All about New Year’s deers

All about New Year's deers

If you feel about the happy owners of your own cottage or country house, then surely thought about decorating our homestead and facade of the building for the new year. Here will be like a deer figurine, supplemented with a flickering garland – it, beyond any doubt, will help create a magical atmosphere, improve the mood at the owners and attract the attention of guests. However, if his yard was not yet acquired, you can always put a small figurine under the Christmas tree in my apartment.


New Year and Christmas days belong to those extraordinary magical holidays, which often inspire people to the wildest creative gusts. It is for this period that it comes to the creation of the maximum number of crafts, which still long before the onset of solemn minutes bring a feeling of fairy tales and magic. One of the most popular options for decorating the dwelling and plot near the house are deer – these noble animals in the West symbolize the onset of Christmas.

Of course, deer can not be called traditional Russian characters.

According to reference, in the sleigh charged with these animals, Santa Claus delivers their gifts, which is why in the USA, Canada, as well as in European states of deer are an indispensable attribute of the festive decor.

However, despite the fact that deer belongs to “inrogenous” fabulous heroes, Increasingly, and in the festive decoration of Russians there are these charming little animals, they make up our forest inhabitants – moose.

Of course, such decorations without much difficulty can be found in any store, but they are very expensive, besides, it is much more fascinating to make them yourself together with their young children. Therefore, let’s arms with simple girlfriend and build an elegant feature of such a cute manfall.

What are there?

Make a deer with your own hands quite simple. In the overwhelming majority of cases for crafts, you do not need to buy special expensive materials, and the decorative figures at the exit are obtained unusual, beautiful and truly magical. Traditionally, when it comes to New Year’s deers, we present large glowing figures that can become a decent decoration of any yard, park or square.

However, street light models with flashing light bulbs are far from the only option of using the image of a deer in the New Year Decor House.

Small figures with LED garland You can always place under the Christmas tree or put on a festive table. In order to decorate the hall to the celebration of the New Year, you can make an interesting and funny deer from felt, plush or other soft fabric.

Especially popular use knitted, as well as wicker – options can be a lot.

For decorating a New Year’s table or christmas tree, miniature deer models are used – They can be created in one of the following techniques.

  • Origami – At first glance, the manufacture of Japanese figures beginner craftsmen may seem difficult, however, after some practice, you can easily be able to make many original New Year’s crafts that can become a worthy element of the festive decor.

  • Deer and moose from wat – In this case, a wire frame is made, after which they are cut into small stripes, lubricated with a hubber and generously wrapped with wire, like Bifuya. When the workpiece gets up – it can be painted with acrylic and sprinkle with sparkles.

  • Pretty unusual look Little deer made of wine plugs. All parts of the animal are performed from this material, connecting them with each other. Eyes and nose are performed from beads.

  • Spear Children will probably like the idea of ​​creating a Santa Assistant Figurines from Paper. In this case, it will be enough to find the picture you like to print it on the printer and cut, armed with scissors. Such crafts are usually based on the creation of garlands, they decorate the windows, doors, as well as a fireplace.

  • And, of course, applique. This is familiar from early childhood to all the way to create crafts. Such pictures can be inserted into the frame and put on the shelf.

  • Miniature figures for decorating a festive table can also be loosened from ordinary plasticine.

Where to put?

Large figures of LED animals traditionally placed On the street near the entrance to the house – They create a Christmas mood at the owners of the house and their guests. If your own courtyard you do not have, then put a deer figurine in the hall or living room – usually animals put under the Christmas tree or near the fireplace, it all depends only on the size of the room.

If the dimensions of the room do not allow you to place a big figure, you can always decorate it with a fun garland of several crafts. In this case, deer and moose sew from felt, made from Foamiran or make cardboard. In addition, christmas balls from the old light bulb can go to the move and some other technicians.

Such garlands can be hung on the window, use to decorate a fireplace, a festive table or door – in any case they look at very atmospheric.

What can be done?

For the manufacture of New Year’s deer you can put into the course of a variety of materials, Let us dwell on the most popular.

  • Vata. Deer and moose from cotton remind us of New Year’s toys, made during the USSR – probably many of them cause nostalgia. For the manufacture of a frame of such toys, a wire is used, and the main raw material is cotton – its small pieces and roll in the balls and fixed to the wire with a painting tape. To the toy came out colorful and decorative, several cotton balls can be painted with multi-colored paints.

  • Cardboard. This is one of the easiest methods to build a New Year’s deer, while spending the minimum of funds, since the boxes are available in every home, and even if they are not, they will always be in any nearby store. This deer is created on the basis of the stencil – the blanks are cut out with a knife, connect the elements with each other and paint paints. To give greater colorful, the figures sprinkle with rhinestones and sparkles or hang out with chicken toys. This method is especially good if you are planning to create a whole seven deer. Very bright and stylish toys can be made if the carved items can be saved by self-adhesive film.

  • Plastic bottles. Another simple method to build a noble animal that can stay near the New Year tree on the site at the house. To create this deer, two bottles will be required – they will go to the housing and head, as well as branches – of them craftsmen create horns, necks and feet. There is a 5-liter container on the torso, holes are made in it and branches insert. To create the head you need a 1.5-liter bottle, it also form holes and insert a stick that will perform the role of neck. This stick is connected to the torso, resulting in a deer body. All you will remain – just cut ears from any other bottle, insert horns and paint your deer. The color solution in this case depends only from the fancy of the master.

  • Wire and plaster. Such toys are made only for use inside the residential premises. In this case, it is very important to make a wire frame properly, which will include a torso, head, legs and horns. The prepared figure is placed in two and three layers of the leukoplasty, and then wrapped with a gypsum bandage.

After reaching the desired volume, the deer figurine leaves to dry for a couple of days, then grind the sandpaper and disappear.

  • Wire and polyethylene. This set of materials allows you to build a shimmer silver deer for the street decor. Production of such a toy will require quite a bit of time. First, the hind legs form out of the wire, then the belly, after it the front limbs, neck and head. Complete weaving formation of vertebrae and tail. Resulting as a result of the frame tightly wrapped with polyethylene. Decorating such a figure is completely optional, because it also looks sparkling enough without an additional decor.

  • Styrofoam. To create a New Year’s animal, the plates are usually chosen 5-10 cm thick. It is transferred to her template with the image of a deer carefully cut the figure with a stationery knife. The knife is preferably comprehended and warm – in this case, the location of the cut will be smooth. If the figure is not sufficiently stable, then from plexiglas, PVC or any other composite material can be made of a small stand, and then fasten the deer thermoclaim on it. At the end of the work, the cracker can be decorated – cover paint, sprinkle with sparkles or hang on the horns small christmas balls.

If the edges are uneven, you can disguise them with papier-mache.

  • A similar scheme is performed by deer From ceiling plates. In this case, you need to choose the simplest panels of the neutral spike without textures and additional decoration.

Master Class

The most beautiful and stylish New Year’s deers are performed from wire and New Year’s garland. Such figures were widely distributed in America and in Western countries – a rare house there without a large shining christmas decoration. In our country, such products are found mainly in parks, squares and in urban areas, but no one forbids starting their personal pets on the household plot.

To create such an unusual animal you will need:

  • Durable wire – diameter 6.5-7.5 mm+
  • LED tape or garland – it is desirable that that glows with silver light+
  • Scotch / Adhesive Pistol or any other retainer+
  • Glitter or Lurex.

      The technique of creating a deer is very simple, so you can attract even the smallest needlewomen. Step-by-step master class suggests several stages of work.

      1. To start on the paper sheet you need Schematically depict the deer, And then, trying not to retreat much from the drawing, twist it out of the wire, you need to prepare 2 such elements.
      2. Both details fasten together the same wire – It is necessary to do this in such a way that a small distance remains between the blanks to obtain the maximum volume. The same material is pretty winding torso, legs, as well as horns.
      3. Through the remaining small holes inside gently put the garland, It is tightly tied up with all the body and legs of the animal, and the fastening uses a greater tape. It is necessary to fix it, directing to the body between the paw. Your deer is ready!

      Beautiful examples

      More spectacular in darkness luminous deer look.

      With the light of the day they do not always look presented, so Against the background of shimmering snow cover will be harmonious figures made from plywood. Their silhouette can be any – from traditional to cartoon.

      It is absolutely optionally the color of the animal must be white or silver, the shade of natural wood also looks stylish and truly festively.

      Cute and touching deer can be performed from the usual. A few additional decor items – and a charming Christmas symbol will be ready to meet friends at home.

      Experienced needlewomen can weave big about animals from the vine and rods of trees. Such animals are obtained beautiful and stylish.

      If you own basic sewing skills and cutters, you can try to build a textile deer, which you can hang on the Christmas tree. All you need is just cutting it on a pattern from felt and flash big stitches. Even the youngest masters will cope with this craft.

      Experienced seamstas often create deer in Tilde doll technique. Such decor is very funny and creative. This is an animal, no doubt, has every chance of becoming a good New Year gift for friends. And if you have no time for making crafts, then simply wrap your presents in the package with the image of cute deer.

      Be sure – they will attract the overall attention yet at the presentation stage.

      In the next video you will learn how to make a deer from the bushing with your own hands easily and quickly.

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