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Party on Space Theme will be an excellent solution for any child. It may be a birthday, graduation in junior grades and even New Year’s matinee. Such an event will be remembered for many years, because it trays a lot of surprises and interesting moments. If everything is properly organized, then the child will have the opportunity to meet with alien inhabitants, hear interesting stories and enjoy the original thematic scenery.


Decoration of the premises and organization of photowons It is worth paying close attention, because it depends on how much a high-quality party will.


When placing a room on space topics, you will have to show fantasy and imagination. The hall can be decorated in the form of an aliens ship, someone else’s planet or cafe from another world. It is possible that guests of the parties can be right in open space. Regardless of how exactly the cosmic direction will be given preference, it is best to withstand the room in blue or purple tones. If you wish to use bright accents You can make some things in yellow or red color solutions.

In the process of design it is worth remembering the main idea – guests are outside the land. It will be necessary to take care of the removal of all items that are related to our planet. If you transfer certain interior elements does not work, you can simply hide them. To create the most original interior, you should adhere to some rules.

  1. Furniture and walls should be covered with curtains. It can be both monophonic tablecloths and options decorated with fabric or paper.
  2. Windows is best closed with pre-printed photos. It must be extraterrestrial images that will create a surreal view.
  3. For the scenery of the walls and the ceiling, you can use crafts in the form of asteroids that are transfusized with the color with the stars. For such a goal, you can apply everything – from cardboard to New Year’s garlands.
  4. On round balls you can draw planets and hang them on the ceiling. As a result, the feeling that the room is located in the open space, and around children there are other worlds. And they can be made using papier mache and dense cardboard. It will be very interesting for children.
  5. If it is a party for very small children, then you can apply an image of various cosmos inhabitants on the wall. There are many animated films on the market today, whose characters will become an excellent solution.
  6. For school age children, you can hang on the wall of photos of the ISS, legendary astronauts, as well as various pictures with cosmic species. If there is a large furniture in the room, then it can be closed with the help of photo wallpapers on the appropriate theme.

One of the most important points is light design, because it is intended to ensure the reality of presence in space. To do this, it is allowed to use a variety of materials that can be found on sale.

  • Paint and special stickers with glow in the dark. They can be decorated with rockets, planets and even dishes.

  • Neon sticks and ribbons. These are quite cheap items, if you order them in bulk. They can be decorating the ceilings and walls, fold various compositions.

  • New Year’s garlands that are made in the form of stars. They will decorate the ceiling and the top of the walls.

  • Electric portable candles. They need to put in banks, which will create a very original effect.

  • If necessary, you can install a special ball or the sky projector. Effects will not be very big, but it all looks interesting.

To ensure better color reproduction and shades, can be used in the design of the room metallized paper and foil, as well as special sequins. As a result, the light in the room will be reflected from the walls, which will give an amazing effect of the party.


Such an event will definitely be deposited in the head in children and adolescents, but to capture the brightest moments exactly. Nothing can cope with this task better as a special photowon. Ideas for its creation set, and among the most popular you can allocate two.

  1. Rockets that can be made from huge boxes. It remains only to cut holes for the portholes and take care of pointed noses.
  2. Cardboard Spacks or Regular Banner on Space Topics. Today in every city there are firms that are created by photoconu. An excellent solution will be not only the starry sky, but also the surface of another planet.


Of course, children need to be invited to such an event. Invitation It should also be issued in the appropriate subject. Do it quite not difficult. It is enough to simply print several images of space, make a small collage, and then write the necessary text on them. In addition, the original and interesting option of invitations will be the use of scrolls that first need to be.

Recently recently become Video spent.

Advanced technologies allow you to create a video installation, where everything happens in open space. It looks extremely stylish and effectively, so accurately will be remembered by guests.

Choice of costumes

To the party goes as best, you need to pay close attention to costumes. The most original and interesting option is Creating an image of a resident of another planet. To do this, an excellent solution will be sparkles, tentacles or other lime materials that will help create a realistic image. The main advantage of Velcek is that after creating a photo it will be possible to remove these details of the costume and enjoy the holiday.

And on the market you can find T-shirts that glow. After simple manipulations, they will turn out to turn into interesting costumes. WITH Attributik There should be no problems, because in each shopping center is full of toys on the subject of space: fiery swords, emblems, helmets, blasters.

Costumes for such an event can be rented. Clothes on cosmic topics are easy to find for boys, and for girls of any age. Adult women’s clothing options with space elements are also sold.

A distinctive feature of the parties to the space theme is also the fact that you can use any menu at the discretion of the organizer. This is Maybe even the usual buffet with fruit, cocktails and canapes. But over the serving will have to break your head so that everything is most original and interesting. Cooking can be decorated with stickers or buy disposable options for suitable topics.

When designing the table and dessert it will be not bad to use Special check boxes and figures of astronauts. To hit children’s imagination, you can order food to space topics. For example, it can be mashed potatoes or something like that. Completely in the subject to organize children’s cocktails and call them so that they remind of travel in space.

Several useful tips.

  1. Guests can be surprised using products of different colors. It can be black and yellow fruits, white carrots and so on. Rare products will create the feeling that they are not with the planet Earth.
  2. An excellent solution will be a molecular kitchen. It does not work out to know what is in front of a person. Exotic fruits and various sauces will be the best resolution of the problem.
  3. With the help of mastic, you can create decorations for dessert in cosmic subject.

If the child marks a birthday, then it is necessary to order in obligatory cake on with space-clearance. Baby for many years will remember such masterpieces.

Scenario Party

Children need an entertainment program, so you need to think about everything so much so that they can enjoy the holiday. Various games, quizzes and competitions will become a real gift for kids and a great way to have fun.

If for adults a clear scenario is not so obligatory, then for children competitions will be more interesting if they are within the framework of the general picture. For example, you can go on a trip through the solar system, where on each planet will have to participate in the competition.

One of the most popular and interesting are Game “Space Pirates”. The essence of her is that everyone checks itself. As an attribute, you can use conventional bowling balls, having traded them small tentacles. Participants take darts and throw in balls.

It is allowed to use slingshots and pneumatic pistols. You can even collect a small arms arsenal and offer children to choose the most liked option. Competition is suitable for children and adults. And men can be used as judges and seconds.

Thus, the part-time on the space theme will be an excellent solution for celebrating the birthday or any other children’s holiday. Beautiful details in this style can be made it with your own hands, and come up with quests and contests will not work.

Further watching video with tips on how you can prepare a children’s party in a cosmic style.

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