All about Christmas candles

All about Christmas candles

Decorating the dwelling of candles in the New Year holidays – a long tradition. This festive attribute symbolizes the human soul, its inner power. Candles contribute to creating a warm and cozy situation, so many light them for the new year.


Beautiful New Year’s candles give warmly, protruding a kind of family symbol, spiritual unity with loved ones. People like to light the lights in their homes. There are many varieties of festive candles with original performance. These decorative elements make interiors unique. On the night before Christmas, people decorate the windshield windows. Grilled candles personify rebirth, new life.

On the last evening of the year, the need to create a warm and cozy atmosphere is particularly acute, therefore this object of decor and enjoys such popularity. Candles decorated the New Year’s table, arrange them around the room. They can be decorated and the staircase, the main thing, abide by ignition, so that it does not happen.

There is even a tradition of ignition candles on a festive table. The smallest of the guests does it along with the most age.


There are several varieties of candles that decorate the premises in the New Year holidays, we list the most popular.

  • Table candles possess classic design and small size. Exquisite and sophisticated appearance they are given at the expense of Kandelabra. The new year decor is popular with their combination with coniferous branches.
  • Candles-columns low, but at the same time possess a wide diameter.
  • Pills are flat paraffin products, they are enclosed in aluminum sleeve.
  • Aromatic candles Contain essential oils.
  • Curly candles produced in the form of the heroes of fairy tales, they can be snowmen, Santa Claus and other characters.
  • Carved products have an original appearance, remind works of art. Candles of this type allow you to implement a variety of ideas of the New Year’s decor.
  • Candles from the female often mastered with their own hands. Honey fragrance comes from them – these are environmentally friendly products. Material for creating such candles can be bought at the apiary or in a specialized store. Waxed candles can have a different form: standard, flat, curly.
  • Gel products attract their brightness and beautiful appearance. They are made in the form of a glass container in which a gel with decorative elements placed in it. Gel candles have many advantages: durability, pleasant fragrance, aesthetics, no gary.
  • Electric candles Combine traditions and modernity. LED body housing is made of paraffin, the fire imitates the lamp. The advantage of such candles is to fireproof. The choice is offered shimmering products that imitate the real fire. Similar elements of festive entourage durable. From them the bright amber glow and warm white light. There are options with a changing flame color.
  • Many prefer the candles on batteries. This is an electrical type that can have classic performance and represent columns. Candles on batteries decorate windows, New Year’s table, shelves, without fear of fire.

    The glow in such accessories happens:

    • constant+
    • flickering+
    • Resting “Living” Flame.

    The latter implies the drying of the fire, as if under the dunge of the wind. Permanent glow Reminds the light of the ordinary lamp. Flickering Mimics flashing backlight. Manage Candles on batteries using the built-in switch or the console. Decorative elements activate and turn off the lever or giving commands at a distance. If you have a control panel, you can set various color and flickering modes.

    There are also planned candles, the fire is not real, while it can be poisoned. Imitation is achieved at the expense of the LED lamp. Accessories are equipped with a breathtaking sensor.

    Activation and disconnection of the decorative element are possible and using a standard switcher.

    Flickering candles on batteries are popular. Most often their case paraffin, sometimes plastic. Very spectacularly watch round candles chameleons, changing the color of the flame when burning. Case from paraffin is equipped with LEDs starting to function after the ignition of the candle. Products contain stearin, so they differ in resistance to deformations – do not spread.

    Most people are difficult to submit a new year without Bengal lights. Their use can be combined with decorative candles equipped with backlight. In specialized stores you can buy venetian candles and other varieties. The choice is very large, there are not only classic white on sale, but also other options: red, green. With their help it is easy to create unusual compositions, winning transforming room on holidays.

    How to decorate them?

    When creating a festive interior, a desire to make each of its elements colorful and elegant. New Year accessories can be given an even more interesting view, the originally decorating them.

    • New Year’s accessories are decorated with decoupage techniques, create a truly exclusive decor.
    • The idea of ​​placing candles in crystal glasses is popular. Such compositions may consist of cones, ribbons, beads.
    • Presentatively looks candles in christmas wreaths from fir branches.
    • Elegantly looking candles on the legs of glasses. Practically in every house there are old wine glasses. This is the perfect base for festive table decoration.
    • Even the ordinary glass jar can be turned into a presentable candlestick, decoring it with a ribbon.
    • Original Candle Stand – Flower Pot. Put a small amount of moisturized floral foam into it, stick the coniferous branches and berries, leaving a place in the center for a candle. Make a few holes for the twigs that will perform the function of the retainer and insert the candle in the floral foam.
    • Another interesting idea lies in the fall of the bottom of the candle with bilateral scotch and decorating the circumference with candies.

    A creative approach to the creation of compositions from candles will surprise all guests gathered for the holiday.

    How to use in the interior?

    New Year’s candles can be used in the interior in various ways. It is important to know how many of them should be, for example, two candles personify the essence of God and man. Three, according to Eastern traditions, symbolize the unity of the soul with the spirit and body. Four candles are indicator of well-being. Candles can be put on the table, window and window sill. The main thing is to determine the amount and place where they will stand.

    Learn to competently combine decorative elements with dwelling interior.

    • Table candles with conifer branches You can decorate the cottage, village house or country style interior.
    • Accessories, decorated in the technique of decoupage, Perfectly fit into the room, weathered in olive-style.
    • Candles in Bokalch – Excellent solution for high-tech and modern.
    • Gel candles Harmoniously complement the room, weathered in the romantic style.
    • Compositions with coffee beans and berries decorate the kitchen.
    • Candles decorated with cinnamon sticks, – Excellent Loft Interior Solution. Similar decor elements look original and concisely, they can be called universal.

    Decorative candles – an integral part of the New Year holidays. They have a creative design and contribute to creating a unique situation, the main thing is to harmoniously enter them into the interior concept.

    See New Year Candles in the following video.

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