All about New Year Quests

All about New Year Quests

On New Year’s holidays, everyone gets together with relatives and close friends to have fun. Preparation can be pleasant, and we are not only about delicious food, but also about the entertainment program. Why not arrange a quest right at home to get a charge of positive emotions, make it enough to laugh and experience your own strength! To do this, it is enough to consider several interesting options and choose what you like personally.


New Year is one of those holidays when even distant relatives are going at the same table. This time awaits not only children, but also adults, because in the atmosphere, special fluids are felt, the magic is felt, the mood rises and you want to have fun until the morning. If there are members of different age in the family, you can come up with something exciting to everyone interesting.

New Year’s quest can be at different topics, today there are a lot of ideas that you need to pre-explore to find something original.

The main idea of ​​such a game is, To perform a number of tasks to achieve a specific purpose. And since we are talking about the new year, the message can be from Santa Claus and his team assistants.

To get a gift from a fabulous character, you will need to go through a lot of obstacles, to guess riddles, solve the difficult tasks, which sometimes stands out not so much time. It will be interesting, fascinating and very fun, so your relatives and loved ones will appreciate this idea and will be remembered for New Year’s Eve.

Rules of creation

The organization of the New Year’s quest of the house may be a serious task, which will need to spend a certain time. It is necessary to carefully think over, paint every step and decide on the ultimate prize, so that the participants have motivation and the desire to reach the finish.

Despite the fact that the pre-New Year Justa includes the preparation of various dishes, the preparation of the quest can be engaged long before: to purchase props, prizes, prepare costumes and t. D.

Home quest includes various puzzles hidden in envelopes that need to be found by performing tasks. Each note is hiding in a definite place in the apartment. As soon as one of the players find a card, where the following task is written, it starts further search. Sometimes inside can be a rebus, a mystery or a puzzle, which will be needed to solve to go to the next item in Quest.

At some point, the game can be transferred to the street and hide the prompts there – it will help to dispel, breathe fresh air, after which you can return home.

The task chain must be associated and eventually lead to a cache where the main prize will be hidden. It is imperative to consider all the tasks so that participants can cope with them. Preparing at home will not be difficult if you start in advance.

To do everything at the highest level, You need to take a piece of paper and write all the universal places in the house where you can in the future hide the tips. However, it should be more carefully pick up a cache for a gift so that it is not discovered immediately. Do not necessarily comply with the task sequence, can be laid in different ways, the main thing is that everyone is fulfilled.

Of course, registration with your own hands plays an important role, and since we have a New Year’s topics, you will need to purchase a tinsel, various decorations and decor to present everything colorfully and bright.

The ideas of the story canvas

Scene lines can be as you wish. Finding pirate treasures on a desert island, wandering over the mysterious forest or visiting a mysterious lock with ghosts – this is only a small part of ideas for the New Year’s quest. Also for the basis of the plot, you can put your favorite children’s cartoon or popular movie.

During the search for the main prize, you can use puzzles. It can be cards with different patterns that are hiding in themselves certain words. It will take to collect all the notes with such prompts to make a full offer, and perhaps even a fabulous story to be more interesting. These cards can be made in the form of snowflakes, Christmas tree, any New Year’s attributes. To collect all the notes, it is better to numbered – it will be easier to find a complete list.

For the organization of a bright quest, a long garland may be needed, which will become a labyrinth. It is exciting, as the game will be held in a fabulous atmosphere under the flashing of colored light bulbs.

Girlands can be stretched through all the rooms, cabinets and shorts of the house.

The storyline should be created, taking into account who will take part in Quest, and what are the age limits of players. remember, that Children are not always understandable to adult riddles, so if the kids will be present in the game, it is important to do everything so that they are interested. At the same time there are a lot of ways to diversify the quest so that everyone has its own task, and anyone could make their own contribution to the goal. However, it can be done in the form of a competition: who the first will pass the whole way, he will receive the main prize – it all depends on personal wishes.

Interesting tasks

For adults

The new year for parents involves a lot of worries, search for gifts to children, so you can say with confidence that they also want to relax and get from the holiday at least some pleasure. It can be arranged with minimal efforts, and then the New Year’s Eve will turn into a real adventure, just to prepare everything.

The lead can provide a message from the secret agent, which he sent a team of participants. This note states that somewhere in the room it is hidden something important that it can bring a huge joy of who will find it. The agent cannot tell what is located there, but he left various tips to help get closer to this cache. Here you will need to show all the fantasy to create notes with ciphers, puzzles and other riddles in a detective style. Once the participants find a response, they offer the following location of the tip. This is a team game that splits and allows you to work together to achieve one goal. To be more interesting, you can set a temporary limit on the task execution, and if the players do not cope, appoint additional fines.

Considering the contingent of participants, you can make up different tasks for my wife, husband, mom, and t. D.

For teenagers

The organization of such a quest is somewhat easier than for adults, but also here you need to show a mixture. Children of adolescence are not so easy to interest, they are smart enough, dodgy. So you need to spend time to come up with something special.

This game can be made by the competition to additionally motivate adolescents, each of them will strive to get a gift. Here it will be necessary to fulfill certain tasks, you may need to go even to the street to look for evidence and prompts that a few diversified quest.

The storyline depends on preferences – it can be something in the style of “Star Wars” or a popular computer game that teenagers love so. Fascinating will be a quiz, through which participants will be able to receive additional tips, thanks to which you can make a general picture and find the main prize. You can find and print cards with riddles and rebuses on various topics. Questions may be not only serious, but also funny to dilute the situation and discharge the atmosphere.

Places where you can hide the tips, quite a lot: cabinets, old suitcases, shelves, sofa, doors, vases, shoes, dishes and t. D.

Among the tasks, there may be the following: to call the Foreign brothers Santa Claus, make a word from letters written in random order, guess the logos of the name of brands and t. D.

For children

Kids love to play, and for them it is easiest to come up with something exciting. In Quest, it is recommended to use the hands of children so that they create something themselves – It can be drawings, stucco crafts, appliqués and more. For each completed task they get small prizes. Of course, children up to five to six years will need adult assistance, but it will be even more interesting to them, and everything will get a lot of pleasure.

You can independently make puzzles so that the child will form a full picture and as a result he received a surprise.

For the whole family

There are practically no restrictions here, besides, the quest for the whole family is very interesting and fun. Of course, the one who organizes everything in advance knows the tricks and solving problems, but it will not hurt to get a lot of pleasure and if necessary, it will allow to correct the direction of the players. You can sit down and together come up with various tasks to create a New Year’s quest with common efforts. As for puzzles and mysteries, they are enough in the network to make a list and pick up the storyline. It can be a detective investigation, searching for treasures, Help Santa Claus Find Snow Maiden or Collect Assistant Team.

Everything that is just enough of your imagination can be realized in reality if you do this in advance.

Examples of scenarios

Quest-game with the name “Adventures on fairy tales” will take maximum pleasure to your children, will develop memory and delight kids. The goal is to collect a key phrase. Can come up with the name of your team together and even draw the emblem. Tasks should be printed in advance by following them on the New Year’s attribute. The key phrase will be: “The fairy tale is a lie, yes there is a hint, good young lesson”. This statement can be divided into several parts and issue one after each completed task.

Introduce participants in the course of the case, you can create a colorful speech that all of us is waiting for a fascinating trip to the world of fairy tales. The first starting point will be the “Polyana of Radows”, which will open access to the next stage. Here you will need to guess the fabulous characters: Emel, the princess-frog, the blasphemy of the immortal, kolobka, a thumbnail and everyone, for whom you can independently come up with riddles in a rhymed form.

The next stage is to determine the name of fairy tales by passage. Of course, only those who know the children should be used here, although adults can help the kids find a randering. For example: “I flew Arrow and got into the swamp. And in that swamp caught her someone. Who, having sneaked with the green leather, was cute, beautiful, good?”,” Opened the door of a kids and disappeared somewhere “,” he was confirmed on the window, he took it later and gave himself to stealing the fox “and T. D.

Now you approached the sports station, where the props – bucket and broom need. In one hand, the participant holds a broom, and the leg is in the bucket. In this position it is necessary to undergo a certain distance, bypassing various obstacles, and here you can put a temporary limitation. Once all the quest members fulfill the task, a part of the key phrase is issued.

Surely, every child dreamed of getting a letter from a beloved character, so prepare the telegrams, and children let go, who is the author. One of the stages can provide puzzles from which you need to add a picture from a fairy tale.

As you can see, it all depends on its own imagination, any ideas can be realized, the main thing is that everyone is interesting.

Sample New Year’s quest See next video.

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