All about New Year’s street projectors

All about New Year's street projectors

Owners of private houses on the eve of the winter holidays seek the original decorating their accommodation. New Year’s street projectors involve unusual outdoor design. They give buildings a fabulous view in the dark.


The projector is a device that projects laser rays to the surface, forming various pictures. Buildings, decorated with lights, can be seen from afar. The package of laser projectors includes:

  • emitter+
  • power unit+
  • Fasteners+
  • stand+
  • Plastic peg for installation of the device.

    Projectors are increasingly used in the street decoration, because this method of registration has a lot of advantages in comparison with classical illumination. Images are clear, as optical pulses do not require focus. The main advantages of projectors are the following factors.

    1. Simple installation. Garlands have to disperse and fix on the facades of buildings, which takes a large amount of time. The projector is enough to fix on the stand and connect to the power source.
    2. Economy. Laser emitters consume electricity to a minimum.
    3. Easy control. The device is equipped with a remote control for quick switching modes, projector activation from a convenient distance.

    To activate the emitter, it is enough to install it in the right place, connect to the network if the device does not work from the batteries, and click on the button located on the housing.


    There are several types of New Year projectors. Laser models are most in demand, they are characterized by minimal consumption of electricity, allow you to create a festive illumination. Frost-resistant devices are not afraid of negative temperatures, intended for winter operation. On sale are presented white and colored light tractors.

    Pictures created with their help look more original compared to conventional garlands.

    When choosing a projector, attention should be focused on the following characteristics:

    • Power+
    • The number of available modes+
    • Type light bulbs+
    • covered area+
    • Features+
    • Resistance to adverse external influences.

    The brightness of the pictures created by the power depends. What it is more, the more comfortable for sight. Optimal is the power of 4W. Manufacturers offer laser and LED models of projectors. The first are more economical. Laser devices must be performed in accordance with IP65 standard, have a moisture and dustproof case. Uninterruptedly function at temperature mode from -30 to +30 degrees. There are models operating from the electrical network and from batteries. What option preferred – decide for yourself.

    On the number of modes depend on the possibility of creating animation effects that converts simple illumination into a festive show that attracts the attention of all.

    Plus is a complete set of additional cartridges that give the ability to change projected pictures.

    If there is no need in a powerful device, you can buy a model on batteries. Such projectors are less powerful, they are distinguished by limited operation. Emitters include a short period, for example, while children play outside. Projectors with cartridges are equipped with replaceable slides, they can easily be changed during the device. The advantages of such emitters include the possibility of using devices not only on the street, but also in the premises. Multifunctional proctors can be operated at any time of the year, and not only in the New Year.

    The following models of projectors are most popular:

    • “Snowflakes”+
    • “Christmas”+
    • “Star Rain”.

    The projector “Star rain” refers to the category of frost-resistant devices, it designs small stars on various surfaces. Analogue of this emitter – “Star House” – has identical parameters, the difference lies only in white color of the projected image. The lamp “Christmas” recreates pictures in christmas theme. Heroes of such images become winter characters – Santa Claus, deer.

    • LED projector LED Slide Star Shower Completed 12 slides, which makes it possible to change drawings every day.

    • Garden Xmas Rg is a two-color device that shapes on the surfaces over 1000 snowflakes. The device can work for a long time even in the strongest frost.
    • Garden Snow RGB Equipped with blue, green and red laser. It dynamically projects star rain and snowflakes.

      When choosing a device, be sure to examine the user reviews like the model to appreciate all its pros and cons.

      Use options

      There are several options for using projectors for the new year. This is the best solution to decorate the street and at home. The rays of projectors are directed to the facades and walls, turning them into fabulous masterpieces. If you decorate on one street at once a few buildings, the effect will be amazing. This is an easy way to create a magic atmosphere, for which everyone loves the new year. In the summer, the projector can cover the country house in the evenings, of course, if the pictures are not in winter subject. With the help of the emitter it is easy to create a romantic atmosphere.

      Beautiful examples

      With the help of projectors, it is possible to create a variety of paintings in the New Year’s subject. It can be stars, snowflakes, multicolored dots.

      • Many like flickering snowflakes.

      • It looks very beautifully Christmas illumination, allowing to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

      • One of the most popular options is “Star rain”.

        New Year’s projectors allow you to create colorful festive illumination, the cost of such emitters is available, they simply and conveniently use.

        The following video presents an overview of the New Year’s LED-projector Era “Snowflakes”.

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