.

Adults have several basic dance training options.

Dance school

In many modern dance schools for adults, there are classes for waltz lovers. You can visit them both beginners and people who once engaged in ballroom dancing. Training at school typically include workout, working out basic movements, as well as practice with partner. Thanks to the proper preparation, a person is not so tired. In addition, the prepared dancer is not so bought in the movements.

You can come to the dance school as with a partner and without.

Choose a place for classes need to be responsible. You can be guided by the reputation of the institution, as well as the advice of people who have already been dancing in this place.

Classes with an instructor

Those who want to learn to dance quickly, it is worth trying classes with a personal trainer. Such an option also suits people who do not like to engage in a large company. During such classes, the coach estimates the dance abilities of his students. Due to this, he can help him quickly achieve progress.

The choice of coach also needs to be carefully. He must be a real professional of his case. It is best to work with a person who knows how to dance both fast and slow waltz.

Independent classes

Examine the foundations of the dance can be at home. There are many learning video. On them, professionals step by step explain the basic movements of the Waltz. Plus, this method of learning is that a person can relax as much as possible. In addition, nothing distracts him from training. Classes at home are absolutely free.

Cons of such a learning method are also obvious. Since no one controls the correctness of the execution of all movements, the dancer may learn to walt. In addition, many people have no suitable partner. Therefore, movements have to be hung alone.

Learning to beautifully walt the novice dancer will help simple tips from more experienced people.

  • Traffic constantly train. To learn to beautifully dance, man is important, really, burn by this desire. In this case, he will be able to give dancing a lot of time. You can train not only in classrooms, but at home. Houses dancing is best practiced in a spacious room with a minimum number of furniture. Indoors should also be a mirror in full human growth. In this case, a person will notice all his mistakes.

  • Search inspiration. Permanent listening of beautiful melodies inspires people on dancing. In addition, it helps a person learn to listen to rhythm.

  • Training body. To perform dance movements it was easier, the dancer needs to train daily. Every morning it is advisable to do stretching exercises. You can engage in both video tutorials and a simple program proposed by the coach.

  • Do not hurry the events. After studying the basic movements, you should not immediately demonstrate your dance skills around. At first, the dancer needs to closely follow their feet to prevent mistakes. Having worked out all the movements before automatism, he will already be able to dance much faster and calmer.

  • Attend dance events. I practicing a little in dancing, you can start visiting various dance evenings and thematic parties. Do not be afraid of other people’s views and your own mistakes. Visitors of such events usually only learn to dance. They come at such evenings just to enjoy and practice a little. Do not wait for condemnation from their part. It is worth noting that at such an event you can find a partner or teacher. The latter often come there in order to find students.

  • Correctly choose partners. First of all, attention should be paid to physical characteristics. The permanent partner must be not much higher or below the dancer. An important role is played by dance skills of man. They have partners should be approximately at the same level. In this case, people will be as comfortable to dance together.

The main thing in teaching dance is persistence. Learn to move beautifully from the first time in units. Therefore, you should not despair and throw your classes.

Next, watch the video about the waltz and its varieties.

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