All about New Year’s balls

All about New Year's balls

Beautifully decorated New Year tree – the main symbol of the new year, without which the holiday will not be. The modern industry offers christmas toys in abundance, but still worth recognizing that in many respects they are the same type, a little banal and do not reveal the personality of the home and celebrating company.

If a person is not against creating his hands, the New Year’s balls can create himself literally from the girlfriend and it will be no worse, but you can experience real pride, responding to questionings about where such original decorations. The task is not so complicated, as it may seem at first glance, because it is definitely worth trying!


Today it seems amazing, but to dress up a New Year tree with balls invented not so long ago – the tradition originated in Germany only two hundred years ago. In those times, toys, naturally, were only homemade, but many owners were not bored, but decorated with coniferous branches with ordinary apples. Story says that in 1848 in Germany there was a crumbling of apples, and New Year’s magic was under threat.

Local glass windows came to revenue, which thought of blowing “apples” from glass. The innovation was so much liked to citizens that they began to gradually abandon the real fruits in favor of beautiful glass analogues – the Christmas balls appeared.

The folk craftsmen have come up with many different techniques for the manufacture and decoration of Christmas toys, which allows the novice master to use the most convenient material for it and choose a way that seems the most simple. Taking the manufacture of Christmas decorations for the first time, the newcomer should follow the prompts of the selected master class as accurately, but then, when it starts to get, it will be possible to make notes of our own creativity.

It should be noted that the production of self-made Christmas tree toys, although it is not particularly difficult, but still requires minimal practice. Be patient and ready for the fact that the first time of the ideal result is not worth waiting. That is why it is recommended to do the manufacture not a day or two before the onset of the new year, and at least in a week – this is your guarantee that the tree will not remain without decorations.


The specifics of the manufacture of Christmas balls is that they do not lie any physical activity – they should just delight the eyes. Thereby Master can use perfectly any materials in the production process, capable of keeping the form, higher requirements for strength to raw! At the same time, two large class of homemade balls can be distinguished. If they are fully manufactured by their own, then most often they do from foam, papier-mâché, cones, candies, velvet, cardboard, phoamyran and even wool.

Suspension for toys most often make ordinary threads.

However, the ordinary plastic balls from the nearest store can be taken, which will be decorated with their own hands so that they will completely lose the original appearance. For this they are most often decorated various windings of beads and sequins or satin years and paper. Alternative to the toy can be painted paints. Outdoor decoration is relevant not only for purchased balls, but also for own crafts, especially foam, which would not look too boring without it.

The same velvet balls are often decorated with sparkles so that they look even more fabulously.

Color solutions

Traditionally, the color design of the New Year’s balls does not extend special requirements – As a rule, they are not black, but all the other bright and festive colors are welcome. On sale sometimes even transparent toys come across, but you yourself do not do such at home – unless you decorate the store. The choice of coloring toys each master performs itself, in accordance with its own preferences and needs, but there are certain patterns in choosing shades.

To begin with, it is necessary to understand that the abundance of various bright colors and shades will definitely enjoy small children, however, in adults may not cause a feeling of comfort. If for you a new year is a quiet family holiday with a fabulous atmosphere, it is appropriate to make toys even pastel tones. Green balls will not be strongly catchy, but it is advisable to make them somewhat different from the touch. Slightly brighter, but still not too defiantly looks notable, but monophonic balls of the same color – White, yellow or even red, if only not worker.

Creating a holiday for children or just people who are not looking for calm and will not appreciate too calm celebration, create in a completely different way. Here it is just necessary to take the abundance of bright colors – make the balls of all the above colors, add purple, orange, pink and any others to them, just been colorful and fascinating! There is no need for all the balls to be monophonic and one color, on the contrary, brightly painted and diligently rearranged specimens will attract special attention.

The main rule can be formulated like this: a calm “adult” tree from one glance transmits a feeling of family heat and home comfort, but the worshiper “Children’s” is caught looking at himself and makes it look again and again, because it looks different from different angles of view.

Making master class

Make a christmas toy with your own hands even completely from scratch is not so difficult, at least, if you choose a foam for this purpose. The fact is that there are already ready-made fontoam balls in stores for creativity and although they still have to work on them, you already have a blank.

People with experience say that for the beginner the diameter of the ball should not be less than 8 cm, and it is not necessary to choose the complex schemes of how to decorate it.

An excellent solution for decorating a foam ball will be Kimekomi technology, which will be intuitive to every person familiar with the concept of patchwork. Especially for such a craft, foam balls are sold with already ready-made grooves, but even if there are no such, it will not be a problem – cut them to a depth of about 7 mm alone with the help of a stationery knife. Being a newcomer, do not chase behind the complex patterns, divide the ball into several polek, this is enough. Expand the valued grooves and compact the nonostic scengle.

Next, you need to make a set of flaps in which the toy will be “wrapped”. The edges of the fabric will be hidden in the grooves that you did – it will be their fasteners, because each flaps should be a bit larger than the segment dedicated to it. Experts advise to cut the fabric, straight naked with her needles on the ball, so as not to be mistaken in size – traces from punctures on the foam will still be hidden by cloth.

Cut the fabric carefully, not forgetting to leave from all sides the allowance of several millimeters. “Extra” edges of the flasks accurately refuel into the grooves, and when let the edges of the foam cut, the material will burn the fabric.

As if the masterfully you work work, the location of the junction of the flaps above the former grooves will look like. This is not a problem – just in this place must add outdoor decor. You should choose decorative material on your preferences or by the state of the joints – sometimes they can be hidden by an ordinary braid, in other cases there will be whole bows of lace.

Another alternative for the processing of the foam ball – to twist it with sequins. For this method, the method will need a huge amount of not only sequins, but also the special tailor pins – those who at the end there is a head in the form of beads. On each such pin, one point is worn, after which the sparkle is piled up to the base. Sequins and pins should be quite a lot to the original surface of the ball completely disappeared under them. Thanks to this, the toy can not be painted at all, and nevertheless, this method allows you to “paint” with any pattern using different colors of sequins.

The task requires scrupulous work, but the result can exceed any expectations.

A completely amazing idea of ​​making a ball, able to force not only children, but also adults, is an openwork toy made of chocolate. For the manufacture you will need an ordinary air ball in which some water is gaining and sent to the freezer. Freezing, water forms a rounded ice blank, which needs to be removed and carefully clean from rubber.

Chocolate glaze must be prepared in advance, To quickly apply it to an arbitrary pattern on ice. For even greater attractiveness, the chocolate structure is often decorated with a candy – special confectionery paint, which in this case is most relevant in golden colors. At the expense of the outgoing ice from ice, the glaze will quickly freeze, but the ice itself gradually melts and leaving, leaving only a chocolate figure.

The air ball can become a blank for openwork works of New Year’s art and without chocolate – With it, you can make a hollow inside the ball from the curled threads. For this, the ball is inflated (usually not completely), tie and deceive outside the ordinary glue of PVA. In fresh glue are wrapped with threads – it is desirable that they be fat enough, but at the same time they confidently soaked with glue.

Observe a certain order of wrapping optional – it turns out in any case beautifully, if only the balloon when the procedure is completed can be carefully removed. Having absorbed glue, the threads harde and take a persistent form, then the ball is neatly blown away and remove the outward, and the contour remains and can be used to decorate the Christmas tree.

Decoration ideas

Above, we generally reviewed how to make a ball from scratch or decorate the finished product. However, at the top are the simplest and obvious ideas, here we will look at more original solutions that are less common. We will intentionally not consider glowing toys and other decorations, decent masters, instead We will tell about simple solutions, the implementation of which is also available for newcomer.

The simplest solution – Coloring toy. For self-made products, if only they are not from felt or other color material, it is generally a prerequisite. However, you can buy monophonic decorations and put painting on them. What will it be – to solve the master himself.

The simplest solution for painted balls – Split coloring, imitating snowfall, some of them experimenting so even with ordinary balloons, not fully inflated. If you want to give a handicraft of a company that will have to celebrate without you, you can Write your name on the ball – such nominal gifts will mean that you will be present with all.

If you know how to draw, you can make a crawler with the symbol of the upcoming year.

Often, stores or homemade balls decorate photos – At this point, they already inevitably become unique and memorable. What will happen for the photo, come up with yourself – you can save toys with photos of loved ones and friends, last year’s memories and the dreams of the upcoming. Someone doing Vintage balls, Using for this printed old photos of the New Year’s subject – if all entourage is generally observed in the same spirit, it turns out very colorful and homely.

For people with a tendency to work in all its manifestations, there are no limits at all – decorating the Christmas ball, they can use completely any ideas that only come to mind. If you wish to decorate the product, you can even stucco using any convenient material for this, most often it is definitely plasticine and various clays for modeling.

Such a solution requires the skills and the presence of appropriate skills, but the result will be volumetric, even more interesting from an artistic point of view.

Beautiful examples

In the work, the most important thing is to try, and in order to stop doubting and proceed to active actions, you need to see what can happen in the end. For you, we have collected several unpleasant examples of how you can show your creative inclinations in the production of Christmas tree toys.

The first example shows how without much work to improve the already existing toy. If a monophonic ball seems too boring you, pick up a little foam, making it “snow” from it, dear part of the toy with glue and trigge the artificial “snow”. That’s the whole task!

On the second photo, the ball is saved with bright shiny circles, because of what reminds the toy performed in Kanzashi technique. What was taken as a basis, we do not know however, inside can be like a simple foam ball from the store for creativity and just an old decoration, which over the years scratched and lost his brilliance, and now got a second life.

The third example is the same deniotic ball, the manufacture of which we viewed among other master classes, an additional decorated bow of the tape. Threads can be wounded and curly, but still it is beautiful and interesting, and even just.

About how to make a New Year’s ball from the tapes in the style of Kazan with their own hands, you can find out in the following video.

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