All about Kazakh new year

All about Kazakh new year

New Year’s holiday in Kazakhstan people celebrate in different ways: someone prefers to meet him in a narrow home circle, and someone joins the noisy fun in the company of friends or goes to various entertainment institutions. During the New Year’s celebration of all people unites faith in the best and hope that the coming year will be happier and lucky than the year outgoing.


Kazakhstan celebrates the new year twice. The first time is celebrated by the traditional European New Year, which comes on the night of December 31 on January 1. His residents of Kazakhstan began to celebrate only from the middle of the XIX century with the arrival of Kazakh lands of the Slavs. At the time of the unification of the republics in the Soviet Union in Kazakhstan, many Slavic traditions were firmly entrenched, including the celebration of the New Year.

For the second time, the Kazakh New Year is celebrated on Eastern tradition, and it happens from March 21 to March 23. Called this holiday in Kazakh Naurys Maeram. Kazakhs celebrated this holiday for many centuries, and now this tradition has not lost their national significance for them.

How to celebrate?

On New Year’s holidays, the Kazakhs do not work. Numbers from January 1 to January 2 and from March 21 to March 23 are the official weekend holidays in the republic, when all people are resting. This time Kazakhs devote to communicating with relatives and loved ones, meet friends.

Approaching the European New Year’s holiday in Kazakhstan feels in advance. From the first days of December on the streets of cities, in shop windows, festive garlands are beginning to be lit in the windows of houses, the Christmas trees are installed, which decorate the New Year’s toys and Mishur. On the central streets of the cities of the Christmas tree appear only after Independence Day, that is, after December 16.

Festive dinner in Kazakh families begins on the evening December 31, Everyone is waiting for the New Year’s appeal to the President with the summary of the outgoing year and congratulations, after which the festive salute rattles and there is a fight of watches that announce the coming next year.

In cities and villages in the New Year holidays, the people suggests mass guides, where you can see a fairy-tale character named Ayaz Ata, which can mean “Santa Claus”.

Often, next to him goes and his granddaughter-assistant. New Year for the Kazakhs is a family holiday, and at this time they give each other pre-prepared souvenirs and gifts. The inhabitants of large cities are now often choosing the celebrations of the New Year Clubs or Restaurants.

A few minutes before the new year, people take a glass of champagne in the hands of a glass of champagne, the Bengal lights light and under the battle of the clock congratulate each other, wishing happiness. After midnight, Kazakh youth goes to the streets of cities and joins the festive festive, watching shows and fireworks, congratulating friends and acquaintances. On New Year’s Eve, you can go to visit each other, visiting and congratulating close people.

Traditions and customs

Eastern New Year is celebrated in Kazakhstan with the arrival of spring, in March, when the snow is already melting, and nature awakens from the winter sleep, feeling the imminent summer approach. For centuries, the Kazakh people have developed a tradition to celebrate the beginning of a new period of agriculture precisely on the days of Naurys Mairma. At nomadic peoples, he was the most revered and important holiday, but with the religion of Naurys Mairma, there is no connection, so no rites were committed these days. In the period from March 21 to March 23, Kazakhs congratulate each other and wish a prosperous, yield and profitable year.

In the old days, people were preparing in advance for the celebration of Naurys Mare old men Streaming mustache and beard, got the best and new outfits, went to visit each other, congratulated their relatives and loved ones, wishing them to good and happiness. These days, the Kazakhs were made to conduct various competitions, one of which was to shoot on archery. To the contest, the men were preparing for about a week, honing their skills to perfection. Everyone could participate in competitions – from kids to old men.

On the holiday of Nauryz Maerama, the hostess was preparing the main dish called Nauryz Skin. In this treat, meat was present from winter stocks, as well as milk. The dish was served to the table with the wishes of good and happiness. The head of the Baran and 7 spices was added to Nauryz the skin – it was a symbol of the Spring and Farewell symbol with a leaving winter.

Before the occurrence of the holiday in the houses were clean and put 2 lamps – all this was done to drive evil and illness from the home hearth.

And so that the year was generous and yield, In the house in all the dishes it was necessary to pour milk, Ayran, Kuism or a simple spring water. During the Soviet Union, the Communists considered this holiday with religious and banned him to celebrate. But already in 2001. By order of the President of Kazakhstan, Nauryz Maerama’s holiday began to be honored and everywhere to celebrate.

Festive table

In winter, during the celebration of the European New Year, the hostess is preparing a generous table for a festive dinner, where you can see various dishes of national Kazakh cuisine. Favorite delicacy of Kazakh children are Baursaki – Sweet or fresh flour donuts. No festive feast and without traditional Kazakh Beshbarmaka – Dishes cooked from the boiled lamb, horse drinker or beef with the addition of homemade noodles. This dish is served with meat broth, which is called sorp.

Another national dish is Homemade sausage, cooked from horseback with the addition of spicy herbs, it is called Kaz. Kazakhs love both lamb, pickled and cooked sauce, called cheese.

For the dessert for children prepare the famous Chuck Chuck, which is made of pieces of dough mixed with bee honey. As traditional Kazakh drinks on the festive table use Kumys from milk mares and Shubat, Capped camel milk.

About how to celebrate the new year in Kazakhstan, look next.

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