All about New Year’s quests for children

All about New Year's quests for children

New Year’s quest – a great opportunity to make the process of receiving gifts even more valuable and exciting than usual. The script for such a game is quite easily compiled independently, especially if it will be held at home.

What to take into account?

New Year’s quest for children is usually a thoughtful sequence of tasks and tasks that are written on cards hidden in a limited space. Having coped with one of the tasks, the child receives a hint where to look for the following. The last task in the chain, as a rule, indicates the place in which gifts are hidden. Children’s quest can be held for one child or for an organized group of children.

Senior guys must cope with the tasks on their own, but the game for the smallest may well mean the help of parents.

It must be remembered that if only children are participating, caches cannot be outside the zone of their access, for example, above their growth, as well as in dangerous places. All the names of the classified places should be understood by the participants. Well, if in honor of the new year they will additionally marry any festive attribute.

Where you can spend?

On the one hand, the easiest way to hold a quest for the new year at home. Parents-organizers will be able to use all secret places without problems and make understandable prompts. The children themselves will be much easier to cope with the search for tasks. However, sometimes the dimensions of the apartment simply do not allow to organize an active moving game for a large number of children, and therefore it should be abandoned from the house.

It is always interesting to get a quest spent on the street or even in nature. Large distances and unusual caches will require the guys of manifestations not only inlets, but also physical training.

The only moment – the organizers advise to limit the quest zone with the help of a twine or bright tape, so that the players are not lost or did not ran out on the road.

To ensure that the quest has passed at school, library or other public places, the relevant arrangements will be required, so this type is most often chosen not by amateur organizers, but teachers and librarians as part of holiday events.

Invent the script

Ideas for the New Year’s game, in fact, lie on the surface. The easiest quest can be a set of notes from Santa Claus, who decided to check the guesses of the guys before handing them gifts. Detective New Year Quest You can also associate with the search for festive presents: for the remained evidence, the guys have to find out who kidnapped gifts and why, and where he hid them.

You can use your favorite children’s characters and their own stories.

For example, children will have to help Anna, the heroine of the cartoon “Cold Heart”, find her sister who owns ice magic, and therefore cope with various “snowy” labyrinths and the need to make a word of paper iceclocks. Quite interesting will be game search for certain things in the apartment. For example, it will be necessary to assemble all the “precious” pebbles, with each of which will be a piece of the card, where the remaining treasures are stored.


Making a task for children, required to focus on their age, and clearly understand what they can do their own. On the notes for participants 3-6 years it is better to have the letters, but pictures. For example, a Christmas tree can be depicted on a leaf, and a set of colored paper can be located – it means that the child will have to cut the same figure, after which it will receive the following task. Puzzles, labyrinths and riddles for age, which read parents can also be in the cache. For preschoolers, it is not recommended to invent more than 8-10 tasks.

In a set of tasks for younger schoolchildren, you can add rebuses, crosswords, verbal puzzles and anagramms requiring assembled words from individual letters. The number of tasks is usually limited to one tenth.

In order for the teenager is really interested in a quest, it is better to organize it in a detective format, and therefore tasks must be appropriate. Logic riddles are welcome, issues requiring work with a world map, or even mathematical examples. E-tasks are always well perceived, requiring Internet access or QR codes reading. Total to prepare about 12-15 cards.

Selection of prizes and gifts

Prizes and gifts are chosen depending on which New Year’s quest is meant. Naturally, if the game comes up with parents for their child, in the final it will be expected exactly what he ordered for the new year. In the same case when the quest is held for a group of guys, Instead of full-fledged gifts, there must be universal souvenirs.

For example, for each of the participants, you can make a set with sweets, a Christmas tree toy in the form of a symbol of the year, as well as clappers with confetti. Always relevant ready Sets with candy, as well as stationery sets with favorite heroes. Children will probably become happy New Year’s books, coloring, logs or attributes for carnival costumes.

Ready options

In the New Year’s quest is not so important to the plot, how important tasks. In fact, preparing the game for children of different ages, you can take the same scenario: you need to promptly find gifts. But here, the tasks should not only correspond to the knowledge and skills of the participants, but also to be as creative as possible.

For preschool children

If at home or in the garden to entertain children 5-7 years old, then you can prepare for them a quest “Notes Santa Claus”. The game begins with the fact that the New Year tree the guys find an empty gift box with a note from a good wizard, which says that he hid all gifts, and the first tip guides to a computer or laptop is indicated. Reaching the technical device, the participants see two pictures on the screen, between which it is necessary to detect the difference, it will become the next tip.

For example, if it was a ball, then players should find him indoors to get the following tip. During the quest, players guess the riddles, make up the words of the word, solve mini-crosswords and collect pictures from individual parts. In the Study Finals, participants get to the place where gifts are hidden.

Creating a quest for the smallest, that is, the kids who turned 2-4 years old, you can take the same story as the same, but significantly simplify all tasks and reduce their number. For example, in a box as a tip can be a brush photo. When a child is suitable for her, she will ask him to sing a festive song, after which it will give the next prompt.

Also, one of the adults can put on a mask with the image of the symbol of the upcoming year and ask the kids of help. For example, first players will ask to collect toy dishes and plastic fruits in a basket, and then decompose the mixed inflatable balloons. Next, while adults inflate balls, the guys are covered with a table for soft toys, which also want to celebrate New Year. Then everyone together decorate the balls of the room, attaching them to the scotch.

For schoolchildren

In principle, for junior elementary school classes, that is Children 8, 9, 10, 11 years old, you can use the same quest scenarios, only slightly complicating tasks. For example, to prepare the game, a toy clock with a collapsible dial and removable arrows, 12 envelopes with tasks, a puzzle consisting of about 100 pieces, as well as 5-6 opaque balloons.

In addition, there will be a big candy made from colored paper, cards with the words “Candy” and “Mandarin”, a toy machine and an empty mandaring skin, preserving. The plot of the quest tells that the evil wizard broke the clock and hid the arrows and numbers in the house. Only if they find, the new year will come.

In the first envelope hid a mystery, the answer to which is the place where the arrows are hidden. In the second envelope there is a task to dance some cheerful dance, as a result of which figures unfolded near the tape recorder will be detected. If children guess the riddles from the third envelope, then immediately get the number of hours.

The following task may be an assembly of mosaic, on the back of which it is written where to look for the following digit. One of the required dial parts, as well as the envelope, is hidden in inflated balls, the other is in candy, the third – in Mandarin, and the fourth – in the toy typewriter.

The path to every cache is determined by mysteries. Similarly, all other digits of toy clock are found. As soon as they are collected, the new year will come, and children will receive gifts.

For teenagers

For children 12-15 years old, you can develop an excellent quest in the apartment in the search for gifts for prompts without a special plot, as not every teenager will be delighted with the idea of ​​solving the riddles of Santa Claus. The organizers are recommended to prepare 12 cards with colorfully decorated tasks. For example, before the guys there may be a filled sheet for playing in the sea battle, on the cells of which are written different letters. Nearby is the image of the ship, on the sails of which the coordinates are prescribed. Comparing two blanks, participants will have to get a certain word.

All cards with tasks are laid out in a certain sequence. Tips folded around the apartment along with prisoners that may be needed to solve tasks. If many children will participate in Quest, then they are better divided into teams. Previously, you will also have to create two sequences and a pair of options for solving each task.

It will correct to send adolescents, raging energy, solve riddles on the street. It is better to limit the territory and hide the tips in such a way that they do not find a random person. Paper cards are pre-laminated, wrapped with a scotch or hiding in small sachets. An additional advantage of such a quest will be its holding in the evening using flashlights.

As a task, it is worth using simple riddles, questions-associations with real places and events, as well as exercise, the execution of which controls one of the organizers. For example, players will have to look for a tree with cones, sculpt a small snowman and move the “train” from the slide. For the execution of each stage, players can be issued letters from which they are in the end and make a place where gifts are hidden.

New Year’s Quest Review See in the following video.

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