We choose scissors for needlework

We choose scissors for needlework

In everyday life can not do without scissors. They are needed for both domestic affairs and for work (first of all office). But those who, indeed, cannot work without them, these are the seamstress and everyone who is engaged in needlework. However, ordinary scissors are not suitable for most such classes – they are too uncomfortable, poorly cut and even rip the fabric or other threads. All about what handicraft scissors are presented, how to choose them correctly, read in this article.


Consider the features of the scissors for needlework in order to better understand what their differences from ordinary models.

  1. The first thing that distinguishes the scissors for needlework from others, and also immediately rushes into the eyes – this is an unusual form. Large products it is bevelled into one of the sides, it also cannot always be symmetrical.

  2. In such products, higher quality metal. They usually serve longer, and some may even require sharpening for a long time with frequent use. The latter happens, because most models have a special laser sharpening.

  3. The blades of such scissors are tightly adjacent to each other. Partly due to this and they cut it much better.

  4. Special products are much heavier than its usual analogs.

What happens?

Seam must have several scissors. They are needed in order to perform work at different stages of sewing, as well as for use in various types of sewing and needlework. Relying on the functions performed, the scissors can be divided into three main types.

  • Portnovo scissors. Used for cutters. Have a characteristic form – are “beveled”. One of the rings is more, you can enjoy four fingers.

Designed to cut fabrics in a horizontal position. As a rule, made of wrought steel and have laser sharpening.

  • Needraft scissors. Used for embroidery, appliqués and so on. Often they are included in various gift sets. There are several types: for embroidery (they are the most beautiful, very curly, but decorative, the most popular models – “Rancakes”), clamps – tweezers (needed to work in the most narrow places), products for appliqué (one of the blades in the form of a spatula, Well cuts threads next to the seam), products for the patchwork (they cut several layers of fabric and in such a way that they do not diverge).

  • Special products. Represent a separate class of products with characteristic features that other products are not. There are the following types – Zigzag models (have a slice in the form of teeth, prevent dissolution of the tissue), spring scissors (snippers, can neatly cut into threads, have a small shape and blades, similar to claws), leather products (the name speaks for itself ), self-folding models (due to the special sharpening the microzigzag can not require sharpening for a long time).

Best manufacturers

The best and acceptable in terms of steel producer products Aurora. The company offers scissors made of steel, at a low price. Among foreign manufacturers can be noted the famous brand Madeira. The feature of these products is the manufacturer material – steel that melts high pressure. Scissors for needlework of the German company Schmetz got good reviews. Their characteristic feature is also the material of the manufacture – Steel Solingen (it is durable and reliable).

Even the smallest threads and stitches of the Finnish company Fiskars are perfectly cutting. Buyers celebrate good grinding products.

Child Nuances

Select scissors for needlework is easy, but there are some nuances.

  1. Purchase products targeted. Simply put, you do not need to buy scissors for the skin, and after using them for paper, and so on. So they will deteriorate.

  2. Separate products are necessary for cutting especially durable materials (metal threads, lightning and other things). You can not cut them with scissors for cutting.

  3. If it is possible, it is best to test scissors before buying. Products must be comfortably sitting in hand, as well as hard to cut the cloth in all directions.

  4. The weight of the product should not be too big. This product will soon be inconvenient to use.

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