Vintage frames

Vintage frames

Vintage frames can be a very stylish and interesting interior addition. There are a variety of options: with crown, black and white, oval and others. It is important to know how to choose them, as well as how to make them.


Vintage style products are becoming more popular. That is why throw away old things, even if they seem inappropriate and ridiculous sometimes, stupid. However, a good visual effect is achieved only under the condition of the skillful inclusion of things with an antique flavor in the interior. The most important feature of such products – there should be no synthetic materials in them. An obligatory requirement is both visual uniqueness, since the template, monotonous looking items in such stylistics will not exactly fit.

Any vintage frames made by your own hands should be artificially aged.

The use of unsaturated tones, natural paints is welcomed. Dark or bright colors prefer – it is necessary to solve yourself.

Can be found:

  • Plant ornaments+
  • Landscape compositions+
  • Stressed old portraits+
  • Images with Japanese Motifs.


Vintage photo frames can be imitated by stylistics of different past decades. But at the same time, the sample can not be that younger than 20 years. A combination of stylistic moments, let’s say, from the 20s and 70s of the last century. However, this combination must be most thought out, otherwise it turns out sometimes a terrible beamless. Imitation “roaring twentieth” manages, if you demonstrate a “bright holiday of life”. The stylistics of the next two decades is much more laconic, including in terms of color.

As for the form, classic square and rectangular products are most popular. Their sizes are dictated by common photographic formats:

  • 9×12+
  • 9×13+
  • 10×15+
  • 15×20+
  • 20×30 cm.

Oval and round frames are used not so often. If desired, you can also do stylized under hearts, other design figures. Of course, Kaima is ideally made from a natural tree or at least painted under it. Black and white snapshots are inserted inside + only in isolated cases, color images are allowed, but it is better to leave professional designers. And for lovers of the whole original and gorgeous, it is worth choosing a frame with a crown – it will allow even deeper to plunge into past epochs.

How to make it yourself?

Excellent option – Take the basis of a completely modern frame and artificially aged it. First of all, the surface (not excluding both ribs) is covered with white paint on an acrylic basis. We are more convenient than a painting brush. Strive for perfectly smooth and smooth surface. If the texture from wringing is preserved, it will even fit into a vintage ideal.

At the same time it is necessary to paint all the depressions and tubercles, carved and stucco parts of the workpiece. Paint should dry naturally, and very good, and only then comes the second stage. On the finished base, the primer is applied for metal (if it is desired, it contains brown or gray paint). Save on the primer should not. Brushes as it were to slide, moves easily and does not shine the relief overly strongly.

At the corners, the vintage frame is painted in two or even three layers. This allows you to achieve maximum realistic coverage. Relief is preferably tamping with a brush, not forgetting about the ribs. The new layer must also dry to the end.

The third stage of work will require a white acrylic again, which is applied by a foam sponge to the most notable parts of the relief, and then smear the rumble of the sponge.

On this preparation in principle completed. Sometimes you still apply a matte varnish for a more attractive appearance.

Alternative solution – Production of frame based on foam plinth.

It is easy to cut into the required parts, then glue and paint. Vintage designs from this material, really, look as if they were created for a very long time.

      The combination of flat and concave plinths allows you to create volumetric compositions. Some people try to use varnishes with crustaceous effect (as if cracked) and gold acrylic paint. Very good idea – room in the homemade frames of a series of photos or paintings of one topic in compliance with composite rules. Sometimes to decorate kraft paper. As the basis for its application to the rear plane photos take binding cardboard.

      How to make a compiled vintage frame style, you can see in the following video.

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