All about New Year’s masks

All about New Year's masks

Carnival mask – An integral attribute of the celebration of the New Year. Make an unusual accessory for both adults and for children are quite easy to independently.


Dress up carnival costumes for the new year – tradition, existing no longer than a dozen years. Even the Slavs for the shiny was made to wear masks and wonderful costumes, for example, bears, goats and cows, a kikimor and water. Enjoyed popular and outfits of representatives of different social groups, for example, the girl could transformed into a wise old man, and a young guy – to a wealthy lady. Each suit and every festive mask had their deep meaning. In 1722 Peter I spent the first New Year’s Masquerade Ball. At the same time, the New Year’s masks were even named with a mandatory attribute, because without them they could not let.

In today’s days, tradition has changed, and carnival masks with costumes for the new year most often put on only little children.

Big variety

A variety of beautiful masks for children and adults is limited only to its own fantasy. All of them can be done From paper or cardboard, but much more attractive are models made of felt. The simplest carnival mask closes only a person’s eyes and does not require any certain components. Cutting the base on the template, it can be decorated with sequins, beads and other decor. Always relevant are masks depicting animals – symbol of the upcoming year. Being versatile, they are suitable and boys, and girls. It is necessary to add that by designing such “naturalistic” accessories, you should not strive for the maximum repetition of the original – much better if they are just funny.

In any case, the mask must be elegant and approach the suit. For making masks, you can use:

  • Paper+
  • felt+
  • plastic plates+
  • papier mache+
  • the cloth+
  • Polymer clay.

How to do and what will be required for this?

Having preferred to children’s accessories from felt, at home with their own hands will be able to create a very cute muzzle mouse. With a soft material quickly and conveniently work, and therefore it will be even nice to make a craft. For needlework, the sheets of the felt of the SIZO and pink shades will be required, as well as threads of black, gray and pink tones. Do not do and without a satin narrow ribbon of any color in tone, with which the mask will be put on. All actions will easily produce with scissors, needles and a simple pencil.

  1. Making a mask begins with the fact that the paper design pattern with all the details is drawn on paper. The pattern will be burned on a gray felt tissue and cuts off using conventional scissors.
  2. From the rose felt, nose and middleings of the ears are created, which after sewn to the gray blank with pink threads. It is recommended to use conventional stitches to work.
  3. The mustache and eyebrows of the mouse can simply embroider with black thread, moving “back needle”.
  4. Satin ribbon is cut in half, after which the edges are processed by a lighter, so that the threads are caught. The strings are sewn on the mask with gray threads just below the mouse ears.
  5. To complete the work, you can stitches black to emphasize the outline of the whole mask.

In the following video, the process of creating a mouse mask is clearly demonstrated.

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