All about New Year’s stickers

All about New Year's stickers

To the new year it is customary to decorate the house. These are pleasant troubles that create a pre-holiday mood. One of the uncomplicated and affordable decorations are all sorts of stickers with New Year’s theme. Useful will find out which species they come and where it is better to use.


New Year’s decorative stickers purchased in the store are convenient because They allow them very quickly, literally for counting minutes to decorate the house. The main thing, To combine it with the interior and the overall New Year’s idea of ​​the apartment design. And you can choose absolutely any plots – from the traditional New Year attributes to funny pictures with wishes comic form.

It is possible to stick this type of decor on any surface – glass, metallic, plastic, wooden, paper.

Many species are convenient because They can be removed from the surface for counting seconds, and if necessary – to cross the other. At the same time, no traces will remain on furniture or glass. But there are those species that need to rub. It will already require some time.

What are there?

Stickers can, first of all, differ in size. There are quite large, which are whole plots, they can be placed on the windows, glass surfaces of the cabinets. There are small stickers accommodating anywhere.

You can purchase a whole set of design stickers that usually correspond to a certain topic.

They are comfortable to decorate a certain selected space. Convenient, for example, children’s options with fabulous motifs that will allow the child to dream and decorate their own room.

Silicone species are very comfortable, which are easily separated from the adhesive base and are attached to any surface, they often have a convex surface and a 3D effect. It looks very festive and beautiful and able to transform the house and create a festive mood. For the new year you can always buy stickers, which depict a wide variety of drawings: Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, Christmas tree, Snowmen, hares, deer and other various animals.

No one canceled its own flight of fantasy and needlework. Any stickers can be made personally.

We need only colored paper, preferably with sparkles, holograms, with glossy or foil surface. You can even make conventional snowflakes of white paper, and it will also be beautiful.

Options for registration

Design ideas can be the most diverse. It is only necessary to dream a little bit, and maybe somewhere to high. The main thing is that the result pleased.

  • On the background of a bright and colored christmas tree, black deer and the same snowflakes look very stylish on a white wall.

  • Cheerful Santa Claus, houses, Christmas trees can take the whole wall. Especially good when the color gamut coincides with the color of the furniture.

  • Beautifully look at the New Year’s Stickers window: Balls, Boxes with gifts and, of course, Santa Claus. And if you place all this with backlight and turn on the lights in the evening, the New Year’s mood is provided.

  • And such cute funny penguins, supplemented by a cheerful Christmas tree, will look good in the children’s. These can also be bullfinches, and sovuki, and other birds, and any animals. You can use everything that will delight the child.

  • And you can make such a chic Christmas tree on the wall using small stickers, drawings, photos and other decor elements. You can add it from Santa Claus with Sanya and just inscriptions with congratulations.

What option was chosen, each of them can decorate any surface and create a festive attitude. Yes, and the process of decoration the apartment is fond of both children and adults

Where to use?

If there is a desire to decorate the apartment, then the stickers can be glued on any surface. In the kitchen, it can be cabinets, refrigerators, tiles on the walls. The room can be pasted the decor on the wall, furniture, glass cabinets, on the windows.

But no matter how much it wanted to create a festive mood for the new year, the main thing, not overdo it, otherwise it is not far to chaos and a complete missile.

It is advisable to immediately decide what themes will be stickers and where to place them. For example, a bright Santa Claus can accommodate on the wall near the Christmas tree, and snowflakes or birds will look good on the windows. You can stop. If in the kitchen it is decided to place a window, you can add several stickers on the tile suitable on topics. In the nursery you can send a child one wall for creativity or the door of the cabinet.

How to remove and how to store?

At the end of the holiday, one question arises – how to remove stickers to not damage the surface. It is best to purchase silicone stickers that, after the holiday, are easily splashed, and they can even be stored if you stick on a plastic surface and fold into the box. But it is not always advisable to do it.

Still, the stickers are not so expensive, and the next new year is better to update the decor than glue last year.

To carefully dig stickers, you need to pick up the edges and carefully pull on yourself. Usually they dug without difficulty. Remove paper stickers with plastic or glass surfaces with warm water and soap solution. It is enough to moisten a clean rag in solution, wipe several times the surface. Stickers will begin to move, you need to remove them, and then wash the surface with clean water and wipe dry.

Can be used and dishwashing liquid, and powder, and windscreen washing. Some of the particularly exhaust pieces and remnants of the adhesive base can be removed by acetone, solvent or alcohol. It is not recommended to roll the surface with knife, scissors and other acute objects. There is a risk of damaging the surface, and it will remain scratches.

About how to independently make new year stickers, look in the video below.

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