Vellar Yarn: What is and that from you can not connect?

Vellar Yarn: What is and that from you can not connect?

Modern needlewomen are very often choosing not a simple, but velor yarn. Many celebrate that the yarn is quite pleasant to the touch and it is easy to work with it. What is her feature? What can be associated from such a yarn? All the answers are already waiting for you in our material.

Features and choice of yarn

Velur at all times was one of the most popular types of fabrics. And it is not surprising. After all, this fiber is not only beautiful, but also soft, warm. Given all the features of velor, modern needlewomen with great pleasure choose for knitting velor yarn. Knitted products from such a type of yarn are obtained special. They are very pleasant to the touch, they are dense, soft and warm.

Another feature of such yarns is that the finished products do not impair. And the attractive primary type of product is saved as long as possible.

As a rule, such threads relate to artificial or, simply speaking, to synthetic species of yarn. Very often you can find a product that is fully consisting of polyester. Such a fiber perfectly passes the air and keeps heat. You can also find options in which there is a small percentage of woolen, cotton or linen threads. Thanks to this, velor yarn becomes stronger, which means that its wear resistance improves. Another significant plus is that such a yarn can be found completely any color and shade. And it allows you to knit a variety of products from plush threads.

Choosing a plush yarn for needlework, be sure to check its quality. Just pull the tip of the thread to understand, it is high quality or not.

In the event that after such manipulations, the thread will begin to raise heavily, then it is better to give up from such a purchase, as it will negatively affect the quality of the finished product.

More about the features of velor yarn you will learn by looking at the following video.

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