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Nowadays, it became extremely popular to organize thematic parties. One of the most common today is an Oscar party, on which you can put on beautiful evening dresses, as well as other long outfits. Hollywood Style Party will be an excellent solution for people who want to celebrate their birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other event. It remains only to take care that every guest felt special and able to understand what it is – to have star status.


In the process of creating the scenery it is worth remembering that Oscar ceremony is an event of world importance. That is why it is best to use the restaurant’s hall as the main premises, which will be able to fully comply with the importance of the event. The selected room should be distinguished by spacious sizes, as well as beautiful furniture.

One of the most important attributes of Oscar is a red carpet. If possible, you can also install poles with ropes. At the entrance it is best to place small billboards so that guests can be photographed. Such a photowon will be remembered for a long time. Over the entire hall, you need to install figures that can be made from ordinary doll, pre-painted it with gold paint. To create the founding of the branded figures, you can use cardboard. Of course, the base should also be covered with the same paint of golden color.

When entering the restaurant can also be placed Great figure “Oscar”. To do this, it is enough to find a mannequin into human growth and paint it. You can decorate the hall with balloons, serpentine and various garlands. You can also use electrical options that will provide room with a necessary amount of bright light. The main colors when finishing the hall should be gold and silver, However, the emphasis can be expanded using red, blue and green.

One of the most important attributes are celebrity pictures that can be hung on the wall.

It may also be frames from the most famous films, on the background of which fans will be photographed.

Of course, in such a hall must be a scene, Therefore, the restaurant must first be divided into 2 parts. The scene should be protected by arch, decorated with balls and garlands. For maximum originality and realism, you can install the screen to broadcast the previous issues “Oscar” on the scene.

Separate attention should be paid to the design of light on stage. When organizing recreation zone, you can use various sofas and small tables.

A distinctive feature of this party is that its design should be stylish and expensive.

Invitation guests

At the ceremony of awarding the most important filmmaking, it is impossible to get just so. The organizers send registered invitations in advance, so when organizing a similar party is to do it. It is best to send letters in a couple of weeks before the event so that each person can choose an outfit for himself.

Close attention should be paid to their design, so that the invitations are delighted and surprise. Stylistics in organizing a similar party is of paramount importance. Color range can be chosen at its discretion, but it is better to give preference to bright colors: red, orange or gold. It is the latter that is associated with the ceremony itself.

Decoration of invitations and envelopes – the responsible process. Be sure to use Corporate Logo “Oscar” or the word “Hollywood”. If you wish to do something original, you can check out postcards in the form of tickets in movies, small posters or film. Modern technologies also allow you to create a video-invitation and send it to email guests. In the invitation point, the date and time of the event began, as well as the place where it will pass.

And you can also clarify the presence of a dress code. This will help guests choose an outfit and protect the party from those who want to come in ordinary clothes.

Choose outfit

One of the most important conditions for conducting a similar partin is the selection of the right outfit. Given the importance and obstancy of the event, the ideal decision will be evening outfits. In addition, male and women’s clothing must be fashionable and stylish. In the process of creating an image for ladies, you can use certain elements.

  • Long evening dress. No restrictions on the color decision, every girl can pick up the most optimal option. The most important thing is that the dress looks very stylish. You can add rhinestones or beads. The presence of a deep neckline will also be appropriate, because exactly such outfits give preference most stars.

  • Using a variety of decorations and accessories. You do not need to argue yourself, you can wear the most expensive and causing items that will add chic image. An excellent solution will be earrings, bracelets and even diamond necklaces. Decorations will look great with gloves.

  • Shoes should be seized extremely neat. Only options for high heels are suitable, which are considered an important attribute when creating an image for Oscar.

  • You can choose as an additional item hat or ordinary hairpin.

Men choose the best outfit will be quite simple. The ideal solution will be a tuxedo that will be wonderful to look in combination with a white shirt.

If there is no tuxedo, then you can limit the usual suit and tie.

The distinctive feature of the world of cinema is that it is not customary to conduct any noisy feast. Stars constantly care about their figure, so do not want to eat extra. Moreover, such events do not focus on food at all, as people are going to just chat and have fun.

Usually, the treats are organized in the format when the waiter walks along the hall with food, and the person takes everything that he needs. These are light snacks, champagne, punch and much more. No need to hire a large number of waiters. It is enough to choose 2 professionals who can virtuosively pass between guests. The ideal solution will be cooperation with the Catering Company.

If this option seems unsuitable, then you can try the usual buffet. For the design of the table, small snacks are used, which can be quickly taken and eat without having to use many cutlery. One of the most popular options is the creation of a kendy bar, which is designed in red or gold.

Dishes can use disposable, but it must be decorated with appliques for the appropriate theme. There is no need to fully imitate Hollywood, just enough to plunge into this atmosphere, so you don’t need to pick up plates and cups too carefully. The tablecloth must be monophonic: red, yellow or golden. You can use the original menu.

  • Capps, small burgers or cuts that can be born without the use of cutlery.
  • Seafood, which are in great demand among Hollywood Stars. They are extremely helpful, but at the same time they differ in minimum calorie. If the budget allows, then you can feed lobsters, royal shrimps and even oysters.
  • If necessary, provide guests with something satisfying you can cook steak.
  • A rather interesting dish will be baked in potato foil, which is served with caviar. That is what they offered the stars at the last ceremony of Oscar.
  • Close attention of guests is usually attracted to desserts that must be sophisticated. You can apply strawberries with cream or small meringues.

The proposed drinks must be status, like the event itself. Among the most popular in Hollywood cocktails, you can allocate “Bloody Mary”, “Mochito” and “Blue Lagoon”.

In addition, a cocktail “Hissing of the Golden Goose” was invented specifically for the ceremony, which consists of whiskey, cream and maracuy.

Musical accompaniment

At such an event, music usually plays in the background. Selecting something quiet, but at the same time relaxing. On the Internet you can find a selection of songs that included during the original ceremonies. In addition, it will be very relevant to turn on the soundtracks from the most famous works of Hollywood. It can be music from films, TV series and melodies from the productions.


Competitions and awards need to pay close attention, because it is necessary to somehow entertain the public. One of the most popular is Competition “Sufler”. To hold it, you need to invite the most active ladies to the scene, which become in a row to the guests. Their task is to show the tricks that the stars without any problems. All movements shows the instructor, after which the participants of the competition repeat them. The girl will win, which will definitely be able to convey what was shown to her.

Another popular contest is “Nomination for the best actor”. Now there is a queue of men who should try to repeat the most famous scenes from films. The instructor includes them on the big screen, after which the contestants repeat all movements. The player is also invited to independently call the scene he plans to show. For this, he can take no more than 3 items.

If the viewers were able to quickly guess what was demonstrated, it means that the view was professional, and the participant coped with his task.

As a final contest, you can offer guests remember the most famous phrases from movies that have become cult. The person goes on the stage, calls the phrase, and guests must guess, in which movie she sounded.

Oscar Style Party will be an excellent solution for the celebration of graduation, anniversary for 60 years, corporate party and any other holiday. The main thing is to pay attention to the details that make the ceremony with the original and recognizable worldwide.

It is necessary to take care of the creation of photowons, premiums, to develop a script, come up with awards for women and men.

About how a party is in the Stream “Oscar”, look in the video below.

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