All about New Year’s lanterns

All about New Year's lanterns

Winter, New Year’s Eve atmosphere – the most magical time of year. Decorating the house today is not just there anything – the abundance of options makes breaking his head over the choice of decor. But almost always defeat traditions, at least partially. New Year’s lanterns – one of these cute, win-win traditions.


Decorations in the form of lamps were in the 19th century. It is street lamps that began to be associated with a winter fairy tale – snow-covered in the evening, gentle light of lamps, calm and comfort. Because the New Year lanterns in all sorts of variations are present in the modern festive decor. If there is no possibility to buy a dear souvenir, you can make a flashlight yourself – with the current choice of materials for creativity, the result will be impressive.

What decorate the New Year lanterns:

  • Window zone – just put it on the windowsill and give the soft light to households and a little passersby+
  • MediaZona – on the tumbler at the TV, the coffee table, the territory near the sofa+
  • Desktop – tune in to the working way with the full presence of a festive mood+
  • hallway, zone at the mirror – immediately sets the mood to everyone who enters the house.

Lanterns in a decorated apartment can be several: diverse, stylized, vintage. By the way, the New Year’s flashlight is a great gift if there are no ideas on the topic that give a friend, no.

What are there?

These bright and at the same time intimate holiday attributes are not available: from musical and electrical models to lanterns from ordinary cans with created snowfall effect. Inside the model there may be Santa Claus or some kind of classic Christmas decoration.

What are the lanterns for the New Year, made by their own hands:

  • with LED backlit or garland inside+
  • With snow, blizzard – need artificial snow and a couple of tricks+
  • with a luminous feature of a snowman+
  • Lanterns in the form of an outdoor vase with sparkles+
  • In the shape of a ball+
  • Decorative lanterns from cardboard, colored paper+
  • Paper, Stylized Strip Street Lamps.

And this is only part of all ideas. No need to reject the simplest options in advance – Paper Lanterns. Their conciseness, fragility and some reference to childhood only emphasize the comfort and warmth of the New Year.

How to make it yourself?

In templates and schemes it is easy to make lanterns that seem to be “impregnable”. For example, the idea of ​​a pretty new year lamp from cigarette paper will be represented by novice.

Let’s give step-by-step instructions.

  1. One friend needs to put 2 sheets of cigarette paper, folding them along the length of half. The fold is needed.
  2. The paper after that you need to deploy, collect it without splitting onto the sheets in the harmonica of the folds. The depth of the fold is approximately 1.5 cm.
  3. If you want to do a smaller flashlight, the edges of the harmonica need to be cut on equal to the center of the distance. Then the paper is so unfolded and turning the convex side of the median line to the table.
  4. You need to take a needle with a tight thread, worn into it. Gather one side of the sheet in the accordion again, stretching through the paper thread. Ends tie so that the circle is closed.
  5. On the other hand, leaf do all the same.
  6. Folds distribute across the circumference, the edge of the sheet to connect two-way scotch.

Flashlight Ready!

And one more instruction, with the help of which anyone can make a beautiful flashlight (can become a candlestick if instead of the garland inside the candle). By the way, a fishing “Firefly” can be a luminous element in a flashlight.

For its manufacture need:

  • jar suitable in size+
  • Acrylic medium+
  • salt+
  • glue (if not thermopystole, then any adhesive composition of strong fixation)+
  • sponge or rigid brush+
  • Scotch, Wire, Arm and Ribbon+
  • Any suitable decor elements.

The manufacturing process consists of certain steps.

  1. A medium is applied on the bank, he needs to give to dry about an hour.
  2. A sponge on the surface is applied by varnish, which also dries.
  3. Scotch tape is stuck that the jar zone, where snow should be less. And again, the remaining space is covered with lacquer.
  4. Until managed to dry the lacquer, you need to quickly scatter salt, having dipped into it a wet layer of banks.
  5. When everything dries, the future New Year’s lamp is ready to decorate. Wired neck banks should be wrapped several times. Then you need to make a flashlight handle, attach it to the neck.
  6. Gorlashko jars wrapped with a twine, attaching fir branches under it. Next, it all depends on the author’s imagination – berries, ribbon, beads, even small fir balls can decorate this craft.

Inside the resulting snow-covered flashlight, you can put any safe element. The handle of the product can be wrapped with beautiful thread, braid, lace.

You can also collect a steaming composition of the lamps, which will symmetrically decorate the surface of the chest, console, windowsill and t. D.

How to make a New Year’s lantern from the jar, look in the video.

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