All about artificial seals

All about artificial seals

New Year holidays do not cost without a tree, which has become the main symbol and decoration of the holiday. Install artificial beauty is much more profitable and more convenient. It can be used not one year, but it can stand in the room for several months. Such spruce is not published for temperature and humidity in the apartment.


Artificial Christmas tree is much more practical and more convenient to use:

  • Nee do not cry needles+
  • it does not need to watered and moisturize+
  • She will serve not one year+
  • Many different species, sizes and even colors+
  • it makes from hypoallergenic material+

These products have different costs, there are both inexpensive, so higher accommodation options. Only one fact can be attributed to cons – no coniferous smell.


The modern market offers a huge selection of artificial Christmas trees, so that everyone can choose a Christmas tree for himself.

By the type of construction distinguish several options.

  • Cast a her. This option will be the most expensive, but also the most believable. The manufacturing technology is that the branches are made entirely of rubber, and then combined into a solid design. Thus, silicone needles look like real, although they do not prick and take the initial shape after bending.

  • Ate from PVC films. Models that are manufactured in this way occupy a niche of a medium and low price segment. Needles are created from wire or fiber optic and turn the film. Since the manufacturing process is easier than the previous one, then the market is much more. This type is different from the previous type by the fact that it is less durable.

  • Ate from the fishing line. This option is the cheapest, because the needles are performed from the usual painted fishing line. It looks not very believable, but is distinguished by high strength. In addition, it all depends on the quality of manufacture.

Overview of the best models

In order to choose a Christmas tree that perfectly fit into your interior and will delight your eyes, you need to explore the market. Today, manufacturers can offer a huge number of models, among which you can accurately find “your” New Year’s Beauty.

  1. Ate color It has long been not limited to various shades of green. You can find white, blue, black and many other colors.
  2. In order to give a tree Natural View, Slap snow-covered fir, for which paint applied in advance. You can do it at home yourself. All you need is an artificial snow in the can. They also decorate windows and doors.
  3. Another advantage of artificial firings is that they can be absolutely different in height. Standard height for the apartment – 180 cm, but manufacturers offer trees from 50 cm to 3 meters. Such high chips can be used in shopping centers or on the street.
  4. For those who love comfort in the interior, manufacturers offer highlighted trees. LED tape is already included in the package. If you like minimalism, the New Year tree can be left and so.
  5. By construction Christmas trees can be cast, that is, not to develop, and national teams that disassemble the elements and are easier and more convenient to store.

How to choose?

Choose high-quality artificial Christmas tree for home is not very difficult. It all depends on your preferences. The main criteria on which the models differ are color, size and type of assembly.

If with the first two more or less clear, then about the latter it is worth saying that ate happens:

  • Fully cast – that is, they do not understand.
  • Collapsible to tiers – you have to turn and emit each branch.
  • Collapsible on branches – Each branch is disconnected from the barrel base.

Now the market has also been presented a self-staring tree. When choosing you should pay attention to how you will store a Christmas tree in the period between holidays so that it does not occupy an excess place.

How to collect and disassemble?

Artificial Christmas tree collect quite easily, it will take the time of your time. Although new difficulties may arise in this case.

Collapsible type model is collected in several steps.

  1. First you need to spray the base-frame and support. The strength and stability of the design depends on this step.
  2. Depending on the height of the tree, you can have a different number of details. You need to install the trunk and attach the branches to it from below the tiers. After fixing each tier, it is advisable to paint the branches so that they look like fluffy.
  3. After completing the work Check from all sides, So that the branches are located symmetrically and filled the space between the tiers.

The model of one-piece type is going even easier than the previous option.

  1. The first step coincides with the last instruction. You need to secure the stand with the barrel.
  2. You stay to attach branches to the trunk, while making them.
  3. Ready design need to be checked on the symmetry of the location of the branches.

Another option of assembling an artificial tree – by numbers. Once you connect the frame to the base, you need to insert branches in those holes that are indicated by the same numbers. For convenience, it is recommended to start from the lower tier.

When the celebration of the new year ends and the Christmas tree needs to be removed, the question arises, how it is right and convenient to collect it. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this if you act consistently.

After you remove and remove the New Year toys, you need to disconnect the branches from the trunk. Each branch must be wrapped in a food film, so they will not take a lot of space. Now it is better to start on top and each tier to store in a separate place. You can simply link them with a rope or put in a separate box. Then it will also be left to discharge the trunk on the part and place everything in the box.

If your Christmas tree is not laid out, you just need to wrap it with a film, pressing the branches to the trunk. Then you can add it to the box or in the bag so that dust does not fall on the tree.

Scotch is preferably not used because needles can stick to it or adhesive can remain. In any case, it will look ugly. Before removing a storage tree, you need to care for her: wash the contaminated details, wipe the dust and reveal the intricate needles.

How to store?

        Package artificial Christmas tree can be in several ways.

        1. In factory box. Often such boxes for this and are intended. They are compact and do not occupy a lot of space.
        2. In a bag-case. On the market you can find special bags for storing unintellular artificial Christmas trees, but collapsible branches can be stored in such.
        3. In a pipe. Another storage system was invented for unintended Christmas trees, it was a plastic tube with a diameter of about 50-70 cm. It closes on both sides with covers.

        In the period between the winter holidays, leave the Christmas tree in a dry and warm room, it is desirable that the sun’s rays will not fall on it. It can lead to the fading of the color of the needles.

        Suitable for this place: wardrobe, pantry, drawer under the bed, closed balcony or heated garage.

        About how artificial ate do, look in the video.

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